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“…But what has not been reported is that in the only other presidential primaries in which Virginia required 10,000 signatures (2000, 2004, and 2008) the signatures were not checked. Any candidate who submitted at least 10,000 raw signatures was put on the ballot. In 2000, five Republicans qualified: George Bush, John McCain, Alan Keyes, Gary Bauer, and Steve Forbes. In 2004 there was no Republican primary in Virginia. In 2008, seven Republicans qualified: John McCain, Mike Huckabee, Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, Rudy Giuliani, Fred Thompson, and Alan Keyes….”

BREAKING:  There is a rumor out of Virginia that Ron Paul’s signatures may not qualify, either.  If both men are not subjected to the very same requirements, then something very dirty is going on here.

UPDATEWould someone like to explain why Rick Perry had no less than 1,911 signatures thrown out as unqualified to be on the Virginia GOP ballot?  He submitted 11,911 names.  Newt Gingrich submitted 11,050 names.  At least 1,050 names were tossed.  Yet, Mitt Romney, who submitted perhaps 4,000 more will not even have his subjected to a confirmation process?

Yet, FOX is damning Newt as incompetent, while not mentioning the rest of the story.  The Election Law Blog says the problem is NOT the candidates but the rules.   This is the dirtiest Republican election I’ve ever seen. FOX is part of the problem.  The whole process is being used, now to destroy Newt’s campaign.

I’m sorry, but THIS should not be used to damn either Perry or Gingrich


ORIGINAL POST:  To say I’m mad is not quite framing the disgust I have for what is going on in the GOP.  The event in Virginia are appalling.  The Pink Flamingo is hearing that there a number of people who are abjectly furious.  I have been told, by a source, that, when the signatures were verified neither representatives of the Perry or Gingrich campaigns were on hand to view the process.  The Chairman of the VRP has said that neither Romney nor Paul will have their signatures subjected to scrutiny because they  had submitted about 15,000.

Something dirty this way comes!  This is NOT the last you will see on this subject.  My sources are telling me this is not over, not at all.  From what I gather, neither the Paul Campaign nor the Romney Campaign are being held to the same scrutiny as are Gingrich and Perry.  To The Pink Flamingo this reeks of favoritism, corruption, and the abject lack of credibility on the part of the GOP in Virginia.  Naturally, because the “fix” is allegedly in for Romney within the RNC, don’t look for Reince Priebus to lift a finger to bother doing what is right and honorable.

How difficult is it to qualify for the VA GOP primary?  A well-known attorney in the state wrote:

“…Want a sense of how next-to-impossible this is?  I know top-flight Virginia political consultants who turned down lucrative petition project contracts from presidential campaigns because they did not think it could be done….”

Is the fix “in” for Mitt Romney?  The Pink Flamingo is hearing rumblings from political operatives all over the country that the RNC wants Mitt.  According to Moe Lane, there are rumblings, but no evidence.

Let’s stop blaming the victim and start pointing fingers where they need to be pointed.  The reason Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry did not get on Virginia’s primary ballot is because the Virginia Republican Party is FOR THE FIRST TIME, getting a little tacky about technical things.  Of course they’ve already cleared Mitt Romney and Ron Paul.

Rick Moran wrote:

“…Still, Virginia’s ballot process is too difficult – especially given that the primary is still 3 months away. The fact that some candidates may be trailing today does not mean their position is set in stone. A lot can happen in three months and Virginia is going to miss out on a good primary contest because of their overly stringent ballot access requirements….”

If it were only Newt or Rick being booted off the ballot, I would not be complaining, but with both of them off it, to me there is something nasty going on in Virginia.  Naturally, everyone is complaining about Newt’s campaign being incompetent.


There are any number of conspiracy theories emerging.

Red State

“…The current defenses to all of this are “rules are rules” and “any campaign that couldn’t follow them are by definition poor campaigns:” I will leave it to the individual reader to decide just how either argument will play in, say, Peoria; I am frankly of the opinion that the above defenses are well-suited towards reassuring Romney and/or Paul voters – and will do very little to persuade the other 60-65% or so of likely Republican primary voters.

But since I’m telling Mitt Romney what won’t help his situation, it kind of behooves me to tell him what might.

There is one good way for the Romney campaign to get at least a little distance between themselves and the situation, and it involves the number of signatures.  The VA GOP required 10K signatures (with 400 from each district); but they also declared that anyone who brought in 15K (with 600 from each district) would not need to have those signatures verified.  If I was advising the Romney campaign right now, I would be telling them to publicly go to the VA GOP and make arrangements to have Romney’s votes certified anyway.  This would allow them to simultaneously show evidence that the campaign had nothing to hide and to subtly reinforce the point that they got all of these signatures in the first place.  Doing this will not kill the rumors, but it’ll provide a better defense than “the rules are the rules.”…”

Or – is there a problem in Virginia?


There’s something dirty going on here.



Ballet Access News has additional information on the problems in Virginia and why it is NOT a problem of Newt’s organizational failure.  Of course you won’t hear this on FOX.

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