Lindsey Graham v The Great Unwashed


Want to see what a class act looks like when confronted with the spoiled occupy brats?

The occupy trash dumps jerks crashed Lindsey’s fundraiser.  They went after Chris Christie, Newt, etc.  Have you noticed they don’t go after Dems?  It is amazing how they demand their rights, but see nothing wrong with interrupting an event they way they would while escaping from day care.  There is no maturity, intellect, or respecting of anything, only themselves – and not even themselves.  They are like little kids, their development completely arrested.

When the brain dead idiots crashed one of Lindsey’s fund-raisers, he responded the best I’ve seen anyone go at these people.  Instead of insulting them, when one of the dim-wits said he was an unemployed vet, Lindsey asked him about his GI benefits, and then told him to call his office for assistance.  He also offered to help another person.

They  responded by being their usual rude and nasty selves.

I think they are getting a bit intimidating, rude, and utterly reprehensible in their behavior.  They are the great unwashed – literally.  They even look dirty.


2 thoughts on “Lindsey Graham v The Great Unwashed

  1. The occupiers say they won’t work for 7 or 10 dollars an hour. Well, let me tell you- In my time I have worked for much less and was often glad to get the work. This bunch of stoogies should get in touch with the real world. They need to familiarize themselves with two four letter words w-o-r-k and s-o-a-p. Lindsey handled the group with a lot of class.

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