“Is The America We Love A Thing Of the Past? Newt Says No”


For months, perhaps a year, The Pink Flaming has been telling you that the candidate to beat is the one who goes positive.  Americans are sick and tired of down and out.  We need something and someone who believes in this country.  We are tired of constant negativity.  Ronald Reagan won on being positive.  FDR won on being positive.  There is a lesson in this, and it may take a historian to figure it out and run with it.

Newt’s first ad is up and running.  It is excellent, reminiscent of something Reagan would have done.  Just ask him, and Newt will tell you he’s the smartest person out there running for office.  When Newt channels Reagan, his numbers go up.  This ad is very much like Reagan’s Morning Again in America.

The campaign has done a $250,000 ad buy, not just running it online. The ad is very positive.

The Pink Flamingo seems to remember that every time Newt does a Reagan thing, his numbers go up.  This should be a cautionary note for all.