How Republicans in the House Could Kill Internet Freedom


Is there any way we the people can be protected by well-meaning dunderheads on both the right and left who get involved in things of which they know nothing?  We’re starting to see the GOP step in it and make one of the most chilling mistakes they’ve made in years.

We live in a world of changes.  Nothing is the same due to digital technology.  The well-meaning dunderheads in DC don’t get it.  How many of them live the digital age the way the rest of us do?

“…Making these experiences simple and easy make the market larger.  Making these experiences available to users make everyone’s life better.  Only unfettered innovation can provide these solutions.  No monopoly should control how you interact with your data- with public data.

SOPA won’t stop piracy.  It will stop you from discovering it.  SOPA won’t take servers off the net – it will push them into the dark. SOPA will take an entire market and make turn it gray.  SOPA will cost my company jobs – jobs that pay taxes – jobs that people need right now in the midst of the deepest recession in generations.

Stop SOPA and give us a chance to show you what easy access to information looks like.  Stop SOPA and let us show you what trusting users will look like.  Stop SOPA and let us invent the future….”

Tech Crunch

As a writer, I’ve become addicted to the Internet.  Where once I would be forced to wait for source information, to search, make a trip to a university library, spend a pile of money on books I would only use one time (if I could find them).  Now, though, I get instant gratification online.  The GOP sponsored SOPA could greatly inhibit how I work.

If The Pink Flamingo could like to a site that has been declared “evil” by the AG, I could be black listed and censored. If I were to use one little site that has been deemed “illegal” by SOPA, I get punished.  It doesn’t matter if I am innocent.  This is absolutely chilling.

“…Say you’re writing an article, and one of the websites or quotes that you want to reference comes from a site that has been accused of piracy. Even if your piece does not include anything that could be considered copyright infringing, if it links to a source that does–a source as innocuous as a YouTube video or a Tumblr post–your entire article could be blocked from the Internet in the US. According to Fight for the Future, “This law would give government and corporations the power to block sites like BoingBoing over infringing links on at least one webpage posted by their users.”…”


Is it possible the PRO-business of the House Judiciary Committee are so terrified of not appeasing big business, that they are going to basically destroy the Internet, one of the great bastions of Freedom?  Is it possible by “protecting” us against “China” the GOP is going to greatly destroy Freedom?  Why are Republicans pandering to left leaning Hollywood?

I can understand the need to protect movies, music, books, etc. against piracy.  But, when idiots in DC began working with technology they don’t understand, they ALWAYS make a mess.

“…According to figures compiled by the Center for Responsive Politics, the film, music and TV industries have spent more than $91 million on lobbying so far this year — an amount that puts them on pace to beat all of their previous spending records. Not to be outdone, Google and its tech cohorts — including eBay, Yahoo and Facebook — have been ramping up spending and are looking for a hired gun to lead their newly revamped coalition.

The focus of the faceoff: a pair of online copyright bills aimed at getting Internet companies to help shutter websites that profit from illicit copies of blockbuster films, TV shows and chart-topping songs.

On Wednesday, the Motion Picture Association of America and Google, among others, are expected to lock horns at a House Judiciary Committee hearing on the Stop Online Piracy Act. A companion bill in the Senate, the PROTECT IP Act, was reported out of committee this spring but is still waiting for floor time….”

SOPA – Stop Online Privacy Act is a draconian measure known as House H. R. 3261.  It was introduced into the House by REPUBLICAN Lamar Smith (TX) on October 26.  (I know, the OK Corral analogy is tempting, but I’m not going to bite).  I don’t get this one, because Lamar Smith has a normal Republican voting record.  I understand the 2006 bill.  I understand the need to protect intellectual property from places like China who doesn’t give a damn what they steal.

The Pink Flamingo thought Republicans had some brains.  Unfortunately, they gave up their ability to think when they sold their souls to Ayn Rand’s libertarian flunkies.  One would think they could comprehend that SOPA is a direct attack against freedom of speech.  At first, the Judicial Committee was going to allow those who were against the

“…Furthermore, the “one” against SOPA is going to be Google. This is a strategic choice, because the pro-SOPA folks know that Google is easy to dismiss on this topic, because they’ll claim (not accurately) that Google just wants to profit from infringement. Google is already under a lot of scrutiny in Congress, and so it makes it much easier for pro-SOPA supporters to say that “ah, the only opposition is Google.” And, yet, that’s not true. Companies throughout the tech and internet industries have expressed concerns. Facebook, Twitter, Mozilla, eBay and over 160 startups have all come out against the bill. This isn’t “just a Google issue.” This is an issue of the entertainment industry trying to change the fundamental legal and technical framework for how the internet has functioned — and in doing so, creating tons of liability and compliance costs for the part of the economy that is growing and has been creating jobs. Just because Hollywood is jealous, doesn’t mean that they should get to use Congress to punish the industry that’s doing well. …”

All of this requires a crash course in terms and technology.  To put it succinctly:

“...SOPA is also referred to by some as the E-PARASITE (Enforcing and Protecting American Rights Against Sites Intent on Theft and Exploitation) Act. According to co-sponsor Representative Bob Goodlatte [R-VA], chairman of the House Judiciary Committee’s Intellectual Property sub-panel, SOPA represents a rewrite of the PROTECT IP Act to address tech industry concerns. Goodlatte told The Hill that the new version requires court approval for action against third parties such as search engines. The Senate version, PROTECT IP, does not.[7][8] But Goodlatte called it “unrealistic to think we’re going to continue to rely on the DMCA notice-and-takedown provision.” Known as safe harbor, the provision protects YouTube and other sites such as social networks hosting uploaded user material from liability, provided the sites promptly remove infringing material brought to their attention, removing “the risk that the few users among millions who post copyrighted material, libelous statements or counterfeit goods would subject the site to business-crushing legal liabilities.”…The bill would require internet service providers to filter DNS queries of offending websites, rendering them unresolvable. This would conflict with DNSSEC, a protocol introduced to prevent with illegitimate DNS tampering. This was criticized both by representatives and Google, who said “DNS blocking methods in bill will harm U.S. efforts to make Internet more secure….”

What is so strange is that there is this weird combination of individuals interested in stopping this bill.

Red State