When Will Michele Bachmann Stop LYING About Newt?


The Pink Flamingo has it on very good authority that allegedly Michele Bachmann was so vicious and mendacious about an alleged politician that this person allegedly has allegedly simply walked away from politics – allegedly.  Her alleged mendacity is so well crafted that no one has the courage to stand up against her.  She repeatedly stretches the 9th Commandment to the point where she has shattered it.  There have been times when she has claimed to be Lutheran.   I did a little fact checking, contacting a friend who is Lutheran.  You don’t want to know her reaction!

We won’t even talk about the 11th Commandment!

On a personal note, I do not like people who misstate, prevaricate, and deal in half-truths, canards, and mendacity.  Aside from my childhood, when I was molested by a teacher/principal, the most harm done to me both personally and professionally is because of lies and liars.  I have absolutely no tolerance for them, or people who allow them to get away with the way they destroy and shatter lives.

Politi Fact

I can tolerate a lot of things, but people who manipulate and twist the truth the way Michele Bachmann does are, as far as I am concerned are worse than pond scum.  They not only hurt others, but they hurt them in ways that can hinder their faith, especially those who have just a little bit.  It’s like some alleged “Christian” group running ads that say that Newt supports partial birth abortion.  It is a damn lie.  They know it, but they are going with it anyway.

The Pink Flamingo is in the process of writing a devotional based on the hell 2o11 has been for me, personally.  I had to break in the writing of this post to go write my entry for the day.  I am not worried about Newt Gingrich.  I suspect he has his act together with Our Lord and Savior.  I worry about Michele Bachmann.  When a person claims to be a Christian, but repeatedly acts the way she does, I worry for her soul.  I know exactly what my mother would tell me.  If she’s making me crazy, I’m not praying enough for her.

Durn it!

The problem with people like Bachmann is they are so good at this sort of thing, that they become destroyers. When you add what people like Bachmann will do to other venues, good and decent men and women have their lives shattered.  I know of a young Obama voter who, on Thursday night, was swayed by Bachmann’s lies about Newt.  By her simple wording, she was able to back Newt into a corner on partial birth abortion.

“…”I want to state unequivocally, for every person watching tonight,” the former House speaker added. “I have never once changed my positions because of any kind of payment.”…”

Take Thursday’s debate.  NO ONE has the honesty to call her down for the outright lies she told about Newt Gingrich.  Instead, she is being hailed as having “won” the debate by some sources.  Very few dare to tell the truth about her.

“…As for Bachmann, she had a good evening as well, but made a couple of big mistakes. After scoring points on Gingrich on Freddie Mac, she overshot the mark by accusing Gingrich of trying to elect Republicans who back infanticide. Gingrich slapped back at Bachmann for not getting her facts straight, which has been a problem for Bachmann in the past. Even though Bachmann has regularly attacked other candidates for not telling the truth, at least as she sees it, she protested that her status as a candidate for President of the United States means that her facts are straight, and that it’s “outrageous” to suggest otherwise:…”

She is mincing words.  She gets away with it.  No wonder she worked for the IRS.

“…“You don’t need to be within the technical definition of being a lobbyist to still be influence-peddling with senior Republicans in Washington, D.C., to get them to do your bidding,” Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) said at candidate debate Thursday in Sioux City, Iowa. “And the bidding was to keep the grandiose scam of Freddie Mac going…”

She is outright lying about Newt in South Carolina.

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What sickens The Pink Flamingo so much is the fact that there is such hatred among many sources to the point where they refuse to hold Bachmann accountable for her actions.  Instead, they praise her.

“…Perhaps the most aggressive in going after Gingrich was Michele Bachmann who repeatedly hit him on issues related to his post-Speakership career ranging from his role in “advising” Freddie Mac to his position on partial birth abortion. On more than one occasion, Gingrich was rather condescending and dismissive of Bachmann and asserted that she wasn’t telling the truth, but Bachmann managed to hold her own and hit back pretty effectively. Bachmann’s one major mistake came during one of her exchanges with Gingrich in which she claimed that Politifact had judged all the claims she had  made about Gingrich in the previous debate as being true. Before the debate was even over, Politifact shot back with a post that gave her a “Pants On Fire” rating for that claim, and it’s pretty obvious that she was just making that one up. Bachmann is clearly a second-tier candidate at best, and likely to stay there, but she also has everything riding on the next two weeks and the outcome of the Iowa Caucuses, and she clearly knows it. I still don’t see her lasting very long past January 3rd simply because she doesn’t seem to have any support outside Iowa at this point, but she’s not going down without getting in a few punches at the frontrunner that may end up hurting him more than they help her….”

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The Fannie/Freddie thing is just another example of the way Bachmann attacks and the minions of the libertarian right stand up for her.

