The Strange Hit on Newt


So what if he isn’t perfect.  So what if he is flawed.  We know what his flaws are.  He doesn’t pretend to be perfect, but admits to his flaws.  I find that refreshing.  I gather being a lobbyist or not being one is even worse than harassing women, being a drunk, etc.  Why are lobbyist the worst of the worst, and why is Team Obama pushing that mime, in order to prop up Romney.  The Pink Flamingo is getting the idea that liberetarian leaning conservatives don’t like Newt.  Neither does the racist right.

So what if he did the lobby thing.  There is NOTHING wrong with doing that.  Each and every one of us who are blogging are lobbying to some extent.  It is about getting elected officials to pay attention to what you have to say.  I’d rather have Newt trying to influence them than a Dem.

Legal Insurrection

“…“I fully expect the effort will be made over next three weeks by the Obama people, by other people who want the nomination and the news media to scrutinize me,” the former U.S. House speaker told the Herald in an exclusive interview. Gingrich described his likely trial by fire as “a little bit like ‘Survivor.’ We trot out the newly anointed one” for inspection….“If I can’t survive a few weeks of the news media, then I definitely can’t survive being the president,” he said. “If we can cheerfully get through this and answer in a way that the American people are satisfied with, then I deserve the nomination.”…”

The Pink Flamingo has a very real reason for wanting Newt to be our nominee, other than he is the greatest thing to happen to space exploration since Star Trek.  This historian wants to see a historian come out on top, just once.  I would like to see him come out on top.

Hugh Hewitt and I have been agreeing way too much lately.  He wrote the following about Newt.

Hugh Hewitt

It makes a heck of a lot of sense that the organized left would go after Newt. He’s the front-runner. You expect it. What doesn’t make sense is the way the right is going after him. Then again, the talking head/punditry right has become abjectly irrational. They are still propping up Herman Cain. You expect it of the NY Times.  You expect it from TimeThe left is acting like there is something evil about being a consultant.

The Murdock machine is against him.


The National Journal is making claim that Newt supported death panels because he was working to help create end of life directives.  For the moronic right out there, end of life directives are not death panels.  My parents have them.  They are about making things easier for a family, when you need legal assistance.  I know.  I’m writing a book on dealing with senior citizen parents and I suggest everyone have one.

Bottom line here if you don’t have one, and something horrible happens, a hospital has the right to keep someone life support who is literally brain dead, in order to milk insurance money and milk money from the family.  It is a nasty reality of life.  If you do not have something notarized, you can be caught in legal limbo where everything your family own is flushed down the toilet in order for a hospital to bring in thousands of dollars. It happens every day, all over the country.

This not about killing grandma. But, the right is too intellectually dishonest to admit it.  It is also completely different from rationing of care.

This is about the usual sources on the left demonizing a person they fear.  Evidently the left wants Mitt Romney to be the nominee.  Why?  Then there is the right leaning punditry who is in the tank for Mitt.  Why?

Jennifer Rubin wrote this dribble.  Then again, she is a Romney supporter.


Then again, the right and left only attack those who they think might be ahead in the polls. Now there is a study of who is attacked in the debates.  Evidently Newt has yet to be attacked.  Evidently they are now trying to create some sort of conspiracy around it?

GOP 12

PJ Media thinks he may appeal to evangelicals.

Yes, I want to vote for Newt.  Like I’ve stated previously, I can easily vote for Romney, Santorum, and Perry.  I really do want to vote for Newt.  I am curious about one thing.  Why is the mainstream press so interested in Mitt Romney?  To me it is just plain strange.


Just curious.

If Twitter followers are any indication, maybe people had best look out for Newt. Or are they?  There are those who say Newt’s followers are fake.

Business Insider
Business Insider





3 thoughts on “The Strange Hit on Newt

  1. I have always liked listening to Gingrich! I just like the way he speaks and I have never understood the HATRED directed at him.

    OK I have a question or two. Why did GOD harden Pharaohs heart? Why did GOD allow Kings “that did what is EVIL” to rule in Israel and Judah?

    Today so called “conservative christians” LIE about the contents of the Bible, the Founding Fathers and the founding of America because it suits their political goals. They actually LIE to children for their political gains! Can you imagine anything more EVIL in Gods eyes?

    I believe that the USA is under Divine Judgment and no single person, no nominee, candidate or party can resolve the issue. America has abandoned GOD for its false idols – Sex, Money, celebrity, the News Mafia, drugs, Ayn Rand, Ron Paul, thee Obama, ect…

    America has also murdered over 55 MILLION children and by the end of the Obama Era in 2016 over 60 MILLION babies will have been slaughtered. Before long we (the people of the USA) will overtake Joseph Stalin and be the “OFFICIAL” Biggest Murderers in History.

    America is under Divine Judgment and even if Newt Gingrich wins all “57” states in the biggest landslide ever that Divine Judgment will still exist.

    The bottomline: Americans do what is EVIL in the sight of the Lord and they really don’t care that he is watching.

    Whenever we had a good decent “Christian” President the peoples hearts were hardened to him. Ronald Reagan was viscously HATED! George Herbert Walker Bush was HATED by his own party and his son GWB the same.

    The USA is getting exactly what it deserves in Obama and a change in Washington DC won’t help. The next President and the one after that will be a Divine PUNISHMENT too.

    anyway I’d prefer to be “punished” by Gingrich as compared to the Obama but that is up to GOD who casts the only vote that actually counts.

  2. I think Newt just proved himself to me. I am so proud of him. People don’t realize the entire anti-immigration movement is promoted by John Tanton who is one of the nation’s biggest supporters of abortion. That’s where the GOP sold its soul.


  3. If you had to hire a new Chief Executive Officer to run your “Widget Company” wouldn’t you prefer an Administrator with at least “some experience” in Widget manufacturing and sales?

    The USA isn’t a Pizza Parlor and the Congress isn’t made up of delivery boys! The USA is also is not an experiment for Austrian Economic (conspiracy) Theorists nor a marketing scheme to sell Ayn Rand books.

    The USA is like a GIANT Corporation and it needs a new effective CEO with lots of ADMINISTRATIVE experience. Newt Gingrich, Rich Perry and Mitt Romney have that experience. The rest of them don’t. PERIOD!

    From an administrative standpoint, as far as I am concerned, Romney is the most experienced and probably the best choice as a Chief Executive Officer or President of the USA. Newt Gingrich would make a great VP.

    Also I am hoping that Gov Perry becomes the 1st President of the Constitutional Republic of Texas.

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