Occupy Wall Street and Dale Farm: Is There a Connection?


On Monday, during his radio show, Michael Medved was discussing the deplorable little snots who make up the “Occupy” movement.  The Pink Flamingo pegged it when he said that they are a bunch of spoiled, rich little jerks, who are rebelling.  They are a heck of a lot like the old hippie movements, only the hippies were of a much higher class.  These people are almost sub-human.

“...Anarchy is not good for anyone. One of the joys of the “Occupy Wherever” movement is the swift return of the Gods of the Copybook Headings to wreak divine wrath on its most clueless transgressors.

The wrath includes the return of tuberculosis-the scourge of the 19th century; scrofula from the middle ages, and violence and mayhem from virtually anytime when order is not kept and men believed it their right to have other people’s stuff….”

After a couple posts at the beginning of the fiasco, The Pink Flamingo has avoided the entire topic.  I am only doing a post because I think we are dealing with a very real problem here.  This is not about Wall Street, this is about a small group of twits who are basically L – I – B – E – R – T -A – R – I – A – N anarchists.  They are a world-wide movement.  They want no rules.  No nothing.  They want what they want and they will make life a living hell for anyone who will not give in to their childish behavior.

This is world-wide movement.  If you doubt, it, keep reading about Dale Farm in the UK.

Time - Swampland

Do not make the mistake of thinking that the Ron Paul bot libertarians have nothing to do with them.  On O’Reilly Tuesday evening, John Stossell was defending them.


In the UK, just a few weeks ago, the battle between the Irish Travelers and Gypsies (as in My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding) and the authorities came down to a pitched battle.  The Gypsies were finally going to move on, but European anarchists stepped in to occupy Dale Farm.  The similarities to the occupiers of Wall Street is striking.  It is surprising that no one has put two and two together and come up with a nasty little rat.

“…The anarchist operation is big. For weeks a dedicated kitchen team has been feeding a growing army three cooked meals a day. All protesters, regardless of their beliefs, are fed generous ladles of vegan food from huge vats of food. In the past two weeks the travellers have been happy to take a step back and let the seasoned protesters take over their fight. As one insider put it: ‘The travellers like getting others to do their dirty work, but they really can’t believe their luck this time.’  No wonder travellers keep grinning ear to ear every time I walk past them….”

Third Estate

How much this idiotic occupy wall street thingie costing the American Taxpayer?

“…Hundreds of anarchists turned Europe’s largest illegal traveller site into a fortress today to defy bailiffs in what they say will be the ‘Battle of Basildon’. Menacing activists, wearing scarves over their faces, launched ‘Operation Lockdown’ to stop the authorities from bulldozing Dale Farm for a planned eviction this morning….”

UK Daily Mail

This entire mess reminds me of the battle the Brits have been having against the gypsies who have occupied Dale Farm.

“…Dale Farm is a plot of land on Oak Lane in Crays Hill, Essex, United Kingdom. Until October 2011, it was an Irish Traveller halting site which had been established without planning permission. The site is owned by members of the travelling community and is located within the Green Belt. The site, which the residents had constructed pitches on without planning permission – which was denied due to the green belt policy, is adjacent to the Oak Lane traveller site which does have valid planning permission for the pitches constructed on it. In October 2011, to give bailiffs safe access to allow a clearance order to be executed, residents had to be removed from the Dale Farm site – this action gained international press coverage. Some of the residents had to be forcibly removed, whilst others later left voluntarily. At its height, Dale Farm, along with the Oak Lane site, housed over 1,000 people, the largest Traveller concentration in the UK….”

UK Daily Mail

“…It seems that the “99 percent” label one so often hears doesn’t quite reflect the movement’s true scope, and that some larger segment of the population is growing weary of the ongoing garden parties taking place in public parks and other open spaces across the country. In Lower Manhattan, Occupiers are wearing out their welcome at those businesses that heretofore had tolerated or even abetted the protest. Being down for the cause is all well and good, but when the paying customers avoid your shop or restaurant out of fear of sharing space with the hygienically challenged cast of characters headquartered at Zucotti Park, well even the most socially conscious have to pay heed to the bottom line.

Which is what happened in Oakland, Calif., two weeks ago, when business owners near Frank Ogawa Plaza, where Occupy Oakland is encamped, made the outrageous request that the city’s authorities simply enforce the law and restore order to the downtown area by removing the protesters. Mayor Jean Quan, as feckless a politician as one is likely to find, directed police officers to do just that, resulting in a violent confrontation when some protesters refused to budge. The plaza was cleared with no little effort, but the ensuing furor inspired in Quan a change of heart. She directed that the protesters be allowed to return, guaranteeing that any future effort to remove them will be met with even more violence….”

We are dealing with a different kind of creature.  They are a reflection of our culture, our spoiled, brat, I want it all and I want it now culture.  There is nothing good or decent about them.  If you don’t think this is a reflection of libertarian philosophies, then I have a bridge near the occupy bunch in NY that I can sell you, cheap.