He Who Must Not Be Criticized


It is terribly important to be Mitt Romney this year. It is incredibly important because no one dares criticize him.  You see, Mitt Romney is the hand picked darling of Roger Ailes, Rupert Murdock, Karl Rove, Charles Krauthammer, Ann Coulter, etc. etc. ad nauseum.

“...Whatever the case, Romney looked the part (of the front-runner) and put on a steady performance in what has been an uneven week for him. On the one hand, he hasn’t had any catastrophic problems and his institutional support seems to be gaining by the day, as the Republican establishment continues to rally around him.

But on the other hand, there have been glimpses of the Romney voters tend not to like. Always eager to go negative, Romney likened Gingrich to Lucille Ball. (The most striking attack from the Romney camp actually came two weeks ago. With things looking bleak for Romney at the caucuses, John Sununu, one of the campaign’s top surrogates, trash-talked Iowa, saying, “Iowa picks corn and New Hampshire picks presidents.” It’s one thing to attack rival candidates; it’s another to go after actual voters.)…”

He is making fun of Newt tearing up with discussing his mother and their battle with Alzheimer’s.  I suggest Mitt not go there.  Then again, does this man have any sort of human feelings other than robotic disdain for anyone he things is less important that he is?

The Politico

There are so many internal rumors, some of which I am seeing play out, in a nasty way.  Nothing matters but the fact that Romney is “electable”  according to insiders in DC.  It is okay for Romney to have an abortion stand that blows in the wind, but as William Jacobson states, Bachmann nearly destroyed Newt for his less than pure, 98% anti-abortion rating. Why is no one going after him?

“...Gingrich’s opponents were quick to pile on after he became the front-runner in December. A super PAC supportive of former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney carried out a sustained assault on Gingrich’s record, saying the former House speaker “has more baggage than the airlines.”

Other candidates, like Texas Gov. Rick Perry and Texas Rep. Ron Paul, produced ads that slammed Gingrich for being a Washington insider who was paid to influence votes after he left Congress. Gingrich has denied those charges.

The amount of negative advertising against other candidates doesn’t come close to the level of strikes against Gingrich. Romney, who has been running near the front of the pack in Iowa for months, has been negatively targeted in only 20% of the ads. Ten percent of the ads in Iowa have been pro-Romney, paid for by his campaign.

Even in ads attacking Romney, the focus was on multiple candidates, as in a recent Perry spot accusing him and several other GOP hopefuls of being career politicians. Ads pegged to Gingrich’s record have tended to focus solely on him….”

Remember when the right castigated Donald Trump for making birther remarks?  Obviously when one of Mitt’s sons do it, that’s not a problem.  After all, Mitt Romney is He Who Must Not Be Criticized.


None of this makes sense.  It also showed the abject lack of wisdom shown by the conservative punditry putting their hopes on someone who is completely unelectable.

Legal Insurrection
Legal Insurrection
The Hill

The importance of being Mitt Romney is you can get away with just about anything, and no one is going to hold you accountable.

Hot Air

Evidently the media has decided that Newt is unstable and should be treated with contempt, which is what they are doing with his new ad. The real irony here is he is saying nothing that we’ve all not been saying. Only, because Newt is saying it, and he isn’t Mr. Perfection, there is something wrong with what he is saying. The problem is, most of the conservative world has sold out to Mitt Romney. You rarely see well written pieces like the one Peter Ferrara wrote for Am Spectator.

But, because Mitt Romney is THE Fox and Friends chosen messiah to deliver Roger Ailes more viewers by keeping Barack Obama in office, everything he does and says is just honkey dorey.

“…“There are a lot of details of ‘Romneycare’ that are unacceptable,” Gingrich said Tuesday on CNN. “And the difference between me and Romney is I’ve concluded — and I’m prepared to say publicly — I’ve concluded, just as the Heritage Foundation did, that the idea didn’t work. Romney’s still defending the mandate that he passed.”…”

“…Mitt Romney has made the mistake of twitting Newt’s campaign for comparing its failure to get on the ballot in Virginia to “Pearl Harbor.” “I think it’s more like Lucille Ball at the chocolate factory,” Romney tells reporters with a laugh.

Uh-oh. This somewhat oblique reference to incompetence causes a new eruption from Mount Newt. Newt challenges Romney to a 90-minute debate in Iowa where, Newt says, “I want to see him say that to my face.”

“If you want to attack people,” Newt says, “at least be man enough to own it.”

At least be man enough.

