Am I That Out Of Touch With The World?


To begin with, I will never again listen to Sean Hannity or Rush Limbaugh.  After what I heard on Hannity Friday night, that’s it.  There is a heck of a lot going on here, and Murdock’s little fiefdom at FOX News is to blame for much of it.  Murdock is joined at the hip with the Cato Institute Institute, the Koch Brothers and Americans For Prosperity.   This is about a handful of the ultra libertarian uber wealthy who want to turn this nation into something unrecognizable.  Herman Cain is their pawn.  Ayn Rand is their god.  They are destroying the GOP.  They are manipulating the nation, in order to get one of their own into the White House.  Frankly, I don’t know who I fear most, the Bill Ayers types or the Koch types.  Neither party has this nation’s best interest at heart.

As The Pink Flamingo prepares to write another post, I am shocked to see that Herman Cain’s poll numbers are going up, and that (allegedly) 70% of Republicans are standing by him.  This is NOT the Republican Party I’ve worked for since I was 9  years old.  MY Republican Party would not rush to defend a man who has been repeatedly questioned about his treatment of women.  MY Republican Party would NOT be bullying three women because they were too terrified to speak out on what has happened to them.  It is becoming more and more apparent they are terrified to say anything.  (The cited WPost poll added a bunch of independents to the GOP mix to get the numbers for Cain).

Nah, wait a minute.  I grew up in a Republican Party that used women as the handmaids for the men.  We were expected to bake cookies and serve punch while the the men folk discussed the really important stuff of life.  As county chair, I complained about this.  The women to whom I complained picked me apart like a bunch of vultures.  No, it wasn’t the old “country club” group of women who picked me apart.  It was the newly arrived self-righteous minions of the Christian Coalition.  They felt men were better than women.

Maybe this is where the changes in the GOP began.  I remember thinking so at the time.  They upended everything, bringing with them their own unique version of Christian values.  I distinctly remember one of the newly arrived interested ministers who became active in the party.  He staunchly defended his best friend and member of of his congregation against an evil attack on him by the sixteen year old daughter of one of my close friends.  Seems he was forced to rape her after she tempted him while spending the night with his daughter.  Seems he had a habit of doing this with underage teenage girls.  It was nothing but lies and innuendos, our (former) minster said, to destroy a Godly man.

Maybe that’s why I’m not too interested in the protests of an incompetent man’s innocence.  I’m more interested in the fact that his wife has a long-time history of voting for Democrats.

People like Rush Limbaugh, who have repeatedly delighted in denigrating the late Ted Kennedy have now lost all intellectual honesty and moral standing, as far as I am concerned.  We are told that at least one of the women will not come forward.  If I were her, I would not, either.  These people would destroy her.  They’re trying to do so, already.  They’ve crossed the line, degenerating into noting more than the moral equivalent of the conservative occupy wall street.  They have sacrificed the Ten Commandments, virtue, and honor.  As far as The Pink Flamingo is concerned, I don’t want to hear one of these men or women ever spout off about their alleged “Christian” values.  They have none.

I sound like a broken record, I know, but when you sacrifice what you believe as a Christian, in order to embrace an atheist who created the philosophy that became the basis of the Book of Satan, you lose something in the translation – i.e. your very soul.  In order to be a tea party “patriot” you must embrace Rand and renounce Christ.

Putting the harassment complaints aside, this is a man who repeatedly has shown he is incapable of being POTUS.  He is so arrogant that he terrifies me.  I truly question the way funds have found their way into his campaign this week.  Knowing what I do, I suspect they are being laundered into his campaign from the usual sources – and very few of them will be women.  Cain had already left the National Restaurant Association when the settlement was signed.  The Pink Flamingo is hearing that Cain’s departure was due this things like this.  The members of the NRA board were also required to sign non-disclosure forms.

Have you ever met a man who was wrongfully accused of sexual harassment, aside from Clarence Thomas?  We also need to make a difference here.  Thomas has never ever been accused of anything else.  He was attacked by a deranged woman who was basically stalking him.

Very few conservatives are standing up against Cain.  Rush Limbaugh has sold his soul to Cain, but there could be other reasons for his loss of honor and self-respect.  There are a few lone conservatives in Iowa who are trying to expose Cain for what he is.  With the exception of those and Michael Medved, who is being extremely fair, we’re to believe Cain is being destroyed because he is African American (?).  They are lamenting Cain as the last conservative hope for the GOP, ignoring the fact that he is libertarian.  When you start getting the neo-white supremacist combination of Wes Purden and W. S. McCain standing up for Herman Cain, run, in the opposite direction.

Never mind the fact that Cain’s campaign is as ethically challenged as that of any Democrat.  If he were a Democrat, Rush Limbaugh would be having a field day trying to destroy him.  This is part of the problem, the double standard.  It’s like Cain threatening to sue various media sources who are running storied about him, proving he knows nothing about the Constitution.  He’s a public figure.  Lots of luck there.  His campaign is a disaster Mark Block, who is directly connected with the AFP, is as dirty as they come.

This is nothing less than a battle for the heart and soul of the United States.  It is a battle where former Christians have apparently renounced Christ to follow Ayn Rand.  Rand’s philosophy and Christianity are completely incompatible.  You cannot be a Christian and a libertarian.  It is impossible.

And – this is the problem.  The “conservative” followers of the tea parties, FOX viewers, and those who have embraced the libertarian life-style have literally sold their souls to the devil. There are any number of us who have lamented the change in the way conservatives are behaving.  They think nothing of manipulating facts, demonizing others, and destroying anyone or anything who gets in their way.

“…In their public speeches and websites, Rand followers tend to downplay Rand’s fierce atheism and rejection of traditional Judeo-Christian values. Tea Partiers I’ve talked to very often embrace all of Rand’s teachings except for her atheism, or find rationalizations to circumvent her fierce disdain for altruism and contempt for charity.

Ultimately it just won’t work. Rand herself saw that there was no compromise, no meeting point between her views and those of the Christian right, and she declined to endorse Ronald Reagan for that reason. William F. Buckley, Jr., held Rand in contempt because of her atheism and rejection of Christian values, and his National Review was a center of anti-Rand discourse throughout his life. The Paul-Santorum face-off at the debate was the closest we’ve seen in recent years of that old dispute being played out by proxies.

There is no middle ground between Paul and Santorum, just as there wasn’t between Rand and Buckley. The reason for that is fundamental: Rand’s entire worldview is predicated on a rejection of Judeo-Christian beliefs. To her, social programs like Medicare and Social Security are not just ill-advised or in need of reform, but evil. Her novels The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged present a philosophy that argues for an extreme form of individuality and laissez-faire capitalism. It would be a world with no taxation, and not much of a government….”

Unfortunately, this is the world of Herman Cain, the dark world of the libertarian tea parties.  It is about a lack of honor and honesty, of doing anything to get ahead.  The ad that was released to cover Cain’s tusie, is disgusting.  Michael Medved’s first segment on Friday is abjectly damning to Cain’s campaign.  Medved is right that this is seriously hurting the GOP.  It is seriously hurting the GOP.

My complaint against Herman Cain is that he’s not ready for prime time.  He is hurting the GOP.  People like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity are hurting the GOP.  Then again, I’ve always known that Hannity was as much a Republican as Hillary Clinton.

I don’t care about Cain.  I care about the GOP and getting rid of Barack Obama.  Right now we are looking at a candidate (according to Medved) who entered the race to promote himself and a future in politics.  Someone how managed to make it to the top.  He’s not ready, at all.  People who say they like this “refreshing” approach to things are not looking at reality.  Cain is incapable of being POTUS.  He is a disaster.

This is not even about Herman Cain.  This is about the libertarian take over of the GOP, bringing with it, their abject lack of values. When you try to take over a political party with lies, bully tactics, threats, manipulation, and destruction of good men and women who get in your way, it will eventually catch up with you.

My prayer is that the GOP will still be standing, when that revelation comes. There are times when I fear it will not.  From what I am hearing, the whole Cain debacle is insulting to Republican women.  We are furious.  We’re furious with Hannity, Rush, Ingraham, and all the libertarian leaning conservatives who have sold their souls for ratings.

I’m tired of this.  I want a viable candidate who can defeat Obama.  Right now Rick Perry’s looking better and better.  I’ve found some of the fringe cult religious jerks who are trying to cash in on his faith to be disgusting.  I don’t think Perry is involved with them.  Thing is – right now I want someone who has a strong enough faith to stand up to the libertarians.

I fear the battle has only begun.