Immigration Reform, Amnesty, Social Security, Medicare


It’s too bad Washington is so broken by special interest groups bullies, who pretend to be quite powerful because they represent “the people”, and elected officials who should have some personal power because they truly are elected by the people, have run amok.  The cowardly elected of the House and Senate are so easily bullied, that we are in a horrible mess here.  (Read Michael Medved’s column about them).  It has dawned on The Pink Flamingo we could kill two birds with one stone by being a little logical, compromising, and using the common sense The Good Lord gave us.

Want to reform immigration?

Want to save a little money?

Want to solve some problems with debt?

The Pink Flamingo would like to point out the following:

  1. Deport only criminal illegals, who have been convicted of a crime.  Bill their country of origin for all costs an compensation for the victims.
  2. Deportation of non-criminal illegals is, according to ICE, $12,500 each.  It costs about $5 billion to deport about 393,000 people a year. It will cost about $137 billion to deport all 11 million illegals who are now living here.  If we don’t have the money to keep the post office running how the hell can we afford to deport 11 million people?
  3. Over the next ten years, in order to get rid of all 11 million illegals, it will cost our economy $2.5 trillion dollars.
  4. It will cost $17 billion a year just to maintain the status quo at the borders – after everyone is deported.
  5. It will cost $200 billion to “round up” all the illegals in the country to deport them, that is on top of the $137 billion for deportation costs alone.
  6. The mass deportation will end up costing a minimum of nearly $300 billion.  It will cost nearly an extra thousand bucks for every American citizen in taxes to afford to do this.
  7. If we follow Newt’s idea, there will be upward of a $4 Trillion swing in GDP, to the positive for our economy.  If we follow Romney, it’s a $4 trillion drain on GDP.
  8. It costs $111.82 per day to keep a non citizen in lock-up.   It takes an average of 30 days per person.  To keep every one of those 11 million illegals in lock up for 30 days will be about $30 billion.
  9. It costs approximately $12,000 per bed to build new detention facilities.  In order to have enough to house a tremendous number of illegal detainees, it will cost nearly $20 billion.
  10. In FY 2008 it cost approximately $817 in court/legal fees.  That adds up, if you are deporting ’em all, to nearly $10 billion.
  11. If you deport everyone, it will cost about $6 billion to transport just 6.22 million people.  If you go after 12 million, it will be closer to $13 billion.

You start adding this stuff up and we’re pushing three quarters of a trillion dollars.  We don’t have that much money.  If we can’t afford a replacement for the shuttle system, a post office, or much of our military, would someone please explain to the extreme right how we can afford this?

If we were to use a little logic and reason here, there is another way to go about these things.

  • For those who are here illegally, but could stay – they would get no social security or medicare, and must continuing pay into these programs, as fee for living here.
  • Any US citizen child under the age of 18 who is born to the above would also pay social security, medicare, etc. but get no benefit from it.
  • They get no government benefits other than emergency medical care.  That’s it.  No food stamps, welfare, etc.
  • Children of illegal immigrants should be required to attend public school and learn to assimilate.  If they qualify for in-state, scholarships, etc. they should be allowed to keep them.
  • If someone is illegal and wishes to serve in the military, they get a “get out of jail free” card, eventual citizenship, and VA benefits – no social security or medicare.

For all LEGAL immigrants:

  • Anyone who is here before 2010 pays into social security and medicate with no access to them.  Before 2010 should be age dependent.
  • Anyone here between 2005 and now should receive NO benefits at all.
  • Anyone here legally should get NO social benefits, food stamps, welfare, housing, unemployment, etc.
  • Their children get a public education, school lunch, appropriate scholarships.  They cannot attend any sort of religious school at taxpayer expense.
  • American born children of the above will receive no benefits other than education and emergency medical.  They must pay into social security, medicare, but not be allowed to ever receive benefit from it.
  • If they go into the military, they get a quick path to citizenship, VA benefits upon qualification.

Legal immigrants should be deported if:

  • They require any form of public assistance other than non catastrophic medical.
  • Commitment of a serious crime.
  • Fail to assimilate
  • Continue certain cultural practices that are not in keeping with a modern society, such as female genital mutilation, religious subjugation of women, etc.
  • Connected with any institution that is political or religious that advocates violence against the USA
  • Anyone connect to any institution that is political or religious that fails to conform to standards of modern American behavior.
  • Anyone who demands special religious and cultural requirements such as wearing a veil in an identification photo, and any practice that requires a roll-back of basic civil rights.
  • Anyone who is not fluent in English one year after arrival in the US would be deported.
  • Anyone who refuses to sign an affidavit that they will follow the Constitution of the US, and be loyal to the United States of America will be refused admittance for anything other than a tourist visa.
  • Anyone who resides within the US must be required to denounce all forms of religious and sectarian violence that may harm Americans, anywhere in the world.
  • Anyone who knowingly donates to a cause that is contrary to American interests.

In Europe, one of the reasons there are so many financial problems with several governments is the fact that newly arrived immigrants from the Islamic countries are living on welfare, public housing, and assistance, while destroying the culture of that nation.  If immigrants who arrive from Islamic countries wish to seek residence within the US, they should not receive any form of public assistance or religious accommodation of any sort.

Do you realize how much money we could save?  If we were to put the social security and medicate idea into practice it would greatly help.  If a person wishes to live and work in this country, then they should pay into social security and medicare as part of their fee for living here.  Look at it as a residency tax.  You don’t live here for free.



2 thoughts on “Immigration Reform, Amnesty, Social Security, Medicare

  1. Your: “Any US citizen child under the age of 18 who is born to the above would also pay social security, medicare, etc. but get no benefit from it.
    They get no government benefits other than emergency medical care. That’s it. No food stamps, welfare, etc.”

    Is unconstitutional period. Sorry. There’s something called the 14th ammendment which makes anyone born in the U.S. as equal as you which means they are entitled to the SAME benefits of your children and mine.

    If you want to resolve the illegal immigration issue, you need to face 2 facts: when people think “illegal” they think Hispanic. Unfortunately, the largest growing racial voting block is Hispanic and the GOP CANNOT win without them.

    When you start in on denying rights and benefits given as a birthright to U.S. citizens, you need to remember those two facts. As a Non-White whose ancestors came from all corners of the world, whose land was “stolen” from American businessmen, whose grandparents were not Americans, but parents may have been (Territorial at best), I can tell you how this “who my parents are” will play among minorities.

  2. We need to start dealing with the fact that any child born in the US, regardless of immigration status is going to be paying into social security and medicare and not seeing a penny of it. Doesn’t matter if their parents came over on the Mayflower. We may as well deal with the fact that we are not going to receive social security or medicare.

    What I should have put into this piece is the fact that we are going to soon be facing the same problems Europe is having. Right now, the small number of people who are here illegally, contrary to the lies being told by the extremes, are not bleeding us dry. They have poured millions into social security, medicare, which they will never get back.


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