Far Right Sub Standards and Re-Electing Barack Obama


Is Herman Cain a Democratic plant?  It is the ONLY logical explanation for his dishonorable behavior, and his willingness to destroy the GOP.  If he truly cared about the GOP he would withdraw for the good of the party.  There is no honor here.  There is no decency.  There is no “Christian” behavior from a so-called “Christian” minister.  There are only smearing, changing one’s tale, and destroying anyone who gets in the way.  I see no consideration, basic morality, or even kindness.  I only see cruelty, vitriol, and nastiness.  He may be doing this for the “American” people, but he’s sure not doing it for the GOP.

If you read between the lines, and do a little non-vicious reading, you will discover that Sharon Bialek has been under financial duress for the past fourteen years.  From what I gather one of the causes of her difficulties was trying to work and to provide a $1000 a month for day care.  It is also quite probable one of the reasons she had employment problems was because of trying to care for her son.  I am left with the impression she would do just about anything for him.  She is now a stay at home mom.  In many ways her story is quite similar to one told to me by a friend, who has a tremendous amount of sympathy for single moms trying to do right by their children.   She’s just another woman trying to survive and raise a child on their own.  If the far right libertarian losers of the GOP do not wake up, smell the rancid tea, and understand this is a major demographic in this country, then we are going to become a party of losers.

In 2008 Herman Cain was hit with a Georgia Department of Revenue tax lien for $8558.46.  He had an excuse.  he was recovering from stage 4 cancer in 2006.  If he were to be treated as unfairly as Sharon Bialek, we could call him a deadbeat.

I swear it is about re-electing Barack Obama.

Hot Air

Lisa Murkowski has gone way up in my estimation.  She is the first Republican in the Senate to come out and say that Cain should quit if the allegations are true. Oh, wait, she’s a RINO.  She doesn’t count.  She dared to run against a tea party idiot and to win.  So, she is evil.  She’s not pure.  She’s a RINO. The far right must destroy her, and others like her, but they will go down in a blaze of glory defending one of their own, even if he is guilty.

We are told that Sharon Bialek has mental problems and lives in the same building as David Axelrod.  Hermain Cain says he doesn’t remember her.  Karen Kraushaar has now come forward.  One wonders how the far right will attempt to destroy her life in order to make Cain appear an innocent babe.  It is only a matter of time before they attempt to destroy Donna Donella.

Where is Gloria Cain?

There can only be one logical explanation for the behavior of the far right and libertarian right when it comes, not only to Herman Cain, but now a seriously coordinated attack on Mitt Romney.  Don’t worry about Rick Perry, these same sources have already decided they have destroyed him to the point where he can’t possibly win.  So, now they must destroy Mitt Romney. This is all about the far right destroying the GOP and re-electing Barack Obama so they can continue to collect the big radio show dollars, and feed off the tea party tit.  Then again, Mitt Romney appears to be the first of the candidates to speak out against Herman Cain.  I wonder if there is a correlation here?

“…Erickson denigrates not just Romney but what he calls “the Washington GOP crowd who loves him,” saying neither has “very much at all in common with fly over country conservatives who see the GOP and Democrats both as out to lunch tools of K-Street and Wall Street.” Having trashed Perry, Cain and Newt Gingrich, he turns to the former Utah governor who has gotten little traction in this race: “I’m starting to think I need to walk it back on my rejection of Jon Huntsman.”…”

We are dealing with a vile and disgusting group of “Christian” conservatives who claim to have the best interest of this nation at heart, but only give a damn about padding their own bank accounts.  They could care only about themselves.  They do not care about the country or they would not be allowing the fiasco with Herman Cain and would no be acting so repulsive over the GOP field.

Middle People

The very same individuals who did every thing possibly to defend the women who were accusing Bill Clinton of the same thing are now damning the women who have come forward against Herman Cain.  Not only are we getting a he said, she said, but now we saw this, did not see this, can’t confirm this, but the woman is quite unstable.


Until fairly recently (the past 20 years or so) when a woman was raped, she was treated like dirt and the rapist went free unless she was willing to be figuratively raped by the legal system a second time.  In many places in this country it still happens.  That is why a number of women never report acquaintance or date rape.  It is her word against his, and the man usually wins.

This is the right moment to interject the fact that in certain Islamic countries a woman is executed or severely punished for being raped for reporting it.  Funny thing how this appears to be happening right here, today, with the libertarians, AFP people, and good, “Christian” conservatives like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Erick Erickson, Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham, Glenn Beck, and the like.  They are such good “Christians” all.

“…But if the list is short, it is also revealing: It is heavy with Christian conservatives willing to express public qualms about Herman Cain. Conservatives may not have yet have conceded that sexual harassment is a real thing, but alleged sexual assault–that violates acknowledged moral norms.

The qualms of people like Bennett, Garner, Smith and Hurley contrast sharply with the brutally sexualized indifference of Herman Cain fans Rush Limbaugh and Dick Morris, the latter speaking on Fox News’ Sean Hannity show.

It’s telling that the central communications network of the conservative world remains–for all its professed concerns about the war against Christmas–much more “Mad Men” than 700 Club in its attitude to women. On Fox, women exist as talking pinups, their opinions valued to the extent that their legs are shapely and their hair is blonde. Increasingly it looks like Herman Cain may well share those attitudes much more than the faith-and-family culture of the Christian conservative who plumped his poll numbers over the past weeks….”

