Propping Up Cain – Going to Extremes


I am sick and tired of this story.  I don’t give a rip about Herman Cain.  I care about the GOP.  I am furious with the far right.  In a way, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Mark Levin, Ann Coulter, and a few others are ruining their careers.  You will not see The Pink Flamingo crying about this.  They have betrayed the GOP time and time again.  I’ve heard Hannity, on his FOX show, call down people who are Republicans, telling them not to use that word. I’m sick of it.  I’m sick of the way they are harming the GOP.

Why do people donate to a candidate who is proven that he is incapable of leading or handling a crises?  How has Herman Cain managed to pull in $9 in about six weeks?  Well, there are a few ways  that are quite special to dear little libertarians everywhere.  According to my source, the method was invented by the Obama campaign in 2008.  It was then allegedly co-opted and perfected by a certain bunch of Bots propping up a certain libertarian leaning Congressman from Texas.  Allegedly the security systems for some alleged campaigns are turned off so that they can pick up credit cards without using the three digit security number.

This is all alleged.

Allegedly alleged employees for an alleged organization with tea party connections allegedly provides bonuses with the alleged stipulation that the money be donated to political candidates of their choice.  I’m not making any accusations, must mentioning something I heard with a little bit of gossip.

I’m not making any allegations or associations at all.  I’m just mentioning that something dirty is going on here.  Someone recently told me the only way a campaign can take in so much money is to allegedly turn off the security.  They also mentioned the possibility that the alleged amount could be wildly over-inflated.  Seems like that much money, coming in so quickly will crash a system.



Herman Cain has hired a defamation lawyer who is as infamous at his job as is Gloria Allred.  Funny how no one is complaining over the fact that Cain and his attorney appear to be threatening anyone who dares speak out against him.  The Pink Flamingo thought it sounded like a threat.  Another blogger told me it sure sounds like that to her.

Charles Johnson at LGF puts it succinctly.


It’s not about Herman Cain.  It is about the far right covering themselves with slime.  Even the great Thomas Sowell is disgracing himself on the subject.

It’s like the completely debunked soft ware the “experts” are using to prove Cain is not lying, but the women are, even when we have his lies documented.  You gotta love these people.

CBS Atlanta

A private investigator has come forward to prove “scientifically” that Cain is telling the truth and the women are lying.  Thing is, no one is bothering to comment on the fact that, while some cops are still using the software, true polygraphers say that it is about as accurate as a coin toss.  The process called Voice Stess Analysis (VSA) was used.

Hernando Today

“…There are several companies now making voice-based lie detectors. Because voice stress analysis is a non-contact technology, and can be used on both live and recorded voice samples, many have considered it a boon to law enforcement. Hundreds of police departments have purchased the devices since they were introduced in the 1970s, making them second only to the polygraph in popularity among police agencies. The devices themselves are relatively inexpensive, easy to operate, and require as little as a week of formal training. Despite their apparent usefulness, none of the dozens of published scientific studies have found this approach to lie detection to have any validity. The US National Academy of Sciences recently debunked the devices, reporting that the consensus of 30 years of research shows that they cannot detect truthfulness or deception at rates greater than chance. Many police departments still use the devices, however, because they have proven to be powerful interrogation tools. Confessions are easier to extract with the devices, and most users are either uninformed or not concerned about the deficiency in accuracy. …”

Like everything else with Herman Cain’s campaign, it’s just smoke and mirrors.


This is about Rush Limbaugh making a fool of himself to the point where he is ruining his career. (H/T Charles Johnson)

Yesterday he made a fool of himself by making fun of a 13 year old boy. Now there is this.

From the League of Ordinary Gentlemen:

League of Ordinary Gentlemen

Something else that might interest you.

“…Local and State Leaders The leaders of Wisconsin Prosperity Network are difficult to find, but Pitsch obtained a list that is in his article. The following are known members of WPN: Mark Block – President of Americans for Prosperity Wisconsin chapter, Main organizer of Wisconsin Prosperity Network, on the Board of Directors of the MacIver Institute and the First Freedoms Foundation. In 2008, Block was appointed a member of the Wisconsin Advisory Committee to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights. He was also a consultant and fundrasier in the past with Mark Block and Associates, and did fundraising and consulting for Presidential candidates like George W. Bush and Governors like Tommy Thompson and Wisconsin Supreme Court Justices Janine Geske and Jon Wilcox. The Wilcox campaign that Block managed holds the record for the highest paid election law penalties in Wisconsin history. Block settled the case brought against him in 2001 by the State Elections Board for illegal campaign activity – illegally raising $200,000 with a front group pretending to operate independently from a political party. Block paid $15,000 in fines and had to stay away from Wisconsin political campaigns for three years; The leader of the front group paid $35,000 and was banned from Wisconsin politics for five years; And Jon Wilcox paid $10,000 in fines. Block was also involved in a “voter caging” controversy in Wisconsin during the 2010 elections….”

Or, how about this?

“...It was Block who recruited Cain, along with the Wall Street Journal’s Stephen Moore, to front a Koch-linked operation, Prosperity 101, during the 2010 midterm election campaign. Cain claimed Prosperity 101 was the right’s “answer to ACORN.” (Among the other things Block busied himself with during the midterm campaign was a voter-suppression scheme in Milwaukee, detailed here in The Nation. As AlterNet reported, at Block’s direction, Americans For Prosperity did the initial mailing to voters that would form the basis of the vote-caging scheme, which was done in coordination with local Tea Party groups.)

After the campaign ended, and Block had helped elect Scott Walker to the governor’s mansion and fill the Wisconsin state legislature with Tea Party-allied candidates, he recruited Herman Cain to run for president.

When pundits opine that Herman Cain “has no organization,” it’s only because the conventional-wisdom machine forbids looking behind the curtain labeled Koch. Herman Cain enjoys the favor of an organization that has chapters in 34 states: Americans for Prosperity. That should at least be enough to keep him in the GOP presidential nomination contest until the all-important primary in New Hampshire, where Americans for Prosperity has a very active chapter, is settled….”