PART III: The Wolf Crying On the Far Right


Up until a few weeks ago I was not excited about this POTUS race. I could have voted for Romney, Gingrich, Perry, or Huntsman – easily. That has changed. There is a single factor that has caused it to change and that is the gross unfairness of the conservative punditry and talking head industry.

The conservative punditry is absolutely refusing to see the greatness that can be part of this nation.  I keep thinking they really don’t want a Republican to win the White House.  If we get someone like Newt in office, they are going to be marginalized.  They don’t want to be marginalized.  They want to retain their power, no matter how badly they damage the country.


I do not like unfairness. I have never seen such vile and rank unfairness than I have these past few weeks to the point where it is causing me to re-think how I approach the so-called conservative world.  I will never again have respect them has a whole.  This comes as a shock to me, because there were a few people out there I did respect.

“...Gingrich, who faces the toughest criticism on the airwaves, had a conference call with reporters and planned to appear on CBS'”Face the Nation” on Sunday. As the Iowa vote neared, his decision to take the weekend off from campaigning raised eyebrows given his rivals’ busy schedules.

Gingrich has prided himself on a nontraditional campaign, but his advantages in the polls could shift if the only exposure to Gingrich comes through rivals’ negative ads. Paul last week released an ad accusing Gingrich of “serial hypocrisy” and Bachmann opened her bus tour on Friday suggesting that he was arrogant during this past week’s final debate before the caucuses…”

What shocks me is that Newbusters is one of the few sites/groups that will go out and defend Newt against the right and the left.


Ann Coulter and Jennifer Ruben will do just about anything to stop Newt Gingrich.  So will Roger Ailes and his little minions. Mark Steyn has made a fool of himself trashing Newt.   I’m surprised they don’t use this hit piece to go after him as an arms dealer or something.  Don’t worry, the pro-Romney punditry will soon try it.  I’ve come to the conclusion there is nothing they will not try, do, or say to keep Gingrich out of the White House, and re-elect Barack Obama. Then again, Jennifer Rubin is not even living on the same planet as the rest of us.

Daily Caller

Mark Steyn has lost all credibility.

“…“This is the problem for me,” he said. “People have deluded themselves that Newt is a conservative. He’s not. He’s kind of a big government – in a benign sense, I’m not comparing him with Mussolini – but he is a totalitarian in the sense that he believes in interconnected government solutions for everything. And what I find – that’s why the Freddie Mac thing is not a small point.”

And his payday from government-sponsored enterprise Freddie Mac “embodied” his assertion, Steyn explained.

“I mean it makes me physically nauseous how a guy can be Speaker of the House for four years then take a big office on K Street and be given $1.8 million by Freddie Mac for doing nothing,” he added. “Newt in that sense embodies the worst aspect of American public service.”

Not everyone is pleased about the National Review attack on the former House Speaker. CNBC’s Larry Kudlow, a National Review contributing editor, said he didn’t agree with the magazine’s editorial denouncing Gingrich and supporting consideration of Mitt Romney, Jon Huntsman, and Rick Santorum.

Also, on Thursday, Media Research Center president Brent Bozell, the nephew of National Review founder William Buckley, Jr., publicly stated his uncle would have been appalled by the bi-weekly magazine’s editorial….”

The far right is so delusional over Mitt, they never bother correcting anything he might get wrong.

“…When Romney falsely claims that Obama apologized for America, insinuates that we should find his values suspect, and implies that we should be vaguely suspicious intentions towards the country, it’s routinely treated a “part of the game.” Now that Romney has taken this line of attack to its ultimate conclusion, I’m not expecting the reaction to be any different….”

The most fun is the way Mitt has allowed Nikki Haley to endorse him. Would someone please explain to Mitt that Nikki is damaged goods.  I can see him picking her for VP.

FTS News

You don’t hear word one about Mitt’s mistakes – at least not from the right.


There are few pundits who are being as honest as Andrew McCarthy.

“…Nevertheless, if the Editors were enterprising enough, they could just as easily write a similar editorial, with the same tone of alarm, about, say, Governor Romney or Governor Huntsman. Their heresies, too, are notorious — and their explanations no more satisfying. I am not suggesting that such editorials be written — particularly with respect to Romney who, like Gingrich, would make a superb president. I am just saying that it could be done. For the Editors to single out Gingrich for this kind of raking — particularly when his accomplishments in government dwarf anything his rivals have managed to achieve — fails the test of judgment conservatives expect from National Review. The transcendent mission of our founder calls for explicating principled conservative arguments about the great issues of the day, not “winnowing” intra-GOP primaries. I appreciate, as Jonah Goldberg recounts, that the magazine has made endorsements in some prominent contests throughout its history. In this instance, however, we are talking about clearing a seven-person field — eliminating strong conservatives, preserving spots for two moderates (and one solid conservative who is a very long long-shot) — before a single vote has been cast….”

Then there is Ann Coulter.  She has become increasingly more bazaar, proving that she has no real standards or values, but we already knew that. She is just like all the other conservative pundits and talking heads.  As long as someone has been in business they are sacred.  Not long ago she said that we would lose if the candidate were Romney.  What I find fascinating is that these people, who talked a good conservative game, and damn those who aren’t perfect, are far less conservative that NORMAL people are!

“...Coulter began her argument by noting that the importance of this election is that the “treats” in Obamacare have yet to be implemented, such that it can be repealed without anyone losing any benefits from the legislation. “As soon as the treats kick in,” she asserted, “it will never be repealed.” She repeated her belief that Romney (and Rep. Michele Bachmann) were the most conservative candidates left, though didn’t believe Rep. Bachmann’s experience in the House was enough for a presidential run.

Hannity then played Coulter a clip of herself stating that, should Gov. Christie not run, “the candidate is going to be Mitt Romney and we’ll lose” at CPAC 2011 and asked, “what changed?” Coulter argued that her stance at the time was not a total 180º from the one she has now: “I didn’t say ‘I hate Mitt Romney’ and now I love him,” and defended herself by saying her prediction was “a lot better than everybody on MSNBC telling us it’s going to be Pawlenty.” “I now think Obama has a glass jaw,” she explained, and while she sometimes was a pessimist, she didn’t think President Obama’s strengths were as prominent as they were a year ago. She also argued that Romney had “proven ability to win in a state like Massachusetts,” while other candidates like former House Speaker Newt Gingrich were “the worst of both worlds”– the sort of talk that elevates “the image of Republicans being cruel, but you never get the policy.”

They are ignoring the fact that Mitt has a heck of a lot more problems than Newt does.  At least Newt did not destroy THOUSANDS of jobs.  That’s not going to play well for the GOP when Obama gets through with him.

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