It Is All About the Hispanic Vote


Why is Newt Gingrich the only electable Republican in the campaign?

The key to winning the 2012 election is the Hispanic swing vote.  Which ever party wins the Hispanic swing vote wins the White House.   You cannot win the White House by reciting hard-line anti-immigration talking points that are spoon fed from the Tanton networks.  It just doesn’t work.

Why are Dems more worried about him than anyone else?

“...Perhaps most significantly, Gingrich has an extensive Hispanic outreach organization, which he has been building for years. Unlike anything in the Romney playbook, that network could give Gingrich a head start slicing into Obama’s base in key states in the Mountain West, where Hispanics are a fast-growing swing voting bloc. Polls show Hispanic voters, two-thirds of whom backed Obama in 2008, still favor the president — but GOP strategists believe that winning 40 percent of that vote could disrupt Obama’s electoral college strategy by putting Colorado, Arizona and Nevada in the Republican column.

Gingrich is distributing a weekly Spanish-language newsletter to Hispanic voters (the subject line is “Newt con nosotros,” or “Newt with us”), holding a monthly call with community leaders, even studying Spanish and using it in appearances on Univision, the Spanish-language network.

As Romney has run hard to the right on immigration, running the risk of alienating Hispanic voters, Gingrich has pursued a more centrist course. He has expressed support for legalizing some immigrants with deep ties to the United States, a position that Romney has derided as “amnesty.”…”

W Post

According to John McCain, Arizona, a once stalwart GOP state, is now up for grabs.  Demographics have changed a little, but the main reason it is up for grabs is because of the anti-Hispanic bigotry of people like Joe Arpaio and FORMER GOP state senator Russell Pearce.  (The Pink Flamingo glories in saying “former”).

“…”Joe Arpaio is widely detested among Hispanics, and news stories about racial profiling, prisoner abuse, etc. are staples in the Hispanic media,” the group goes on to say. “For example, a pregnant immigrant was forced to give birth in shackles, and Arpaio is notorious for racial profiling and for his neighborhood sweeps of Hispanic neighborhoods. Most experts believe that the successful GOP nominee will need Hispanic support in the 40% range, as received by George Bush in 2004. Hispanics are now 16% of the U.S. population.”…”

Phoenix New Times

The alleged talking points are that Newt Gingrich is unelectable.  The problem with this is the fact that Newt is treating the Hispanic vote with respect.  There is some sign of a come-back for Rick Perry.  The problem is with his pandering to Sheriff Joe, Rick Perry is now completely unelectable, and I am loath to even say it.

This is a disaster for anyone serious about running for POTUS.

“…“I think he’s the best guy for president. He’s really tough on crime, tough on immigration,” Arpaio swoons. “He and I spent about 20 hours together — going to town halls, radio, TV — I got know him more. I feel more comfortable [with endorsing Perry] now after travleing with him.”

The sheriff seems most impressed with how Perry’s run Texas since he took the helm from George W. Bush (whom Arpaio also endorsed) when he was elected president in 2000. The fact that Perry is the only GOP candidate who is currently a governor lends to Perry’s street cred, according to Arpaio.

“All these other guys are gone [from elected office], they’re not in government, except the congressmen [and Congresswoman Michele Bachmann],” Arpaio tells New Times. “But [Perry] is a chief executive officer for the second largest state in the country, Texas, and he’s done a good job.”…”

By accepting Sheriff Joe’s endorsement, Rick Perry has doomed any possibility of winning the White House.  By reciting the anti-immigration hard-line, Mitt Romney will never be able to get the Hispanic swing vote.  The only person who can is Newt. It’s all about being “humane”.