Did Arpaio’s Goons Nearly Murder a Vet This Weekend?


Did some of Sheriff Joe’s goons taser a Hispanic vet to death the other night?  That is what is being said.  Ernest “Marty” Atencio  was off his meds. He was arrested for disorderly conduct, which was changed to assault.  During the the process Sheriff Joe’s goons tasered him.  He is brain dead.  The family will probably remove him from life-support this week.

“…Manning is a high-powered Phoenix lawyer with a history of winning major lawsuits against Arpaio. In 2000, he scored an $8.25 million settlement in a wrongful death case against the Maricopa County sheriff. In 2006, he and his team won a $9 million verdict in another wrongful death case against Arpaio.

There are still more questions than answers about what happened to Atencio after his arrest. Phoenix police said they took him to jail Thursday night after he was seen kicking on the door of an apartment and then harassing a woman walking down the street.

Officers arrested Atencio on suspicion of assault, processed him and took him to the Maricopa County jail for holding. At the jail, however, Atencio began struggling with officers from both Phoenix and Maricopa County law enforcement, according to statements by both agencies.

Neither department has detailed exactly what happened during the struggle. But doctors later determined he had been shocked at least four times with a Taser, according to the family’s attorney. The sheriff’s office said Atencio was soon put into a cell by himself and the jail’s medical staff discovered him unresponsive a short time later. (His booking mugshot is below.)…”

What role does the GOP have in this?


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They need to completely denounce Joe Arpaio and kick him out of the party. Find me one single Republican leader who has the courage to stand up and tell the world what an evil man Arpaio is.  Just one.  I dare you to.

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Naturally Sheriff’ Joe’s people say it never happened.

“...He described his brother as being “viciously” Tasered by jail staff, causing Marty Atencio’s heart attack and subsequent death.

“They did it so brutally that they put him into cardiac arrest,” an angered Mike Atencio related. “And then they threw him in a cell. So after they killed him, they threw him in a cell to sit.”

This contradicts the MCSO’s slithery semantics from Friday, where the agency claimed Marty Atencio not die in MCSO custody.

“What’s keeping him alive is the hospital function and the life support,” Mike Atencio told me. “Without the life support he would die instantly because he was dead before it even started.”

Atencio said he was not sure if the family will have to make the ultimate decision to remove him from that life support today.

He wants the world to know that his brother was “the most patriotic guy on the planet,” a military vet, proud of his country. He also described his brother as having “special needs,” and said his brother’s medication for his illness was “not balanced” at the time he was arrested.

The MCSO had interacted with Atencio’s brother on minor violations in the past, and should have had record of his problems. That’s assuming they cared to check.

His voice breaking, Atencio pointed the finger at the current political climate in Arizona, also noting Arpaio’s pattern of racial discrimination as detailed in the recent report from the U.S. Department of Justice.

In the eyes of “Arpaio and his staff,” his brother was, “just another [Hispanic],” according to Atencio.

“But not to the city of Phoenix,” said Atencio, his voice breaking. “To the city of Phoenix, he was a fine American Latino.”…”

The sheriff who allowed dozens of pedophiles and rapists to go free because he was too blasted busy harassing Hispanics says it is all a plot by Obama to be re-elected.  It has now reached a point where even John McCain and John Kyl are concerned about Sheriff Joe.

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“…Sheriff Joe Arpaio said Friday that the Justice Department’s extensive three-and-a-half-year probe of his Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office was all just part of a bid for President Obama to win the Hispanic vote in 2012, even though the investigation began five months before Obama was even elected.

Responding to the Civil Rights Division’s findings that Arpaio “promoted a culture of bias” within the MCSO where detention officers called Latino inmates “wetbacks” and “Mexican bitches,” Arpaio took to Fox News on Friday afternoon to criticize Assistant Attorney General Thomas Perez for opening up DOJ’s Thursday press conference with the words “buenos dias.”

Arpaio also claimed he’d “been working with the Justice Department” even though he refused to turn over documents he was legally required to disclose for over a year. He called DOJ’s announcement a “sneak attack” even though the preliminary investigation into the MCSO was opened in June 2008.

Arpaio said his office “took care of” a “couple isolated incidents” of deputies pulling over Hispanic residents without cause, even though DOJ’s report found Latino drivers were four to nine times more likely to be pulled over….”

Joe Arpaio has the worst record of racial profiling in US history.  Only someone who lived on another planet would need the DOJ to tell them that.  Then again, because we are dealing with the Obama Administration, there are those who will think this is just a way for Obama to destroy another “Good” conservative.

“…It doesn’t change anything. I do like certain parts of that new law, but I’ll tell you one thing, we’ve been doing it under two other state laws. We have two other state laws, one is the employer sanction that the Supreme Court ruled in our favor. So, it’s not going to change anything I’m doing, regardless of what that decision is….”

Evidently Arpaio has not been informed of the elections results where his racist little crony, Russell Pearce was kicked out of office a few weeks ago.  Even in AZ such things can happen!

It’s like Paul Babeu.  He says the timing is to distract from fast and furious.  Then again, Babeu has problems of his own.


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From the DOJ Report:

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