I Guess It’s Now Ayn Rand’s GOP (God Help Us All)


Oh, wait, Rand was an atheist whose work was the inspiration for the Book of Satan. God no longer has a role the GOP.  Neither do morals, decency, respect for women, honor, values, kindness, or any other virtue.  Rand did not believe in virtue.  She only believed in the Great I Am.  She detested Christ.  She detected charity, kindness and morality.  She had no respect for marriage or the vows of marriage.  I guess that’s why Herman Cain is getting a pass.  I guess that’s why it is now acceptable to trash women the way Rush Limbaugh has been doing this week.  I guess when you know the person who is buying up a heck of a lot of air time on your show is in trouble, you sell your soul, turn your back on everything you believe, and shill for him.


Sure, it makes sense.

“…The second message is inherent in the 18% Cain vote. Pizza man continues to lead the field despite his weasely and entirely unconvincing response to the sexual harassment charges (and, more important, the comprehensive lack of knowledge he’s shown in the debates). His strength relates directly to Romney’s weakness: Cain is the Limbaugh cult candidate, the first choice of Republican nihilists, the screw-the-media candidate. I can’t imagine that he’ll be the nominee, or get anything but weaker as the process moves on, but who knows?…”

It certainly is no longer Ronald Reagan’s GOP.  If it were Ronald Reagan’s GOP, Herman Cain, would be out on his ear.  Why?    Well, Ronald Reagan gave no quarter to communists.  Herman Cain, on the other hand, doesn’t mind them a bit.  Why…. even Rand would not approve of this!  Then again, it doesn’t matter if Herman Cain is not capable of being Commander and Chief.


It is the only logical explanation why a man can surround himself with the most ruthless and repulsive campaign guru in years, be utterly incompetent, and basically trash women, yet still remain the “front runner”.

“…“Though he remains at the top of the polls even after being beset by sexual harassment allegations, Cain did little to show a more substantive understanding of these issues in South Carolina Saturday night. When asked about instances when, as commander-in-chief, he would feel comfortable over-ruling his own generals, Cain offered a hazy response: ‘Surround yourself with the right people. You will know you’re making the right decision when you consider all the facts and ask them for alternatives.’”- ABCNews …”


It also explains why a decent and honorable man can have a couple bad, superficial debates and be considered out of it.  Doesn’t matter if that person has a track record of being one of the most successful chief executives in many years. It just doesn’t matter at all.  Taking responsibility for one’s actions don’t matter.  All that counts this year, the year of the Crossroads/AFP take-over is glib, superficial, and oh – wait – one must kneel down and worship in the church of AFP.

“…Despite the candidate’s attempts to make light of the blunder, GOP support for Perry has plummeted since Wednesday night’s misstep. An NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll found Perry fell from 8 percent to 4 percent of respondents’ top choice….”

Sure, it makes a lot of sense, just as much sense having a RNC chairman who refuses to defend seated Republicans in the US Senate. It makes a heck of a lot of sense when this same bunch of people have hitched themselves to a couple of ruthless multi-billionaires whose father was one of the founding fathers of the John Birch Society.  It makes a heck of a lot of sense when people who are more Democrat than Republican are allowed to run rough-shod over NORMAL Republicans.

Let’s face it, Reince Priebus is a prostitute.  He is bought and paid for by AFP.  They own him.  He is a libertarian shill out to do what ever is necessary to appease the AFP and Crossroads.  Doesn’t matter about right and wrong.  When one sells their soul, they can get by with just about anything.

We need to tread carefully here. Apparently Herman Cain thinks he is God’s Chosen One. Every female who has any sense at all knows a truly arrogant man who thinks he is the be all and end all thinks he is God’s Select. Herman Cain is no different.

Quick, which POTUS candidate is receiving the most donations from women? Rick Perry!

“…There’s a new CBS poll which says that 38 percent of female Republican primary voters are “less likely to back him” now that more accusers have come forward. Among all registered voters, CBS reports that Cain has lost support among women since last month—from 28 percent in October to 15 percent now. My sense is that 15 percent of female registered voters remaining as Cain supporters may be a little high, because the poll was conducted before Cain’s attorney started threatening any other potential accusers with the notion that they’d better “think twice” before coming forward….”

Cain is allegedly closely connected with Karl Rove’s American Crossroads. Increasingly, the organization, which is set up to take in millions, without revealing who the donors are, has been slammed for misleading ads.

“…Recently a number of ads by the well-funded conservative outfit have been declared misleading and false, but the spot targeting Sen. Jon Tester (D-Mont.) is apparently the first pulled from the air. The Associated Press reported that other outlets are still running the ad.

In it, Tester is accused of supporting an Environmental Protection Agency rule — a rule that was never in fact proposed — to regulate farm dust. But the vote that the ad cites actually had nothing to do with dust or the EPA; it was a procedural vote on a measure aimed at cracking down on China for manipulating currency…. Because of that, Cablevision’s Optimum cable service dropped the ad, the AP reported.

Crossroads GPS, which is affiliated with American Crossroads, has also been heavily criticized for ads in several other states, including spots attacking Democratic Senate contenders Elizabeth Warren in Massachusetts and Tim Kaine in Virginia.

Greg Sargent of the Washington Post highlighted Friday how the Warren spot “falsely insinuates” that Warren supports violence by Occupy Wall Street protesters. And PolitiFact rated as “mostly false” claims made against Kaine. The Kaine spot also accused him of running a deficit as governor of Virginia, but Virginia state law prohibits deficits….”

If this were an honest and honorable election season, Barbour said he believes Americans appreciate that Perry admitted he made a mistake and was able to make fun of himself.  Both Barbour and Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., pointed to what they called Perry’s good record as governor of Texas. Graham said Perry’s performance in Saturday’s debate was more reassuring.  “I thought he was very good on foreign policy. Time and money … he’s got time and he’s got money. And if you’ve got time and money, anything can happen in politics,” Graham said on “Face the Nation.”…”

There is increasingly good evidence from those who understand these things that Alan Greenspan’s libertarian, Randian policies are what destroyed our economy. Barry Ritowitz has an interesting take on things.

“…And what about those facts? To be clear, no single issue was the cause. Our economy is a complex and intricate system. What caused the crisis? Look:

Fed Chair Alan Greenspan dropped rates to 1 percent — levels not seen for half a century — and kept them there for an unprecedentedly long period. This caused a spiral in anything priced in dollars (i.e., oil, gold) or credit (i.e., housing) or liquidity driven (i.e., stocks).

Low rates meant asset managers could no longer get decent yields from municipal bonds or Treasurys. Instead, they turned to high-yield mortgage-backed securities. Nearly all of them failed to do adequate due diligence before buying them, did not understand these instruments or the risk involved. They violated one of the most important rules of investing: Know what you own…”


Then again, maybe it is possible to push the vicious ghost of Ayn Rand into hell from wince it came, and regain the good guys, you know the cowboys who wear boots, shoot at coyotes, chop wood, and wear cowboy hats.

“…Perry’s use of humor was reminiscent of Reagan’s rebound in 1984 after the then-president’s performance in that year’s first presidential debate with Democratic nominee Walter F. Mondale raised questions about whether age had dulled Reagan’s mental quickness. At the second debate, Reagan was ready when he question came up. “I will not make age an issue in this campaign,” he said. “I’m not going to exploit for political purposes my opponent’s youth and inexperience.”  The lasting image from that debate is Mondale laughing heartily at the joke at his expense. And the question of Reagan’s age was put to rest for the campaign….”