Instead of asking a few salient questions, it is obvious they are uncomfortable and extremely unwilling to accept the fact that one of the select has been accused of something, a “crime” they themselves do not acknowledge as existing, unless a Democrat commits the same thing.  Then, all hell breaks lose and they go in for the kill.  Funny thing, with even more evidence than some of the juiciest Democrat sex scandals,  not only are they turning a blind eye, but they are literally out to destroy the accusers.

It doesn’t really matter about honor or decency.  All that matters is the person who makes such an accusation is destroyed, her life picked apart, every little thing she has done wrong is blown up, out of proportion. There is something else at play here.  This is about destroying anyone who dares question a Koch planted AFP tea party candidate.  This is a warning shot at each and every one of us who does not approve of what is going on in this country.  We’ve seen it in the way they denigrate Lindsey, John McCain, and to a degree, George W. Bush.

This is about destroying anyone who stands in their way.  It is a cautionary tale, designed to strike terror in the hearts of anyone who might be able to poke a hole in one of the deplorable candidates the AFP backs.  This is about the little people, people like you and I.  It is a warning that if The Pink Flamingo were to expose a tea party darling. 

Could your your past hold up under such an onslaught?  I know mine couldn’t.  Each and every one of us could be painted into a corner and turned into an utter fool.  All it takes is knowing how to twist and turn, and manipulate.  Have you filed for bankruptcy? Have you defaulted on a credit card?  Battled AT&T over a bill for 14 years? Filed a police report against a stalker?  Ever lost a job?  Ever been like yours truly years ago in Atlanta and went through at least a half dozen jobs in  one summer?  

If so, you are fair game!

As long as a person says the right thing, people will vote for him/her, no matter what their character.  It doesn’t matter, as in the case of Russell Pearce, that his son is in prison, his brother basically ruined a judicial career to help cheat to get him through this recall, or that some of his close personal friends are known neo-Nazis. This is not being held against him.  BUT, when these same neo-Nazis (J. T. Ready and associates) show up at one of those occupy meetings, the fact that they are neo-Nazis are held against the occupy whatever people.  But – his association with Russell Pearce is never ever ever mentioned or questioned.  It is ignored.

Jonah Goldberg wrote:

“…That’s a really surprising change in attitude for some conservatives to take. Cain, after all, is a married man and a minister. We are the folks who talk about how character matters and all that. Now, emotions are complex. Herman Cain gives the impression that he’s a man of character. People are disgusted by the hypocrisy of liberals who are much less likely to care about repugnant sexual behavior from liberals. They are deeply frustrated by their choices in 2012. In short, it’s not surprising that a lot of folks have some self-contradictory or inconsistent feelings and thoughts about all this. Nonetheless, that attitude, even if embraced in haste and out of convenience, is an interesting one to see. My own view is that Cain has other shortcomings that are more substantive disqualifiers for the job of president, but if these charges are true then they are relevant and troubling in their own right.,,,”

It doesn’t really matter.  It doesn’t matter how petty, unbelievable or low-class the fight against those who say bad things about the select, they are fair game.  Gosh darn it, they dared to come out and criticize someone who is forking over big bucks to purchase advertising on Rush Limbaugh’s radio show!  Instead, the usual conservative sources circle the wagons.  They proclaim these women to be either mentally disturbed, failures, or bimbos.  They constantly harp on the money issue, but as one libertarian leaning blogger pointed out, the statute of limitations expired long ago.  These women are not in it for the money.

Outside the Beltway

Herman Cain has lost all credibility simply by the way he has handled these allegations, first blaming Rick Perry (with very few conservatives daring to correct him, or stand up for Perry), and now he’s blaming the Democratic attack machine.  What is even more deplorable is how the extreme right is defending him, repeatedly.  We all know libertarians have no morals or decency, but they are now pulling the far right down with them.

What is quite fascinating is that these same people who refuse to believe Cain is guilty of anything are willing to use allegations against Bialek, from unidentified sources! It just doesn’t matter.  Their little tin god has been exposed, so they will lie and smear right along with him.


 So, let’s see, in order to smear these women, the extreme right is now calling them “liberals”.  Interesting, when both women have track records as being Republicans and voting Republicans.  It is fascinating how Karen Kraushaar, a conservative, is now being smeared by the right. (H/T No More Mr. Nice Blog).  Even the once reasonable A. J. Strata is ignoring facts in order to prop up Herman Cain, who he supports.  No wonder the poor women need a mouth like Gloria Allred.  I would if I were in their pumps.  The Daily Caller is calling her an “Obama Administration” communication’s pro, ignoring the fact that she is a Republican who also worked in the Bush Administration.  I guess all that matters is the smear, right?

Oh, and at the Lonely Conservative, it is all about what Bialek wore to a meeting?  Give me a break.

All of this is destroying any honor or credibility people like Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity  have.  Rush has the most to lose.  Then again the lies being told by FOX are amazing.  Like this one they never bothered to fact check, or they would discover it was a different David Axelrod.  Doesn’t matter though, the lies are already out there, spreading like the plague.  Then there is Newsbusters, which is little more than pond scum.  It is about the News Corp Smear Machine hard at work, protecting one of Murdock’s tea party darlings.


Dan Riehl may have nailed the problem here.

“...Each person I’ve spoken to claims they felt the early-in-the-day drinking they observed impacted his affect, to one degree, or another. Being free-thinking, or Libertarian is one thing – I get it. But what does it say about the judgement of someone running for POTUS, that they’d think this was really okay? No doubt Mark Block would approve, what with his two DUI’s on record. But, sorry, it’s not okay in my book and it shouldn’t be in Cain’s, either. So, why would he do it? It’s one reason why I always assumed he wasn’t serious….”