Why Mitt Is Unelectable


You do realize one of the reasons the Obama Administration has promoted the Occupy Wall Street Movement is to use it against Mitt Romney next fall.

The way The Pink Flamingo feels today, the only way I would vote for Mitt Romney is if he were to take Condi or Newt for VP.  That’s it.  No other way.  He is liberal.  He is a disaster.  Fortunately, I won’t need to worry.  If he is nominated, my vote is not going to matter.  Mitt Romney is a looming disaster, not only for the White House, but the House and the Senate.

The far right hasn’t bothered to vet Romney.  Instead, they are doing nothing but damning Newt. I think they are doing so at their own peril. This photo alone, will help Obama run away with the White House.  I suspect it will also help us lose the House and not be able to take the Senate.

We won’t even discuss his flip-flopping on just about every possible issue, or the fact that there is a 1994 ad shot by the Kennedy campaign that will just about seal his fate.


The Big Lie is Gingrich would not do as well against Obama as Romney.

Race 4 2012

His top donors include the following.  I just find it rather interesting that his money is big bucks.

His top donations come from
1 Goldman Sachs
2 Credit Suisse Group
3 Morgan Stanley
4 HIG Capital
5 Barclays
6 Kirkland & Ellis
7 Bank of America
9 JPMorgan Chase & Co
14 Bain Capital
16 Wells Fargo
18 Citigroup

Think Progress

This type of thing does not help.

“…Governor Haley’s administration says jobs are on the way, but you can see from the Post and Courier’s list that jobs in recent hiring announcements will make up for about half of what has been lost to major layoffs in the last couple of years.

In other news from South Carolina, AP reports that Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital firm created jobs in that state and New Hampshire, before offshoring operations, laying people off, and taking profits in the millions. That was back in the 1980s, which is ancient history in a way. But ancient history sometimes counts — the New York Times reports today that  Mr. Romney continues making millions from the firm he left 13 years ago.  Governor Haley endorsed Mr. Romney last week…”


“…Holson Burnes had brought new jobs to Gaffney amid a downtrodden economy. It was no surprise when county development officials worked quickly to find a surrogate after Bain closed up shop. The local plant manager formed a small spinoff company and rehired about 20 to 30 workers.

In the end, Holson Burnes saved millions of dollars. Yet its squeeze on Gaffney was hardly unique.
Just as executives closed down operations here and sold its South Carolina factory to the Bic Corp., residents 900 miles away in Claremont, N.H., were preparing for the new jobs. The company said in spring 1992 that the expansion in Claremont “will allow us to focus our attention on our rapidly growing base” of products.

But the prospect of new jobs – similar to expectations in Gaffney – was short lived. Within seven months, Holson Burnes began issuing furloughs to half its Claremont employees. Even if things looked up, the company told its workers, it would not rehire most of its clerical or managerial staff.

Exact numbers of layoffs were never announced. Some workers estimated that 85 to 100 employees were affected, telling the local Claremont Eagle Times that entire departments had been “decimated.”

The cost-cutting continued at Holson Burnes. By 1992, the company manufactured nearly 75 percent of its photo frames overseas, according to documents filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. One of the company’s clock-making divisions also shipped work overseas from a Rhode Island plant.

But the business decisions didn’t come without risk or public scrutiny.

Two clockmakers sued Holson Burnes in U.S. District Court in August 1992, claiming executives convinced them to hold off on demanding $1.9 million in IOU payments so that Holson Burnes could pull its Cuckoo Clock Manufacturing Co. out of a financial tailspin. A judge dismissed the case three years later….”


There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with being a bottom feeding corporate shark.  It’s good money.  It is the Randian thing to do. You buy up a company that is marginal, bleed it dry, milking it for what it is worth for you and your henchmen, lay off a couple hundred workers and close the company.  What would Ayn Rand do – the very same thing.

The problem here is that to me there is something very tawdry about it.  If a company is going under, there is nothing that can save it.  A quick and merciful death is far better than lingering on life support.  But – to raid a company that could be saved, and, like a vampire, suck the life from it to enrich you and your staff is somehow just a little raunchy.  When hundreds of people lose their jobs, while you profit, and could have save the company, well that’s a little vile.

But – it is good capitalism.

It’s Ayn Rand at it’s best.

It’s good business – for the winner.  For the small company, the small mom and pop who have struggled to create something good for the community, who have grown and flourished, it is a disaster.  There is something not quite moral about it.  It may be ethical, but it’s not moral, not in my eyes.  Then again, I come from a small business background.

Once upon a time, small business was the backbone of the land.  I gather that is no longer the way things are.  Evidently big, soul-less corporations are the backbone of the country.

I’m not seeing it from here.  Then again, I think Wallyworld is the worst thing that has happened to America since they took the chocolate flavored Metrocal milkshake diet off the market. (It’s a family joke).



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  1. Have to agree with you that Mitt Romney is not electable as President, but then are any of the candidates that the Republicans are touting in this Primary electable? I mean come on, Newt Gingrich has so much baggage he needs a cart to push it around…three marriages for a “Family Values” candidate, with less than honorable circumstances concerning his abandonment of the first two. Then there is his being chased out of his position as Speaker of the House. Rick Perry toasted his own goose, self imploded almost as soon as he came on the stage.

    My guess…Obama will be re-elected, and if Boehner continues doing Big Energy and Lobbyist business instead of the peoples business, look for the Democrats to take back control of the house. Oh…and lets stop that lie about “Let’s not tax the job creators”.

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