Part II: Just Shoot the GOP Elephant and Get It Over


Herman Cain has a problem.  It is entirely possible he doesn’t think he did anything wrong. It is quite possible he is just one of those men who are idiots when it comes to women.  In a way, none of this matters.  It’s not the alleged harassment that is the problem.  I suspect Cain thinks he’s cute and a little flirtatious.  A heck of a lot of men do.

Here’s my problem with the whole thing.  First, at least one of the women was out of college by just a couple years.  That is NOT good. It could be that Cain thinks young women like this are cute, and he wants to act cute with them.  I’ve known plenty of men like that.  They come across as looking like fools, because they often don’t know what they are doing, or because they think they are so cute about it, they think women have no problem with it.

As long as the male is not your boss, it’s not a big deal.  You either roll your eyes and walk away, or turn the tables on them, which can be a heck of a lot of fun.  When you are 23 or 24, just out of college, trying to build a career, you’re stuck.  If you tell the guy no, he gives you a bad review, and your done, period.   If you must put up with it, and avoid the person, you risk your performance review.

The boss, be it male or female, has all the power.  That’s the problem with this story. I don’t see all that much of a “case” against Cain, other than he doesn’t know how to leave women alone.  I suspect we may even find he has a “type”.  I suspect we may find that he thinks he is God’s Gift, and that all women welcome his brief “flirtations” so that he can brighten their dreary little lives.

In a normal situation, this sort of thing is just lesson learned.  The problem is this man is running for POTUS.  It is quite obvious he has a history of this sort of thing.  It looks as though he preyed on women who were powerless to stop him.

I’ve been there. I took the F, rather than sleep with the math prof.  Several of the women slept with him and managed to get Cs even though we had the same test scores.  There was no way I could even graduate because of what he did, and the fact that I was required to go through one of his classes.  This was a big time mathematician. He wrote books.  No one was going to believe me.

You are powerless.  You either go along with it and hope it goes away, or you lose.  I lost. If I had known then, what I now know, he would be toast.  That is why these laws are in place.  When conservatives like Rush Limbaugh make light of the subject it is because of one of two things, either they are harassers themselves, or have never been through something like this.  Laura Ingraham has made a fool of herself over this.  So has Ann Coulter (but that’s not difficult for her).  Hannity is on his last legs, I am hearing, if he doesn’t moderate a little.  The only conservative talker I’ve seen who is decrying what Cain has done is Michael Medved.

Harassment doesn’t need to be overt harassment, but something that puts a person’s career in jeopardy.  If such behavior is part of a person’s naturally flirtatious behavior, then you will know it.  If it is something else, there is this “creep” factor.  No one should be forced to endure conditions where they are either forced to leave their job or submit, in order to survive.

One of the big “tells” in this story is the fact that one of the women in question was given a token of $35,000 and sent on her merry little way.  She was not important to the company, but the big boss was.  I would also suspect she did not have the money to hire an attorney to further fight it.  You don’t really know what to do at that age.

When a person preys on someone who does not have the power or the means to stop them, then I don’t want them for POTUS.  It is very revealing about their lack of character.  It means they don’t play by society’s rules.  That is not a good thing.  We have rules for reasons.

There are some people who go ahead and go along with things and use the incident as a power play to further their career.  They are called sociopaths.  Harassers can be male or female.  When someone denies this sort of thing never happens, they are probably lying to themselves.

The problem with Herman Cain, and I’ve been saying this, is the arrogance.  He is running a campaign that is flaunting the fact that he is breaking all the rules.  This is endearing him to the libertarian right.  He’s not attracting many women to his team, as donors, or supporters.  He won’t.  Women don’t like him.

The Pink Flamingo is hearing, more and more, that normal Republican women are furious.  Women are threatening to leave the party unless something is done about this situation.  We’re not stupid.  If something is not done, if  Michael Medved is one of the only conservatives to have the courage to stand up against what is going on, well, plan for another four years of Barack Obama.