Christmas List (or) What Do You Get a Wookie for Christmas?


This time of year, every blogger and their chipmunk try to out do one another trying to impress with how religious they are.  This  has been a very long year – probably the worst in my life.  I’ve spent so much time in prayer, and working on a devotional, that I don’t feel the need to impress anyone with my religiosity.

Lighten up.  Stop fighting the war for Christmas.  We’ve won.  That’s why they are fighting us.  Just sit back and live and let live. Give the dog a chewie bone and let the cats open another stocking.  Give them some recreational drugs

The Lord wants us to laugh and be happy.  He wants praise and thanks.


This year my family is dealing with the knowledge that my father has Alzheimer’s.  We are fortunate because we know what is coming.  My sister and I are the lucky ones.  We are well aware this could be the last Christmas he is really with us.  The medication he is taking is doing great.  He seems to be better now that he was a year ago, but the disease is still there.  We know our time with him is limited, so we are making the most of it.   Everyone should be so fortunate!

What is your favorite movie that has something to do with Christmas?

  1. The Man Who Came to Dinner
  2. While You Were Sleeping
  3. Desk Set
  4. Giant
  5. Christmas Vacation
  6. Donovan’s Reef
  7. Bachelor Mother
  8. Meet John Doe
  9. The Thin Man
  10. The Lion in Winter


What is your least favorite Christmas film?

  1. It’s a Wonderful Life
  2. A Christmas Carol (any version)
  3. You’ve Got Mail
  4. Home Alone
  5. Home Alone 2
  6. Sleepless in Seattle
  7. Nutcracker (any version)
  8. Scrooge (any version)
  9. Any cartoon
  10. A Christmas Story


So, you wanna know what my favorite Christmas movie music is?

One of my favorite pieces of Christmas music?


The single worst Christmas moment ever – Bea Arthur in the Star Wars Holiday Special.  I still have flashbacks about it.  And – I found it!

Speaking of Star Wars, one of my all time favorite Christmas crazy songs is….

And this is a whole ‘nother story, not for the faint of heart!