Being a Big Jerk Does Is Not a Disqualifier


I suspect if the serial womanizing does not count as a problem, trying to stiff someone on $800 bucks worth of wine just might be the clincher.  Never mind that #5 has come forward.

Unfortunately, being a Big Jerk does not disqualify a person from running for POTUS, or being POTUS.  It does not disqualify a person for being in politics, nor being a conservative pundit.  Herman Cain comes across to me as a Big Jerk.  I think Elizabeth Scalia has a great take on this.

I doubt if there is a modern woman out there who hasn’t encountered the big jerk sometimes in their lives.  If a woman is lucky, the big jerk will take no for an answer.  That is in Herman Cain’s favor.  He took no for an answer.  It also dawns on The Pink Flamingo that Cain may not see what he did as harassment.  I still think he thought he was “cute”.  There is nothing “cute” about it.  There is also nothing odd about a woman not reporting something like this.  It happens all too often, and usually a normal woman is embarrassed to even admit it.  There are also times where you just consider the source.

I am tired of this kill the messenger attack on the women and on Gloria Allred.  Heck, if I were in this woman’s position, Allred is the attorney I would use.  She’s a fighter.  Unfortunately, with the exception of Michael Medved, who had a first hour of his show today that was absolutely damning.  The problem is the fact that very few conservatives have the courage.  Andrew Klavan has a very thoughtful column at PJ Media that expresses many of my thoughts.

“…Herman Cain is going to have to run the gauntlet, not just of a racist and dishonest left that wants to destroy him but of a fair-minded and decency-loving right that wants him to come fully clean and let the voters decide how we should proceed. The fight for truth, liberty and morality requires sacrifice and self-examination. The self-righteous quest for power over others does not….”

This is why why what Klavan wrote is so important.

“...What really gets us is the dubious double standard displayed by the media in sex scandals involving Democrats and Republicans. In Cain’s case, charges haven’t been substantiated at all. Sure, they could be true. But it’s also possible they’ve been trumped up to do maximum damage to the man the liberal media fear most: An engaging, high-achieving African-American conservative who resonates with voters….”

The way a person handles a crises is very important in a POTUS. It’s like that 2AM phone call Hillary mentioned during a debate with Obama. We’re suffering, as a nation, for his lack of experience at handling a crises. Herman Cain has been an abject disaster with this “crises”. He never bothered disclosing the settlement when running, but then the tea parties don’t give a damn about vetting candidates or they never would have run Christine O’Donnell. So, you score one against Cain for NOT disclosing the settlements – immediately.

Then there is this:

“...Third, character. Even baseless sex-harassment allegations can sink candidates. Cain’s accusers are now free to speak, but eschewing public attention for the moment.

Don’t speculate on nameless, faceless allegations. Cain deserves the presumption of innocence. No facts have been publicly revealed to suggest otherwise.

But if these women support Obama, they could drop a bomb on Cain before the general election if he wins the nomination. Assuming the accusations are false, with enough money and press attention they could cost Cain millions of moderate votes by raising serious doubts about his character right before Election Day, capitalizing on the fact that Cain hasn’t been vetted through years of public service.

Fourth, crisis management. Presidents are beset with crises, one after another. Effectively responding in a disciplined manner is critical to maintaining public confidence and marshaling support to respond.

Cain’s unfocused and now flailing response to the sex-harassment scandal is painful to watch, especially since he knew this was coming. His whipsaw reversal on abortion confuses people. And his unawareness on basic issues like China and Israel could slow and muddle situations requiring quick and decisive action. He’s failed the test of deftly handling bad news.

Cain might beat back all these issues in the primaries. But each of them costs him votes with swing voters, making him less electable. Is Cain becoming the candidate President Obama wants to face next year?…”

The Pink Flamingo has only one other question about Herman Cain. Did Mark Block start this whole mess? Next to Warren Tompkins, Block may be the dirtiest political operative in the business. Tompkins has his limits of just how dirty he is, and has never done anything illegal. Mark Block may be dirtier. Not that anyone cares, but this is a far greater legal problem for Cain.

“…There are more potential legal headaches for Herman Cain’s presidential campaign: The Internal Revenue Service is being asked to investigate allegations that the Cain campaign’s chief of staff improperly used $40,000 of funds from a tax exempt non-profit to pay for private jets, travel and computers for Cain’s presidential campaign.

In a written complaint being filed today, the Center for Media and Democracy — a Madison, Wisconsin based watchdog group — charges that leaked financial records show that Block used a non profit group, called Prosperity USA, to improperly pay Cain campaign expenses. If verified, the group says Prosperity USA – which was founded by Cain’s chief of staff Mark Block — should be stripped of its tax exempt status.

“A charity founded by Mr. Block appears to have fronted tens of thousands of dollars to a political campaign that was led by Mr. Block … This requires an investigation by the IRS into the charity’s activities and expenditures,” said Lisa Graves, the executive director of the Media and Democracy Group in an eleven page letter to IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman….”

The Caucus

Herman Cain has made a mockery of the primary process.  He is hurting the GOP.  The sooner he is out of the process, the better.