The Obscene Corruption of College Football


Joe Paterno is going to pray for the “poor victims.”  Isn’t that special!  He lost his job on Wednesday night.

The Pink Flamingo needs to go on record that I absolutely detest college football.  I think it is abjectly corrupt.  If there were any honesty in the business “sport” it would be handled entirely different.  The entire process is designed to chew up athletes and throw them out when they are no longer useful, leaving many players simply pushed out like dying gladiators.  In The Pink Flamingo’s humble opinion, the STARZ series Spartacus could be “based” on college football if there were no historic precedent.

The shocking revelations at Penn State are, in a way, not much of a shock to The Pink Flamingo.  I’ve been expecting something like this to surface somewhere.  It was only a matter of time before something like this came to light.  It would not surprise me to discover that other football departments also have the same “issues”.

When a system is as inherently corrupt, as is college football, it makes it easier for bad people to do bad things.  If we were to delve deep into various programs through the nation, we would find prostitution, rape, bribery, drug distribution, cheating for grades, gambling, manipulation and any other vice necessary to keep the players “happy”.    Never mind the entire situation could be changed by paying young men who are basically professionals at least a stipend, and to get rid of the rank hypocrisy that states they must be kept in a system of indentured poverty.

In a system without morality.  All that matters is winning in order to get a coveted bowl bid to bring in more big bucks for the university.  The money is not put into education but into building bigger stadiums padding coaching staffs and flashy recruiting practices that make the corruption of an K Street lobbyist look like child’s play.

Innocent young men are forced to prostitute themselves into a system where they are little more than cattle, unless they are one of the super stars.  If they are a super-star they are treated like the most hedonist of Roman Emperors.  Nothing is too perverted for the system.  When they are injured, and no longer able to produce results, like the gladiator of old, they are cast out, educationally slaughtered, no longer welcome at the institution.  They are sent home, without graduating, with potential brain damage, and are facing the possibility of early Alzheimer’s or dementia because of the brain damage they have sustained.

Any system that refuses to allow athletes to be paid for their efforts and promotes this deplorable “amateur” status, deserves to be destroyed.  And so, now we hear that one of the most “legendary” coaches of all time basically turned a blind eye to the molestation of innocent boys, in his own locker-room, and basically did nothing about it.  In the state of New Mexico, if something like this were to happen, Joe Paterno would be facing the possibility of prison.

Here in New Mexico, if you even suspect a child is being abused or endangered, you are REQUIRED to contact the cops or child services.  You do not report it to your immediate superior who may or may not eventually get around to reporting it to reporting it to someone else.  If you do not report your suspicions to the proper authorities you may be liable to the same charges as creep who is molesting innocent children. In a situation as one in Penn State, here in New Mexico, Joe Paterno would now be doing a much deserved perp walk, facing charges of child endangerment.

When the good of an institution is put ahead of the safety and innocence of children, for money and power, the system deserves to be either destroyed or rebuilt from the ground up.  I suspect what we are seeing is the tip of the iceberg.  Unfortunately, the American people are so addicted to college football that they would rather turn a blind eye to the corruption of the system.

I’ve seen it,  year after year at Clemson.  There were always rumors of coeds being raped by players, with nothing being done about it.  There was tampering with recruiting.  If a coach was not aggressive enough, trying to behave in a decent manner, he would be fired, and a more “winning” coach brought in.  Rules did not matter.

All that matters is winning.

Lives destroyed and ruined are just part of the game.

I wonder how many more Penn States are out there waiting to be uncovered.  I suspect they are like roaches, hiding from the light.  You know all the outrage against the Catholic Church and pedophile priests?  We’re not seeing it here.

Interesting isn’t it?

Where is the outrage?

I doubt if there will be any.  After all, Joe Paterno did a lot for Penn State.  Never mind about the 17 or so boys who saw their lives ruined.  That doesn’t count.

Those blind eyes are everywhere, especially in educational venues. Trust me, I know.  More children are molested by educators than any other group of individuals.  I was molested by my Third Grade principal.  Just read the grand jury report.  It has left me in tears.

As much as I truly dislike the game of football, not all college programs are corrupt and not all coaches are morally bankrupt.  Then again, the entire vile story reminds me of the Herman Cain tale.  If we were dealing with a tea party libertarian, these young men would be treated horribly.  One shudders to think about what would have happened then.

It is too bad Pennsylvania doesn’t have the same strict anti-child abuse laws New Mexico has.  For a few minutes I felt sorry for Joe Paterno, being 84, ending his career this way, then I thought about it, and though, why should I feel sorry for him?  Sure, he was a great coach, and did a lot for the school, but as a person, he is one of the greatest failures you will ever find.  He fobbed off doing what was right in order to protect his school.

There are times when I wish Dante were true, and there was a purgatory.  This entire incident, especially today, has left me completely rattled, terribly upset, in tears.  I cry for the young men who now must learn how to recover, then learn how to rebuilt their lives.  You do survive, but it is a nightmare process getting there.  It is pure, unadulterated hell.  I know.  I’ve lived that hell, day in and day out since I was eight years old.  You do recover, but only so far.

You eventually learn how to live with it, or you lose your mind.  Those young men have had their childhood stolen from them.  They will never recover from it.  They will never get it back.  They will never regain their innocence, or their lost youth.  They will never look at the world the same way, ever again.  That is what Joe Paterno allowed by not going to the cops.