Pathetically Tone Deaf


The Republicans in the House are so pathetically tone deaf they are killing our chances of retaining the House in 2012. It is one thing to stand on principle and another thing to allow the party to go down in pyrrhic victory.  They are blowing it.  Their immature, unreasonable arrogance is going to be their downfall.

Let’s be honest here.  Eric Cantor comes off as an arrogant Jerk.  Paul Ryan (he who must not be criticized) has been turned into a tone-deaf demigod by the talking heads.

“…It’s worth appreciating the fact that the Speaker of the House — the office, not this individual — isn’t supposed to be nearly this politically feeble. It’s a very powerful office, historically wielded by dominant, respected politicians.

Boehner, at least on a historical level, appears almost pathetic after one year on the job. Early on, the Speaker told his caucus not to take the debt ceiling hostage, and his members ignored him. In April, his caucus told him his negotiations over a budget agreement weren’t right wing enough, nearly forcing a government shutdown. Over the summer, Boehner wanted a “grand bargain” with President Obama on debt reduction, and his Republican followers rejected it out of hand. Over the weekend, the Speaker supported a bipartisan agreement on extending the payroll tax break, and his members again told him they don’t care what he thinks….”

John Boehner is made to look hapless because there are far too many overlords and no one who realizes that not everyone can have everything the want all the time.


Unfortunately, the only word to use for them is stupid.  Stupid is as stupid does, and they are stupid stupid stupid. Please, try finding another expletive that explains their – stupidity?

The Hill

Are they so stupid they don’t comprehend that the American People are being literally squeezed to death at the pump.  We need that Keystone Pipeline.  BUT – they are so damn set on not extending the payroll tax relief thingie that they appear not to give a rip about what is going on out in the real world.

The Hill

You would think, with one of the most pathetically incompetent presidents we have had – ever, the Republicans in the House would be able to – just once – get their act together and do something that might make them look good, instead of the stupid idiots they appear to be?

What ever are they thinking – or are they?

Think Progress

Their actions, while well intended are ruining not only the GOP, but the country.  They need to be dealing with the Keystone Pipeline, which is in the Senate Bill, but oh, no, they must grandstand for their over-lords.

Hot Air

Evidently, even when purchasing a more libertarian House, the libertarian over-lords who have all the money in the world to throw around, really do get what they paid for, God Help Us All!


Repeat after me, Speaker Pelosi, Speaker Pelosi, Speaker Pelosi!

There is a time to stand on principle and a time to use a little wisdom.  If the Republicans in the House had .05% of Solomon’s wisdom, we might be in a heck of a lot better shape.

It’s not wanting to do what is right, it is the tone-deaf abjectly stupid they way they go about it.  There are ways to get what you want and win the game along with it.  Too bad the GOP in the house is still living in the Stone Age and not the Digital Age.