Thou Shalt Not?


Once upon a time, Ronald Reagan told Republicans not to destroy one another.  Those days are long gone.   In 2008 things were quite bad, but this is worse.  There is one observation The Pink Flamingo is able to make.  Mitt Romney campaigns like Bob Fitzsimmons fought.  He plays dirty, hitting below the belt.  When cornered, he comes out with a dirty punch.  The nastier he gets, the lower his numbers get.  On the other hand, when Newt comes out and practices the 11th Commandment his numbers go up.  Is it possible people are getting sick and tired of the hits that just keep on coming?  We forget, thought, that Reagan fought several bitter battles with Gerald Ford.

“...Gingrich’s tactic of going against type may be a smart move. He’s leading in polls nationally and in most early nominating states. There are many reasons for Gingrich to be surging – the collapse of other rivals, his comfort in discussing policy issues on the debate stage, his knowledge of the ins and outs of Washington, his journey from two failed marriages to an apparently happy personal life. But likeability has always been an issue for Gingrich, and by heaping praise on his competitors, he’s softening the edges…. Gingrich is, in short, following the GOP’s “11th  Commandment,” popularized by Ronald Reagan in the ’60s: Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican.

Other candidates, meanwhile, are forgetting they ever heard that maxim and are going at Gingrich with guns blazing. Texas Rep. Ron Paul, who’s also making a strong play for the crucial first contest in Iowa, has gone up with the first attack ad of the cycle, targeting Gingrich. And Romney, who has stayed above the fray, has also signaled that he’s going to start taking on Gingrich more directly….”

The 11th Commandment:

“…Ronald Reagan, who always urged his party brethren to honor his 11th Commandment (“Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican”), must be spinning in his grave today.

The traditionally genteel and orderly Republican intramurals appear to have gone the way of the compact disc. What we’re seeing at the moment is something akin to the chaotic scene early in Godfather II, when gunslingers from multiple gangs pump bullets at each other on a New York City street corner. It was tough to follow the action, much less tally the wounded – but the current (and unprecedented) Republican crossfire is even tougher to track.

Nevertheless, let us try:

Jon Huntsman says that Mitt Romney is a corporate toady who’s “in the hip pocket of Wall Street” and who would thus be nothing more than “a status quo president.”

Romney says that Newt Gingrich is an inside-the-Beltway lifer who “has spent the last 30 or 40 years in Washington.” He also says Gingrich is a phony conservative (“I’ve watched other people on the stage, when they talk about their cap-and-trade policies, they say, ‘Oh, that was a mistake,’ when someone says, ‘Oh, I did this ad on global warming, that was a mistake.’ So they just dust it aside.”)

Gingrich says that Michelle Bachmann literally doesn’t knows what she’s talking about: “When I was a teacher I occasionally had a student who couldn’t figure out where things were or what things were or what the right date was. When that happens, you feel sorry that they are so factually challenged…Voters will be pretty good over time in distinguishing between people who know facts and people who don’t know facts.”

Bachmann says that Herman Cain should quit the race because “his support has really dropped out.”

Huntsman says that Cain is debasing the race with his latest “bimbo eruption.”

Cain, who last month insisted that Rick Perry’s team was orchestrating the sexual harassment allegations, now says that the Ginger White sex affair allegations are part of a plot to elevate Gingrich, despite Gingrich’s own problematical “personal life.”

Ron Paul says, in a brutal new video ad spanning two and a half minutes, that Gingrich is a devious flip-flopper who’s guilty of “serial hypocrisy.”…”


Ronald Reagan’s 11th Commandment is being broken

“…“Speaker Gingrich is not a reliable and trusted conservative leader,” former Missouri senator Jim Talent told his listeners, drawing upon his experience as a Republican House member who served under Gingrich in the 1990s.

“The off-the-cuff comments that Gingrich makes come from off-the-cuff thinking,” former New Hampshire governor John Sununu claimed, adding that Gingrich’s “irrational behavior” is something “that you do not want in the commander in chief.”

The conference call—which focused on Gingrich’s critique of House Budget Committee chairman Paul Ryan’s entitlement-reform plan as “radical” and “right-wing social engineering”—was an early volley in what will undoubtedly become a barrage of attacks on the latest frontrunner in the Republican presidential race. Gingrich’s remarkable surge in recent polls has been giving the Romney camp fits….”


Newt is an adulterer.  Perry doesn’t like it.  Mitt doesn’t like it.

