Vote for Me – I Can Win – and the Right Loves Me!


After his behavior today, if Romney is nominated, I will not vote for him.  He and his supporters in the media have crossed the line.  I’ve played in politics all my life and I’ve never seen anything this disgusting. I am heart-sick.  I don’t think there is a conservative in the media I have any respect for, today.  They’ve crossed the line.  Attacks are one thing, but what is going on among the conservative punditry is deplorable.  They are no different than Democrats.  FOX News has also crossed then line.- I’m Nasty Enough and the Right Loves Me!



Mitt Romney has NO business being POTUS, let alone a dog catcher.  I’ve never said this before, not seriously.  If he is nominated, and Gary Johnson decides to run as a libertarain, I suspect I will vote for Gary Johnson. He is a man of honor and integrity.  Mitt Romney and the people around him, including the far right talking heads, have none. We know that NRO has sacrificed all to prop up Mitt.

What is going on here?  Is Mitt Romney that disparate that they will do anything, including prevaricate in order to destroy Newt Gingrich (or anyone else who gets in his way)?  In the WPost, Marc A. Thiessen asks if Team Romney has lost its mind.  I agree.


Increasingly, it appears the only thing Mitt Romney has going for him is the mantra that he can beat Obama.  That’s it.

“…Republican primary voters have indicated they believe he’s an electable candidate against Obama, and some current polling bears that out. A new USA Today/Gallup poll shows Gingrich beating Obama in the 12 battleground states, 48 percent to 45 percent—just two points lower than Romney’s five-point lead. Gingrich would pose problems for Obama in Ohio and Florida, according to Quinnipiac polls released last week, though Obama holds a more-comfortable lead against Gingrich in Pennsylvania. (The NBC/Wall Street Journal poll, released Tuesday night, shows Gingrich trailing Obama, 51 to 40 percent.  Obama’s lead in the poll over Romney is just two points.)…”

There are several things going on here.

  • The WSJ Poll is not even registered voters
  • The reason there are problems in FL and OH is because Kasich has gone far too libertarian and Rick Scott is a disaster
  • Obama is going to be much more difficult to beat than we think he is
The Hill

“…Just one month ago, an ABC survey showed that 33 percent of GOP voters thought Romney was most electable, and just 5 percent thought Gingrich had the best chance against Obama. In other words, in just one month, Gingrich has seen a 53 percent gain on Romney in electability.

The ironic thing is that this perception of superior electability isn’t borne out by polls actually pitting Obama against the two GOP front-runners.

For example, Rasmussen, a GOP-leaning pollster, shows Romney performing 8 percent better than Gingrich in a general election.

More compellingly, a Purple Strategist poll of swing states has Romney performing better than Gingrich against Obama in three of four regions of the United States. Gingrich, for example, only managed a tie against Obama in Southern swing states, while Romney bested Obama everywhere else.

But if Romney has been polling better against Obama, Gingrich seems to have an electability card in his pocket that the former Massachusetts governor doesn’t: Republicans are salivating at the prospect of Gingrich taking Obama on in a debate. …”

Hot Air

You know what kind of a person someone is when the chips are down, and they are required to labor with their back against the wall.  I don’t think Mitt Romney is capable of behaving with a cool and level head.  If he is behaving this badly over Newt, what would he do over Iran?


The Caucus

Evidently only the punditry feels this way.

Business Insider

When Obama starts running the old Kennedy spots made against Mitt in 1994, he’s toast. It is that bad.  The Pink Flamingo has been telling you that Romney is far easier for Obama to defeat than Newt.

“...What’s more, Romney has been more careful than he was in 1994 about making sweeping claims about his job creation record. That year, Romney claimed credit for creating 10,000 jobs. Now, he’s far more cautious, speaking about his business record in general terms and acknowledging that it has its blemishes.

“My work led me to become deeply involved in helping other businesses,” Romney said in his June 2 announcement speech. “Sometimes I was successful and helped create jobs, other times, I was not.”

But even a handful of persuasive data points from his career at Bain and Bain Capital could be enough to tarnish Romney’s credibility on the economy. And the data is there: In 1992, Bain Capital purchased American Pad and Paper, which subsequently laid off 250 workers at an Indiana plant and rehired some after slashing their wages and retirement benefits.

The Ampad affair became the core of Kennedy’s 1994 ads against Romney. Kennedy’s team went out to Indiana and came back with footage of angry workers expressing frustration with Romney, with one saying on camera: “If he’s created jobs, I wish he could create some here, you know, instead of taking them away.”

“They were so powerful in their own words. The Romney campaign accused us of having scripted them, and we could truthfully say we hadn’t,” said Bob Shrum, Devine’s former business partner and another Kennedy adviser. “Romney running as the candidate who created jobs was over.”…”

What’s more, Newt has done his homework.  He didn’t need to go any farther.  It’s too bad the conservative punditry who believes Mitt is an easy win over Obama doesn’t bother doing theirs.