PART IV: The Difference


Please pardon The Pink Flamingo for this constant series of posts about Newt Gingrich.  It’s not really about Newt Gingrich.  It’s about how nasty Mitt Romney becomes when cornered.  It’s also about how duplicitous the conservative media is in backing and defending him.

I was doing just fine until Ron Paul came out with that absolutely intellectually dishonest ad. Instead of pointing out that Paul had used a collection of reports from liberal news outlets, “everyone” mentioned how deadly effective the ad was.  Yea, it was effective.  It was also one of the most intellectually dishonest pieces of dribble I’ve seen come from an alleged Republican, to be used on a Republican.  I am still trying to comprehend the fact that alleged conservative pundits and talking heads did not see fit to correct Ron Paul.  Instead, they praised him.

Please, tell me how the heck you praise a bigoted, Anti-Semitic, white supremacist associating, anti-Hispanic person who doesn’t have much respect for anyone who isn’t lily white?  I wish someone would explain to me how a person like this is allowed to even take part in a Republican debate, let alone run for POTUS as a Republican and not be castigated for it.

Instead, the conservative punditry chooses to damn a good and decent person. That is why I am so angry.  We saw this a bit in 2008, when Mitt Romney was trying to throw everything possible at John McCain and Rudy Giuliani. We see it, repeatedly when many of these same individuals go after people like Lindsey.  There are a number of us who know that Mitt Romney does not play nice.  Hardball is one thing, but he plays slime ball.  I could tell you some anecdotal tales from the campaign trail, but no one would believe it, so why bother?

I don’t care if a person is biased.  Heck, I’m biased.  I do, though, try to be fair.  What I see here is gross unfairness.  I don’t care if every conservative talking head, pundit, and wannabe along with their grandmothers are supporting Romney.  What I do care about is the way they are treating not only Newt, but the other viable candidates. I expect this treatment from Democrats, not from conservatives.

Their support is so biased in favor of Mitt that they cannot see his problems and weaknesses.  All they can do is point out Newt’s problems to the point of destroying him, but they are ignoring what is a fatal flaw in Mitt   Romney. They are so darn certain that he is the only person who can beat Obama that they are ignoring the fact that there are a series of damning ads shot by the Kennedy campaign in 1994 that will utterly destroy the man in a general election.  They are looking at his work with Bain Capital with rose colored glasses, ignoring the fact that, when Obama finishes his Occupy Wall Street tap dance on him, he’s chopped liver.

We are starting to see the difference.  Mitt is getting all nasty, predicting the tea party will turn on Newt.  He can’t say much of anything nice about him.

ABC News

Now – check out Newt:

“…“I don’t think Newt needs to be president. I don’t believe he has an ambition to be president, in the sense of, ‘gosh, I’m so afraid to say the wrong thing,’” said Rick Tyler, a former Gingrich spokesman of more than a decade. “I just don’t think he has any anxiety at all about making a misstep that would lead to him diminishing in the polls. And that has served him very well, because that is exactly what the base is looking for at the moment.”

Added Tyler, “He’s just a blast to be around. It is just always fun to be around Newt. He lives life with such great enthusiasm. He tells great stories, and he loves movies, and he loves books.”

“I think this is the happiest I’ve ever seen Newt,” said Christina Martin, a former senior aide to Gingrich in the House. “He is firing on all pistons and having fun.”

Of all the differences between Gingrich and his chief rival, Mitt Romney, this might be the most telling: Where Romney is typically guarded and even tense on the campaign trail, Gingrich stumps with the exuberance of a man left for dead several months ago, who suddenly finds himself not just back among the living but leading in many polls. Unlike Romney, Gingrich guffaws in response to shouted questions (Any reaction to the Romney campaign calling you “irrational”?) and fires off his own snappy comebacks….”


2 thoughts on “PART IV: The Difference

  1. Newt cannot explain away Fannie/Freddie. Too bad. Love the guy but he’s spent a decade whoring around D.C. and other parts. Nothing illegal or particularly surprising about that… but it doesn’t look very good under a microscope once you reach for the POTUS ring.

    I’m enjoying my [second] fling with Newt, even though it’s obvious Mitt is the man I should marry.

    But I do agree, Mitt’s 8-year-old-girl hysterics are tedious and dangerous. He could wingnut and panic attack his way right out of a win.

  2. I think there is some Fannie/Freddie stuff we haven’t heard yet. From what I hear, Newt didn’t do anything wrong, other than consult, which, until recently was considered a reputable business.

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