UPDATED:A Pink Flamingo Cat-astrophy?

Bubbles Silverman

Bubbles is feeling better. She is up and moving, and is in a very vile mood. She has

an appointment with the vet tomorrow. We tried working on her this morning, but she’s such a mess, it is going to take some professional assistance.Naturally, she is quite humiliated over then entire affair.

She also admits to some jealousy over Madam.

The Pink Flamingo has been trying to get Madam, the carport calico, to move into the condo for at least two years.  Last winter, when the weather was so bad, I was frantic, not knowing if she would survive 29 below zero.  I was determined this year, when the weather turned bad, that she was coming inside.   On Thursday night, when the weather set in, I finally managed to coax Madam  She comes in every day for Fancy Feast, but rarely stays long.


She and Bubbles are friends. She is friends with the other kitties and Rumsfed.

I don’t think it is stress with Bubbles.  They were hanging on Friday and Saturday.

Something is wrong with Bubbles Silverman.  She was fine Saturday.  On Sunday, she surfaced for a sip of water, then went back up under the guest room bed.  She came up for a few minutes this morning, then rushed back downstairs.  I finally found her under the bed.  She has not eaten since Saturday night.  I managed to get a tablespoon of Fancy Feast into her.  I’m not sure about her liquids, or litter activities.
She has a huge wardrobe malfunction on her rear, just a massive stuck you know what.  I don’t know if that is the problem or it is something more serious.

Bubbles is grooming herself, and purring.  She is swishing her tail,

Hoss Cartwright

furiously.  She would not look

at me, refused to allow me to touch her, then coyly came out for a little love.  She then slithered back under the bed.  She has surfaced three times today.  The last time just a little while ago, then saw me and ran back under the bed.

I don’t know if Bubbles is angry about Madam or is ill.  I am frantic.  The weather and roads are so bad I can’t get down to the vet for several days.  It is about minus 3 and about 8 inches of snow and ice.  I don’t know if there is anything wrong besides an affront to her dignity, or we’re dealing with something serious.  The weather is not going to improve for me to get help for her.

Doc Holiday & Mommy Cat

From bitter experience, I know when a cat hides, they usually die.  Bubbles could be angry with me, but I just don’t know.

Bat (Brat) Masterson




23 thoughts on “UPDATED:A Pink Flamingo Cat-astrophy?

  1. We are sending purrs and purrayers to Bubbles.
    We hope she is hiding because she is ashamed of her messy tail. We hope that’s all it is.
    Haf to see what effurryone says, we don’t haf a lots of experience with sicknesses.
    Love & Purrs,

  2. We are sending healing purrs to Bubbles. We thinks maybe a bath to take care of the wardrobe malfunction might help Bubbles feel better and if she is having problems with her digestion some pumpkin might help (Our vet recommends that for our digestion). Since it seems to be very cold where you are at maybe an electric blanket for Bubbles to snuggle on, we likes to sleep on ours especially when we don’t feel so good.

  3. We are sending healing purrs to Bubbles and hope she feels better soon. A nice warm bath to take care of the wardrobe malfunction might help Bubbles feel better. She also might benefit from some pumpkin for her digestion (our vet has recommended this for us) and since it seems to be very cold where you live with thinks she would love an electric blanket for warmth. We loves ours especially when we feels bad.

  4. If Bubbles is used to living outside, she might just be nervous. Can you normally touch her?? It is very hard for a feral cat to get used to being inside. Was she a feral cat before you brought her inside?? She will get used to it. Do you think any of the other cats are maybe picking on her?? Has she been spayed?? Well that is enough questions. WE are sending many purrs that she will feel better really soon. Take care

  5. We saw on the CB that Bubbles is not feeling well and came to offer our purrs and purrayers. We hope it’s not serious, isn’t an illness. Paws crossed. And we hope your roads clear so you can get to a vet too, to have checked out.

  6. We are purring and purring for Bubbles to start eating! Maybe warm up the Fancy Feast so the smell is stronger and more tempting. Put it in the microwave for just a bit, don’t want to burn anyones mouth. You may also want to try wetting some down and syringe feeding to be on the safe side. Maybe try to tempt with some other foods as well. Does she like people food? Maybe some cooked chicken or something like that.

  7. Reading about Bubbles made me think of when Miss Emily had a rectal prolapse. I wonder if this is Bubbles problem. The rectum sticks out quiet a bit. I felt it on Miss Emily.

    As Alasandra already said, pumpkin is a good food for the tummy, and also I agree with her about the heating pad/electric blanket.

    Sometimes we can be talked into eating Baby Food (without onions) or Whiskas Pouch.. but being snowed in, this suggestion is not much help.
    Hope it is just a shy, scared thing.

    Sending many, many purrs for Bubbles and gentle ((hugs)) from Mom Bobbie.
    ~ Jasmine and Bunch

  8. Maybe, try putting Madam in an unused room or bathroom to if Bubbles will feel better? Try giving Bubbles tuna juice.

  9. Sending good thoughts and purrs that Bubbles starts to eat and will soon be back to felling her ole self. Let us know when you can get to the vet and what he had to say.

  10. We are sending comforting purrs to Bubbles. We agree about the warm bath, pumpkin, and the heated bed – all good ideas to help Bubbles feel better. She must eat, so please hand or syringe feed her up to what she would normally eat in a day. Cats do not do well going for more than a day or so without food. Purrs.

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