This Time Sheriff Joe Stepped in It!


Arizona Democratic Congressman Raul Grijalva has called for Sheriff Joe to resign.  No Republican has the courage to stand up against him.  This time, maybe those who are anti-immigration may see how abjectly evil Sheriff Joe is. Seems that Sheriff Joe never bothered investigating or botched over 400 sex crime investigations over a 3 year period.  AZ State Reps. Ruben Gallego and Katie Hobbs, both Dems from Phoenix had a presser on Wed, calling on Arpaio to resign.

“…According to the Sheriff’s Office, detectives reactivated 432 sex-crimes cases from throughout the Valley after concerns about the cases were raised, making 19 arrests. Of the remainder, 115 were determined to be unfounded, 67 were classified as “cold cases” and 221 were “exceptionally” cleared without arrest.

The FBI’s standards for clearing cases through exception state that the investigation should have: established the identity of a suspect; gathered enough information to support an arrest, charge and review from prosecutors; determined the exact location of the suspect; and cited a reason outside investigators’ control that would prevent arrest and prosecution.

The Sheriff’s Office released a statement saying the FBI’s criteria are part of a voluntary crime-reporting program to compile statistical information and reports and is not intended for oversight on how local agencies clear cases.

“We took care of the problem many years ago,” Arpaio said.

An internal investigation into the mishandled cases is complete and sheriff’s administrators are in the process of disciplining the deputies involved, Arpaio said….”

Phoenix New Times

“…The 13-year-old girl opened the door of her home in this small city on the edge of Phoenix to encounter a man who said that his car had broken down and he needed to use the phone. Once inside, the man pummeled the teen from behind, knocking her unconscious and sexually assaulting her.

Seven months before, in an apartment two miles away, another 13-year-old girl was fondled in the middle of the night by her mother’s live-in boyfriend. She woke up in her room at least twice a week to find him standing over her, claiming to be looking for her mother’s cell phone.

Both cases were among more than 400 sex-crimes reported to Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s office during a three-year period ending in 2007 – including dozens of alleged child molestations – that were inadequately investigated and in some instances were not worked at all, according to current and former police officers familiar with the cases….”

SF Gate

In the city of El Mirage, there were 32 child molestations reported, 26 of which had suspects.  NONE of them were investigated.

Congressman Raul M. Grijalva

Naturally Sheriff Joe is demanding that Grijalva resign.  Allegedly 428 of the 432 cases have now been investigated, with 19 arrests and that 224 cases had been closed.

Phoenix New Times