“…Gingrich attempted to dismiss her as wrong on the facts; she came back, rather defensively, saying she was a serious candidate and that her facts were accurate. Ron Paul and Rick Perry also chimed in with derisive comments about Gingrich’s work for Freddie Mac. Bachmann may or may not have advanced her own cause, but I think that she inflicted some damage on Gingrich, making it harder for voters to believe that he is the most principled and consistent conservative in the race….”

Daily Caller

The problem is Rick Lazio, who is supporting Mitt Romney, said Newt DID NOT lobby him, and he was the chairman of the committee handling Freddie/Fannie.

Campaign 2012

What does the Torah say about lying?

Legal Insurrection

“…So Olson founded the Columbia TEA Party — TEA for Taxed Enough Already — and started raising hell. By April 2010 he had organized a Tax Day rally that drew 1,000 conservative activists to the State House steps amid a sea of yellow “Don’t Tread on Me” flags.

A year and a half later, though, he resigned his position as chairman and abandoned Michele Bachmann, the presumptive tea-party-magnet presidential candidate. Instead Olson is a county campaign chairman for former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, someone he understands is a long-time Washington creature, a confirmed influence peddler and a politician who supported TARP.

Olson also remembers the moment he quit on Bachmann. It was Labor Day and he was sitting near the front row at the American Principles Project Palmetto Freedom Forum moderated by Jim DeMint in this early primary state. A moderator had just asked Bachmann to define the Fourteenth Amendment. As far as he was concerned she flubbed the question.

“That was one gaffe too many,” says Olson, a self-employed carpenter and hard-core Gingrich volunteer….”


In a comment on Politico, Dianne Belsom wrote the following:

“…This is totally false. Our Tea Party group in SC endorsed Newt recently, and I can assure you NO ONE in our group is paid, and I find such a suggestion completely insulting. I also am well aquainted with other groups in SC and Tea Party leaders, and NO ONE has been “bought.” Here is our Press Release: The Laurens County Tea Party has voted to endorse Newt Gingrich for President of the United States. One of the goals of our Tea Party group is to “restore our Constitutional Republic.” The very first step in doing this is voting Obama out. In spite of Obama earning the ranking of “worst president ever,” replacing him will still not necessarily be easy. Obama has powerful allies in the media, the backing of progressives such as Soros, and nearly 50% of the population dependent on the government dole. Laurens County Tea Party believes that Newt is the most electable conservative who can clearly articulate the Tea Party agenda of lower taxes, free enterprise, smaller government, and state sovereignty. We also believe that Newt will draw a clear contrast between his solutions and the failed, socialist policies of the Obama administration, which have resulted in a $15 trillion national debt, high unemployment, a weakening dollar, the downgrading of our credit rating from AAA to AA+, the appointment of two leftist and radical judges to our Supreme Court, the ramming through of the unpopular “Obamacare,” which the majority of Americans do not want, and the destruction of our Constitution and our liberties.

Newt is running a positive campaign, and we believe that the common-sense solutions he offers, his vast experience, his grasp of history, and his superior debate skills have led to his rapid rise in the polls. His 21st Century Contract with America is an inspiring document which offers every American hope for the future. Some of the positive solutions Newt offers are:
— repeal Obamacare.
— eliminate the Czars.
— repeal job-killing legislation.
— eliminate the capital gains tax and the death tax, and drop the corporate income tax to 12.5%.
— appoint judges who will uphold our Constitution and not legislate from the bench.
— balance the budget and pass a balanced budget amendment.
— control the border by 1/1/14 and establish English as the official language of the U.S.
— enforce the 10th amendment by starting an orderly transfer of power and responsibility from the federal government back “to the states, respectively, or to the people,” as the Constitution requires.

Our assessment overall is that Newt’s positions are definitely in line with our Tea Party values, and a conservative position in general (pro-life, supports traditional marriage, strong defense, etc.) We recommend that everyone read his 21st Century Contract with America, as well as his “Solutions,” which are found on his website, www.Newt.org….”


It makes you wonder what else she has lied about, and why the heck not ONE SINGLE conservative talking head will call her down for her deplorable behavior.  It is just like everyone gushing how she hammered Newt on Thursday with more of her misstatements – which are LIES.  She lied about Newt and his stand on partial birth abortion.  She is manipulating the Fannie/Freddie thing.  She is outright lying in South Carolina.

The whole point is 99% of conservative punditry has decided that Newt Gingrich is evil and must be destroyed.  They don’t care how. They don’t care why.  They don’t give a damn about right and wrong or they would stop pandering about his wonderful capitalist years at Bain Capital.  They only want to stop Newt.  They will destroy the GOP and get Obama re-elected in order to stop him.

I hope they can sleep at night.  Right now I can’t.  I’m sickened by what I see.  What are they doing to do when Obama takes out Romney with the Ted Kennedy ads about Bain?   They will defend Romney and Randian capitalism to their dying breath – or is it our country’s dying moments?

Let’s be honest here.  It’s all about getting Barack Obama re-elected.



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