Mitt Is Conservative?


“…“In my view, it is not a good idea to go into a contract like what was organized by the Republican Party in Washington laying out a whole series of things which the party said, ‘These are the things we’re going to do.’ I think that’s a mistake. I think instead that if you want to get something done in Washington, you don’t end up picking teams with Republicans on one side and Democrats on the other entering into a contract saying, ‘OK, we’re all going to do this,’ and then of course if that works, then the other side feels like they’re the loser. But if it wins, they feel like the winner. I don’t like winners and losers in Washington. I’d rather say let’s get together and work together.”…”

Mitt Romney opposed the Contract with America, which is probably one of the most important political legislative accomplishments in the history of this nation.  The erratic daydreamer and idea man who came up with the idea was also ridiculed in 1994 when he came up with the idea. (It helps to have spent one’s entire life hanging around Republican politics – you remember things).  At the time it was conceptualized, Newt Gingrich was lampooned for it.


“…DOMENECH: And, of course, that Contract is one that your primary opponent Mitt Romney did not support. I wanted to ask you a question based on –

GINGRICH: That’s not totally fair. He was running for — He was running to the left of Teddy Kennedy in Massachusetts in 1994. And he said flatly, he wasn’t for the Reagan-Bush policies, he was independent. And he couldn’t possibly have been for the Contract because, how do you run in Massachusetts to the left of Teddy Kennedy favoring a Gingrich Contract?…”

ABC News

How can Romney be more conservative than Newt?  He brought out John Sununu to criticize Newt.  Evidently he’s not all that conservative – according to Sununu.  When was John Sununu ever conservative?

Hot Air

This entire story is quite fascinating.

“…Newt’s strength is that he can convince people to agree with him. GOP voters are turning to him because they are tired of nominating candidates who simply pander to the electorate. They want a candidate who can teach, inspire and lead, and Newt fills that role by aggressively presenting specific ideas and a broader philosophy that they can get behind. While other candidates have been campaigning as salesmen for themselves, Newt has been campaigning as a salesman for conservatism. He treats the spectrum of public opinion not like a fixed quantity, but like a fluid variable that can be influenced.

Newt’s explanation of his now-infamous criticism of Paul Ryan’s Medicare plan actually gives insight into his view of politics. He says that he “is opposed to any political party imposing dramatic change against the consent of the governed.” Though many conservatives understandably questioned Newt’s substantive position on this issue, his explanation hints at a higher form of politics that is often forgotten among “political science” pundits. That is that the most important element in the make-up of government is the philosophy of the citizenry, and that true leaders are those who can impact that philosophy….”

The problem with Mitt Romney is his constant flip-flopping.  Obama is already going at him.  The dishonesty of the right is amazing.


Someone needs to tell Mitt you don’t start going moderate until after the primaries.

Think Progress

The Other McCain

2 thoughts on “Mitt Is Conservative?

  1. so what if Mitt isn’t Mr. Conservative. Who cares?
    Thats probably his best trait if ya want to win!

    Romney can beat Obama the same way Reagan did because Mitt appeals to many Democrats. Economically and socially Mitt is a suitable replacement for Obama who is a total failure.

    And Ronald Reagan was a Democrat for over 40 years. He traveled the USA promoting FDR. Reagan appointed a few judges to the Supreme court that turned out to be BIG disappointments to the right. Ronald Reagan wasn’t as Conservative as Rush Limbaugh (and others) have made him out to be. Thats a myth pushed by both the left and the right.

    The problem is that to many Democrats the word Conservative means taking away GrandMa’s Social Security (or worse). There is no way you can change their minds.

    The only way a Republican can win in 2012 is to move to the CENTER as a Moderate Republican (compassionate conservative) and be hated viscously by the TeaBots and the PaulBots as GW Bush was, as GHW Bush was hated and the wat Ronald Reagan was hated by the extreme far right. They really hate Romney

    The TeaBot/PaulBots of the past (Libertarians, Birchers, Neo-KKK, ect..) all HATED Ronald Reagan because Reagan was too liberal for their tastes and Reagan won 49 states in his 2nd landslide victory because of the DEMOCRATS who supported him.

    Whoever is HATED the most by the radical TeaBots and PaulBots will end up winning. Whoever is HATED called a RINO by the radical TeaBots and PaulBots will end up winning.

    Unfortunately Gingrich is still courting that group. Newt will be a great VP or even better Secretary of State or whatever….

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