The Repulsive Double Standards of the Far Right


The Pink Flamingo has been saying, for several years, that the far right has a double standard.  If you bow and pay homage to the right people, have the right handshake, know the secret handshake, have the current password, and say exactly everything they want you to say, no problemo.  But – step out of line just one time, show some independence in thought, and dare to think for yourself, and you are damned as a RINO.

There is NOTHING worse than being a RINO.  Rush Limbaugh is making a fool of himself defending Herman Cain.  But – let someone like Lindsey express a refreshing and original thought, and Rush rushes to destroy him.  Never mind that Lindsey is one of the most honorable and decent men to ever serve in the Senate.  It doesn’t matter.  Rush Limbaugh has declared Lindsey Graham to be a RINO, so he must be destroyed.  But – because Herman Cain is slobbering all over himself to pander to Rush Limbaugh and the rather fascinating pedigree of those who now pay his salary, poor little Herman Cain is being destroyed by evil liberal women.  (Never mind that we’re learning that at least 3 of the women are Republican and one is Tea Pary).

What matters is that Herman Cain is part of the little club.  Now that he is part of that club, then it doesn’t matter what he does, or if he is a “serious” candidate, which I still think he is not.


What I find fascinating is that the very ones who are rushing to defend Herman Cain are the very same individuals who are constantly damning very good Republicans like Lindsey.  I don’t know about you, but there’s something wrong with this picture.

These same people who constantly try to denigrate and destroy men like Lindsey Graham and John McCain see nothing wrong with what Herman Cain has done.  Someone has their priorities all screwed up, and I don’t think it is those of us who are absolutely furious over the whole Cain affair.

I don’t know about you, but when people who constantly damn and try to destroy those who do not agree with them 110% of the time bend over backward to defend a man who is truly not qualified to be POTUS, then something is very very wrong with this picture.

Wait – it doesn’t matter.  You can make a jerk of yourself hanging out with people like Russell Pearce, who may just be today’s toast.  You can pretend to be anti-abortion and support the depopulation anti-immigration cause of a rank bigot.  Doesn’t matter.  You can be Michelle Malkin and write for Vdare and their white supremacist agenda.  Doesn’t matter. You can be Sean Hannity and have as a best friend a  neo-Nazi.  Doesn’t matter.  You can lie, cheat and steal with the best of them.  As long as you say the right thing, drink the right tea, worship the right people, and hate the right people, you are one of the elect.

But – if you object to this sort of behavior, show rational and logical thought, refuse to hunker down with bigots and white supremacists, well, blast it all.  You are a RINO.

It’s okay to put your hand up a woman’s skirt as long as you are tea party perfect!