Newt’s Cure for America: Space to Grow


The Pink Flamingo has been waiting a long time for this.  I have spent the past 31 years of my life advocating for this moment. We finally have someone running for POTUS who understands the need for a future for this nation beyond Democratic spending and libertarian bean-counters.  It is not fantasy.

“...Mitt Romney, egged on by moderator George Stephanopoulos during Friday’s debate, reeled off a list of criticisms about Newt Gingrich. “We can start with his idea to have a lunar colony that would mine minerals from the moon,” he said. “ I’m not in favor of spending money to do that.” Gingrich’s response demonstrated why he may have a lot more staying power than Perry, Cain or any of the other Romney rivals who surged and faded this past year. Gingrich took the lunar colony shot and turned it into a spirited call for young people to pursue careers in science and a frustrated lament over the direction of NASA’s space exploration program. …”

Space Politics

In late 1980, this was considered almost science fiction.  Now it is reality.  The future of the human race is not on this planet, it is in space.  Human exploration and colonization of space is the cure for everything that is problematic. Space exploration and colonization is all about money.  It is about vast untapped resources just waiting to be plucked.  The person who solves the single stage to orbit – SSO is going to be “wealthy beyond the dreams of avarice”.

  • It literally saves a portion of the human race from a mega disaster here on Earth
  • By mining asteroids and the moon, we have endless metals, gold
  • By mining in space we eliminate that specific pollution on earth
  • You solve over-population by moving into space
  • We no longer need to rely on nuclear power – we use massive solar cells in orbit
  • The technological achievements in medicine alone will save millions of lives
  • Create a technology to eliminate our dependency on oil/gas
  • Open up a trillion dollar space tourism industry
  • New technology provides new jobs

Why is space technology so darn important?

  • JOBS
  • JOBS
  • JOBS
  • JOBS
  • JOBS

Get it?

The Pink Flamingo does not understand what is so difficult for people to understand about this?

Spaceport News

“...Armadillo Aerospace of Rockwall, Texas has received $475,000 in grant funding from NASA for test flights using their unique vertical takeoff and landing rocket technology. The company has conducted two test flights at Spaceport America in 2011, and is planning to launch a third flight before the end of the year.

The spaceport has attracted federal grant money as well. For the second consecutive year, the spaceport has received a grant from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to fund a new roll-back vehicle integration building for the spaceport’s vertical launch complex, worth $249,378 in matching funds.

All this investment in commercial space and activity at Spaceport America is only the beginning. We have also been working with launch customers like Boeing, Lockheed Martin and others to attract more launch customers to the spaceport.

One of the biggest payoffs to the residents of New Mexico is jobs. To date, the New Mexico Spaceport Authority has employed 973 New Mexicans. Furthermore, based on our business plan, we project approximately 500 jobs in the next 3 years and approximately 2,000 jobs by 2016. These jobs will be in every sector, from technical to service-related employment.

In addition to developing an operational spaceport, we are also developing a world-class visitor experience that will result in millions of tourism dollars to the state. Perhaps an even more significant aspect of the Spaceport’s Visitor Experience is the potential it offers in inspiring our students about the wonders of technology and motivating them to want to play an active role. The Spaceport’s Visitor Experience, slated to open in 2013, will be a place where students and adults can not only view an operational spaceport but also participate in space activities through immersive exhibits, interactive displays and other fun activities. We are already proud hosts to the New Mexico Space Grant Consortium’s annual student launch program. This past May we hosted over 800 students and teachers at Spaceport America. We hope to continue and broaden activities such as this one in the future.

New Mexico has a rich history of transportation innovation starting in the 1500s with the Camino Real trade route from Mexico City to Santa Fe, the introduction of the railroad to the region in the 1880s, and now the first commercial passenger spaceline. Spaceport America is a place where we honor the past but create the future. I am honored to be part of this exciting journey and look forward to you joining me on this fantastic ride….”

If you want to know how clueless Mitt Romney is when it comes to space exploration, there was a Q&A set up for he, Newt, and Tim Pawlenty.  Romney doesn’t get it, at all.

Liberals and Libertarians don’t get it.

Progressive Patriots

This is about jobs.  It is about money.  It is about the future.  If we are not


Newt is 100% right.  I don’t like the idea, either, but, if you are reading the trade pubs, and keeping track of what is going on at NASA, currently it is a disaster on life-support.

Daily Kos
Florida SpacerePort

You think Newt doesn’t know what he’s talking about?  This came out of Florida Today on Dec 11.

“…Perhaps the single biggest threat to the nation’s space program in the next decade is the repeated, rampant multi-billion dollar cost overruns that plague big NASA projects.

The senior leaders of NASA and its big contractors repeatedly deliver projects billions of dollars over budget and years behind schedule. And to add insult to taxpayers’ injury, they revise history to obscure the truth.

The James Webb Space Telescope, the scientifically important successor to Hubble Space Telescope, is going to somehow get support from Congress despite its explosive price tag, well documented mismanagement and half-decade launch delay.

Leaders from NASA and the contractors and scientists who would benefit from the project were brought before Congress this week to explain why the telescope is needed even though it’s grown in cost from $1.6 billion to $8.8 billion since the project started. (NASA can revise history all it wants to try to make it look like “only” a few billion dollars, but the public record on this one doesn’t lie and it’s extensive).

Scientists testified that the telescope is important, and they’re right. The nation should launch a successor to build on the work done by Hubble. And without citing evidence or specifics, they expressed confidence that NASA has cleaned up the project and will hit goals.

The top contractor, set to gain financially if the project continues, talked about how many jobs depend on the telescope and how it’s overcome technical hurdles. All true. The company contends the project will now remain on track.

NASA leadership testified that reassigning the managers who wrecked the budget and schedule has fixed the problems and that it is now confident that this time the project can come in on schedule and within budget. That’s after several major overhauls and billions of dollars in cost growth….”


Want proof?

NASA Watch
Space News

Newt is 110% correct.

Human Events

The left and libertarian right is going to use this issue to hammer Newt.  The problem is he is right and Romney is wrong. Romney doesn’t even believe in space exploration.  He’s about as into it as Barack Obama is.  The problem we’re dealing with right now is that the Dems, Romney Bots, and Ron Paul Bots are all on the attack.  I under stand the Dems and the Ron Paul Bots, but the Romney Bots are getting to be rather annoying.

We have a serious problem now with the GOP 2012 campaign.  Going at one another in a debate is fine.  When you start slamming candidates with material that is not quite true, but incredibly damaging, you are only helping re-elect Obama.

There are times when I think that is what the conservative punditry and libertarians want.