The Dead Elephant Society Does It Again!


Why is Grover Norquist silent on this one?  The House Republicans appear to be in a position to “raise” taxes, and he’s not saying much of anything.

To they give out awards for House Republicans being stuck on stupid?  Doesn’t the following screen shot say it all?  Do they even care how badly they are damaging our chances in November.  Quite frankly, the way it looks today, who the heck would want to run for POTUS?  We’re going to be slaughtered – not by the Dems, but by the abjectly stupid Republicans in the House.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to Speaker-Elect Pelosi.  They are damaging the GOP that badly.

One suspects they really don’t care.

The Hill

The Pink Flamingo loves comedy.  I like slapstick comedy.  A great one, if you’ve not seen it, is the 1991 star filled, Soap Dish.  In the film, Sally Field plays a character that is a take-off on Susan Lucci.  She is the leading soap queen.  When she is down in the dumps, or needs a ratings boost, she would go to a large shopping mall with her best friend, and head writer, Whoppi Goldberg.  Whoopi would make a big deal about seeing her, and she would spend an hour or so being adored by her public.

I mention this, because, when I was listening to a clip of John McCain this morning on CNN, he mentioned Obama and Bo and their shopping.  He and Bo provide comic relief for the argument, and get all the good press, while the House Republicans get the blame.

“…The rebellion of the Tea Party faction of the Republican Party in the House has once again snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. Two weeks ago we wrote that inclusion of the Keystone XL pipeline language in the “payroll tax cut” bill had been a neat bit of jiu-jitsu that gave Congressional Republicans at least a chance to stop their erosion in public opinion polls. We neglected to take into account two things: theology and acting out.

Einstein once wrote: “Only two infinite things exist: the universe and stupidity. And, I am unsure of the universe.”

To summarize: apparently Boehner on behalf of his caucus made a deal with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell for a two-month extension of the payroll tax cut, unemployment insurance for long-term unemployed, and reversal of an impending 27% cut in reimbursement under Medicare for health care providers. The Senate passed the bill, 89-10, and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid closed down shop for the year.

Conventional wisdom, and apparently the Speaker, forecast passage of the bill in the House. Both were wrong.

The damage to the Republican brand is profound. Tax cuts, energy independence, good-paying jobs was a message that had started resonating for the GOP. Pressure for quicker approval of the Keystone XL pipeline and its promise of another real step toward independence from oil from the Middle East began to divide the Democratic Party. Keeping Medicare reimbursement at current levels removed a possible attack line in 2012 campaign advertising. Unemployment Insurance expiration will only apply to the long-term unemployed, but the room for mis-understanding, reinforced once again by campaign messages, is huge….”

How abjectly stupid can the House GOP be?  They are out of their minds.  Not only have the lost the war of public opinion, they’ve betrayed John Boehner.  They make Obama look good, playing into his hands.

Just look at this: