Has the GOP No Pride?


It gets worse and worse.  Why the heck would anyone even consider subjecting themselves to the constant indignities by running for office?  It is getting so nasty out there that it is just plain insulting.  One wonders does the GOP (as in RNC) have any remaining pride?  If they did, Ron Paul would be History.  Virginia would be given an attitude adjustment.  And – the candidates would be required to play nice.

As far as playing nice, who gives a rip about Newt’s divorce!  I’m so sick of hearing about perfect families I could go postal.  There are NO perfect families, only parents who are delusional. Those who make fun of a candidate who has been divorced more than once are living in a fool’s paradise. To suggest that someone has a character flaw because of more than one divorce and a girl-friend or two is insulting to at least 50% of the nation.  To even bother suggesting that divorce does not effect at least half of the families in this country is also delusional.  If marital stability was a precursor to a successful presidency, then the pundit or candidate who suggests this is also delusional.  Want a list?

I don’t know who is worse, the chattering pundits who are so determined to stick to their pathetic choice or good and decent men and women who must go out and prostitute themselves in song and dance to get elected to the most important job in the history of humanity. The process is not in keeping with the importance of the job. Then again, perhaps that is good. It is not a good idea for people to become to top-lofty (an old term that is perfect here) that they forget they rise and fall at the alleged will of ‘we the people’.

It looks like all those lovely little Stormfront neo-nazis are starting to come out of the woodwork to support Ron Paul – true to form!

Catholic Bandista

Have you noticed The Pink Flamingo is not doing a special post on Ron Paul and his white supremacist, Stormfront, Neo-Nazi little friends?  What’s the use?  A number of us have been telling you about this for years.  At least someone is finally noticing.  Now, let’s see how long it takes to connect FAIR, Numbers USA, John Tanton, Social Contract Press, Roy Beck, and NRO’s Mark Kirkorian to the same bunch of people.

Pat Dollard

The love affair the right is currently having with business, businessmen, and the fact that they can do no wrong, is increasingly disgusting.  Business – corporations are NOT people.  They are entities.  The only reason someone like Mitt Romney and his increasingly mindless minions of punditry are promoting this is to promote Romney.  They cannot explain their love affair with him any other way.  He is a fake.  If they cannot see through him, then they, too are fakes.  It’s that simple.  Then again, if Dan Riehl is correct, and I suspect he is, Romney bought and paid for these people.

“…Krugman concludes by predicting that Romney will face “no real penalty for running an utterly fraudulent campaign,” which will only encourage more dishonesty.

As regular readers might imagine, I strongly agree with all of this. The only point I’d add is that it’s ultimately going to be up to reporters and major news organizations to decide whether a campaign built on deliberate deception is allowed to thrive.

We talked earlier, for example, about Romney lying about President Obama’s record on job creation. It was a rather casual lie, but it was a demonstrably false claim about the nation’s most important issue. The former governor made the claim in an interview with Time’s Mark Halperin, who not only chose to let the lie slide, but passed along Romney’s bogus argument to the public with no scrutiny or fact-checking at all….”

The Pink Flamingo has come to the conclusion that the men and woman running for POTUS have no pride in themselves.  If they did have some, they would refuse to continue to allow the media, both left and right, make abject fools out of them.

Then again, the pundits on the right, who are sticking with someone who can beat Obama, Ron Paul could poll 25% of non-white votes.  If  you use the reasoning of the NRO, Coulter, Will, Steyn, etc, then Ron Paul’s your man.

I am disgusted with Rick Perry for pandering to Joe Arpaio.  I’m also disgusted with him for the negative ads he’s running against Newt.  I thought Perry was a real Christian, as opposed to the cheep, ten cents version of Christianity Michele Bachmann peddles.  Evidently I am wrong.

I find it refreshing to watch someone who says they are a Christian trying to act like one.  It also proves, in the GOP, when dealing with “Christian” conservatives, it helps to behave like the devil and his minions, not to practice the Sermon on the Mount the way Newt is trying to do.  Dan Riehl believes Ron Paul is deliberately trying to hurt Newt out of revenge for the 1996 election.  He could be right.  It’s the kind of thing the nasty little jerk would do.

“…And Newt has made an interesting decision: He doesn’t have the money to respond to Romney, Paul and Perry–the sources of the negative ads–and so he’s taken the high road. His other option would have been to open up on his opponents with half-crazed Gingrichian hyperbole–the sort that he’s lavishing on “Saul Alinsky radical” Barack Obama. The problem is, that would have only reinforced his image as a nasty pol, dragging down the others while leaving him in tatters. Instead, he’s cleaved to the 11th Amendment, speaking ill of none of his opponents, except when “they get my goat and I slip up,” and has cleverly chosen to go extreme on issues–like the federal judiciary and the Iranian nuclear program–that will have resonance with Christian conservatives….”

Now it’s Santorum’s turn to be a front runner.  Are the gods of the media – those who giveth and those who taketh away, going to allow him to have his moment to shine?  The poor man means well, but he doesn’t have the brains the Good Lord gave a gnat.

“…In 2004, the House voted 414-1 for a resolution celebrating the 40th anniversary of the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Paul not only voted no but gave a speech arguing that the act should never have been enacted. Employers who wish to discriminate against blacks, in his view, should be free to do so. A federal government that claims the power to override their decisions, he said, could also impose racial quotas. “Relations between the races have improved despite, not because of, the 1964 Civil Rights Act.”

Most of Paul’s fellow libertarians are excited that he is doing well in the polls in Iowa, and hope that more Americans will be exposed to their political philosophy. But as Paul’s record on civil rights suggests, more familiarity with his brand of libertarianism won’t necessarily lead to much more support — for him or for his cause.

Libertarianism is a political philosophy based on the minimization of coercion, with government limited fairly strictly to the prevention of force and fraud. Both prostitution and insider trading would be legal in a libertarian society. But libertarians sometimes have fierce internal splits, and not all of them support Paul….”

Then there is Ron Paul.  If there the GOP were honest and honorable about things, they would have pulled the plug on Dr. Demento months ago.  They way they have allowed this bigoted, senile, earmark-loving, white supremacist loving jerk to get away with what he has is puzzling.  It always has been.  If there was any decency in the RNC, they would have pulled the plug on Ron Paul and allowed Gary Johnson to be treated decently.  The way he has been treated is deplorable.

Michele Bachman is a disgrace to the role of women in politics. There are times when The Pink Flamingo thinks women have no business in politics or anywhere else in the grown up world.  During Thursday’s night debate, Michele Bachmann played dirty.

Unfortunately, women are held to a higher standard in some lines of work.  If you want to be taken SERIOUSLY in the political world, or any other part of the world, you play by men’s rules.  Not only must you play by them, but you must play the game better than they do.

When a woman does what Bachmann did to Newt, and attacked, repeatedly, then acted like the poor pitiful woman when he stood up for himself, she degraded herself.

If you are going to play with the big dogs, and lie, you’d better be expected to be called down on your lies.  Newt Gingrich, unlike other Republican males, did not turn tale and run away, letting her get away with her Lake Woebegone version of Scarlet O’Hara.

W Examiner

When it comes to Mitt Romney, the pandering conservative class has made fools of themselves launching a person who has so much potential baggage he cannot possibly be elected.  Now that Newt has a superpac of his own, Mitt wants to get rid of them.

Hot Air

I think Steve McCann sums it up, nicely.

“…There is an old adage that confession is good for the soul, perhaps, but I must also confess to some confusion.

Mitt Romney is described by Ann Coulter as “the one true conservative left in the race,” and much of the conservative chattering class has overtly or tacitly endorsed him for president.  Yet he stubbornly defends RomneyCare (the precursor to ObamaCare), he has, in the past, described himself as a moderate and progressive, he was for abortion before he was against it, he claims to believe in man-made global warming, he raised taxes every year and increased annual spending much higher than the inflation rate during his tenure as Massachusetts governor, he has a well-earned reputation for “changing his mind” on many issues, and he has been very muted in his criticism of Barack Obama.

Is this now the pundit class and establishment version of conservatism?  Is Mitt Romney the epitome of an acceptable “conservative”?  Apparently so.  That being the case, I cheerfully accept the verdict of the conservative cognoscenti that I am not a “true” conservative….”

By saying he will not release his tax returns, Mitt has basically surrendered to Obama.  This man cannot stand up under the scrutiny of the Dems in a general election campaign.