Could Sat’s Debate Be a Game Changer?


Is it possible that Saturday night’s debate was a game changer?  The Pink Flamingo thinks this is now the beginning of the end for John Huntsman, Ron Paul, Herman Cain, and Rick Santorum.  Michele Bachmann has done well enough this week to stay in the game, and I can’t believe I am admitting to such a statement.

We have learned a lot about people this week.

We now know that Herman Cain cannot handle a crises, and when he says he is surrounding himself with good, qualified people, his idea of good and qualified is not what I would call either.  He is incapable of taking responsibility for his actions, rather blaming anyone but himself.

We have learned that when Herman Cain makes a mistake he draws a blank, and blames others.  He becomes rattled, flustered, and disgustingly arrogant.  He is not the person I want taking that 3AM phone call.

Rick Perry, on the other hand, appears to have thrived through his crises.  He had no problem admitting that he had “stepped in it”, a good old Texas phrase coming from people who know exactly what stepping in IT involves, and what IT is.

Not only is it refreshing to find anyone, let alone a politician, admit that they made a mistake, but to actually admit knowing what that certain substance was, is equally enlightening.  In this day and age very few politicians appear to even comprehend what that substance is.

HINT:  It comes out of the southbound end of a northbound bovine critter.

To encounter a politician who can identify said substance should give us pause.  If a politician is actually capable of making such an identification, quite readily, is it possible they might also know how to remove it from the Mall and White House Lawn?  If so, I am certainly going to do all that I can in assisting said politician in removing said substance he has so easily identified.

On the other hand, not only had Herman Cain completely and allegedly drawn a “blank” on the events that are propelling him to the ranks of Kennedy, Dodd, and Weiner, but he is also apparently believes in blaming the victim.  When you are incapable of admitting to your mistakes, blame others for them, and then threaten anyone who might make you look bad, you have no business running for dog catcher, let alone POTUS.

Something tells me not only does he not know what IT, might be, but evidently he believes his does not emit an odor of any sort.  After all, God TOLD him to run for POTUS.

I am more interested in supporting a man who not only is capable of readily identifying that substance, but also admits to having it on his Texas style cowboy boots.  I am interested in a candidate who is capable of taking responsibilities for his or her own failure.  I want a POTUS who can handle a personal crises with self-depricating humor, grace, poise, and keep his head when those about him are losing theirs and blaming it on him.

The Pink Flamingo suspects that, within the next two weeks, we will have a greater idea of who our nominee will be.  From what I saw Saturday night, I don’t think it is going to be Mitt Romney.  I suspect our nominee will be either Rick Perry or Newt Gingrich.  As a voter, I can go either way, there.  I like both men.  I like them because I am convinced they have Christ in their hearts.  They have made mistakes and readily admit to their mistakes.  They also have this nation’s best interests at heart, and not necessarily their own.  I also agree with their policies.

I suspect Rick Perry knows, coming from Texas, when you step in IT, you simply wipe your boots off and keep on keeping on. That’s how the grown-ups do it.  They are not afraid of admitting to their errors.  They learn from their mistakes and continue life from there.

It sorta reminds me of another Texan


One thought on “Could Sat’s Debate Be a Game Changer?

  1. Problem with Perry is that he can’t seem to win a debate–and of course Obama is the “master”.

    At least per the talk show mafia.

    And a BIG problem is he seems to be following the lead of the other candidates.

    Look, I cringe at the idea of a Romney or any of the others, and yes, I prefer Perry but fact is the anti-Hispanic bashing is killing the GOP and election after election has proven that they cannot win without this vote.

    When Perry was asked about checking on the birth status of Hispanics attending the University, he should have said, “Look, Texas does not have the resources to check the birth status of every student seeking to attend our fine universities–and I will NOT be a party to singling out students based on the color of their skin or the ethnicity of their last name.”

    If he had done that, he may have lost a few racist idiots but won tons of not just Hispanic votes, but those of us, who fall in neither the White nor Black category and can envision ourselves having to walk down carrying “papers” like Jews did a half a century and a world away ago.

    Fact is Blacks voted Democrat, Whites Republican…the swing vote is Hispanic…so when the so called conservatives (aka Losertarians) insist on going after Mexicans, they are either stuck on stupid or deliberately trying to destroy the GOP.

    Whoever the GOP choices has got to have the courage — and the brains to come out and put this issue in its proper prospective.

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