The Politico

 “…*** Huntsman to jab Gingrich (as well as Obama and Romney): The Romney camp isn’t the only one leveling criticism at the new GOP front-runner. Today in DC, Jon Huntsman is delivering a speech on restoring the public’s trust, and he will go after Gingrich – as well as Romney and President Obama. Per excerpts of the address, which he delivers at noon ET, Huntsman will say: “The president came to office with a mandate to restore trust in Washington, yet his inexperience and failure to lead have left us worse off. He promised to change Washington, and then immediately succumbed to the partisanship, corporate handouts, bailouts, and spending that have made it so reviled. My opponents offer no better. Gov. Romney will say anything to earn the voters trust. We are in this mess because there are already enough people in Washington who make a career out of telling people what they want to hear. Newt Gingrich is a product of that same Washington, who participated in the excesses of our broken and polarized political system.”…”

Daily Caller

NOTE:  Marianne, wife #2, is responding quite well to steroid treatment, which is incredible.  My cousin-in-law is not doing that well.

Mitt Romney . com

“...How will Gingrich respond? He has an disproportionate opinion of himself and a history of volcanic outbursts. But he was all gritted teeth and smiles Wednesday.

Gingrich told a National Journal/CBS News reporter traveling with his campaign that he was keeping to the high road. But he also noted that in the primary season so far, attacking fellow Republicans has not been a winning strategy. “Every time these guys have attacked each other, they’ve gone down,” Gingrich said in an interview Thursday morning.

So I don’t know that being the attack dog in the Republican party is necessarily an asset, you know a big asset,” he said. “It’s not a game I’m going to play.”…”

Reagan Revolt

“…The Romney campaign has failed to make their candidate seem accessible, warm, and in touch with the experience of a broad cross-section of middle-class Americans. When have we ever heard Romney talk about his parents and how his father’s work inspired him to contribute to his community, both in the LDS Church and as a participant in civic life and eventually as a political candidate? George Romney was raised in dire poverty. How did that shape his as a man and as a father, and what lessons did it leave Mitt with as he formed his own family? Having achieved financial success at a young age, how did he keep his children humble and was it hard for him to take time away from running a large business enterprise to devote himself to his religious and civic commitments? …”

ABC News

 “…Bachmann has taken campaigning from the usual gentle jabbing of primary opponents to what has to be considered, “scorched earth”.

She spares no one and remember, a couple of these dudes were called by God to run, just like her. Guess a little hellfire and brimstone is OK amongst Christians.

Are we seeing a touch of the old “desperation” in the Bachmann campaign? One thing for sure, Bachmann is not giving up on this Iowa thing….she’s doubling down and pushing that 11th commandment thing over the cliff….”

Minneapolis Star Tribume



One thought on “Thou Shalt Not?

  1. Ronald Reagan and Papa Bush went after each other pretty viciously! Its just a part of the process. They were literally at each others throat and its kinda surprising that Reagan chose G.H.W. Bush but he needed too to shore up the base.

    Newt Gingrich has been hammered by both the left and the right for decades and he is still standing. Ann Coulter is even throwing rocks and Gingrich now! And I thought they were good friends. But she is correct if I read it right. Newt is a part of that Dominion Theology New Age crowd at least in the political sense. He wants that large voting block even if their Theology is full of errors, heresey and pagan ideas.

    Romney has been slandered by everyone. Period. His Religion, which I don’t consider Christian (too much extra Biblical literature and I don’t believe in a Jezus from the Planet KOLOB who’s brother is Satan) has been used as a battering ram against him but we are electing an Administrator not a Pope.

    If I want Christian advice I wont be going to Romney. But why would I need to? Dr. Al Mohler, Dr. John MacArthur, Dr. Robert Charles Sproul and Dr. Phil Johnson (and about a million others) are available everywhere from libraries to bookstors and the internet. I don’t need Romney (or Mitt) for spiritual guidance and I don’t condemn them for the religions they practice even though I consider UN-christian.

    Anway if you use the “who is least likely to go to Hell” formula when choosing a President/Vice President I think you’ll find that Mitt (with his Mormonism) and Newt (with his various Religious affiliations) to be far better off than the people on the otherside who are probably …… oh I better not say it! But you get the picture. Flames, lake of fire, pitchforks, ect..

    When it comes to “Thou Shalt Not” politics and politicians trash the 10 commandments. Its the only way they can get elected.

    To sum it up Politics is a SIN.

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