Newt also accuses Romney “of paying for abortions with state money,” but that is nothing compared to the “man enough” attack. Newt has promised to stay positive, but his being able to do so has severe limits.

Romney is not a real man, Newt is saying, because he attacks people via television rather than in person. (That Newt is engaging in precisely the same behavior is neither here nor there.)

A Romney spokesman dismisses the eruption as another sign that Gingrich has “had a really bad week.”
A Paul spokesman says it is a sign of Newt’s “frustration from his floundering campaign.”

But is Newt floundering? From mid-November to mid-December, a series of polls taken in Iowa showed Gingrich in first place. Three recent polls taken here show him in third place.

Could this be because the attack ads by Romney and Paul have taken their toll? Could be, but there are so many warring ads on Iowa TV these days, that it is hard to believe anyone is taking them very seriously. Just trying to follow them all puts one at the risk of whiplash….”

A Most Exemplary life

Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect. Matthew 5:48

One reasons John Hinderaker is endorsing Mitt Romney for POTUS is because he has led an exemplary life. Just the very thought sticks in my craw. It is insulting. It is degrading to anyone who has not led a less than perfect life. Frankly, I only know of one individual who led a perfect life. He was crucified.

“...Second, Romney has led an exemplary life. He is, by any ordinary measure, an exceptionally good man. Maybe you care about this, maybe you don’t. My own view is that character counts, usually in ways you can’t foresee. Moreover, to put a purely pragmatic spin on it, the Democrats have nothing on him. Sure, they can mount an anti-Mormon whispering campaign, and they will. But it is highly unlikely that bigotry alone can derail a presidential candidate, especially one as upright as Romney….”

George Washington did not live an exemplary life. He was considered an abject failure until he did the Julius Caesar thing, crossing the Delaware instead of the Rubicon. He was berated, treated with very little respect, and was the object of derision because of his rich wife. It wasn’t until his true character began to shine through, during those dark days of the War for Independence that the true measure of the man was made known. Harry Truman went bankrupt several times. He was an abject failure as a businessman, yet one of the greatest presidents. Thomas Jefferson was far from an exemplary man. If you were to apply the same standards used to promote Romney, Jefferson would automatically be eliminated as a candidate.

Abraham Lincoln did not live an exemplary life. Does that preclude him from being POTUS? What about Ronald Reagan? He was not perfect. His life was not exemplary. Granted, all of these men were good, and honorable men, but they were not exemplary. They were just flawed men trying to survive the best they could.

I have only known a few people who have led exemplary lives. They were also very flawed people. My grandfather Froehlich was one of those. He would never consider taking over a person’s business, bleeding it dry, and sending hundreds of people int unemployment. That was not his way. He was a good and honorable man, who started life with only the support of good, Christian parents. He ended his life with millions, gained by honest business principles, not corporate raiding.

The Very Reverend Ronald Thomson is another exemplary life. Fr. Ron could have been a powerful bishop in the Episcopal church, but he chose not to pursue power, rather the love of Christ. He and his wife, Doris, gave up several years of their retirement to care for their son who after years of alcohol abuse, suffered renal failure due to being a severe diabetic. Theirs was not a perfect family, but exemplary.

Then there was Dr. Ryan Wood and his wife Mattie. A minister at Memorial Presbyterian Church in West Palm Beach, Florida, they lived exemplary lives. Their family was not perfect. Son David was divorced. He was forced to abduct his own children and take them into Florida to keep them from an abusive former spouse. The Woods stood beside him.

The Reverend Anna Gaddy has led an exemplary life. Divorced, she was called to the ministry after her second marriage. If you follow the standards set by those around Mitt Romney, she was nothing. She never made much money, she is quite humble, and would never destroy someone to take over their business. She is, though, a good Republican.

I don’t consider someone like Mitt Romney exemplary. He is successful and has a “Perfect” family. That is not exemplary, that is lucky.

The Pink Flamingo has fallen into the trap that ensnares most of us. Without wanting to appear to be bigoted, and anti-Mormon, I think we need to discuss a few things here. It’s okay to discuss the problems others have with we nasty Episcopalians. It’s okay to slam the Catholic church for pedophile priests. It’s acceptable to discuss problems in Islam. So, I am going to to do the same, here.

When Mitt Romney is discussing his “perfect” family, I’ve thought it was political. I still do, as a way to denigrate Newt Gingrich. But, there is more to it, I think. I don’t know much about this. There is no way I would even discuss the theology behind what is going on here, but there LDS families do try to be “perfect“. It leads to problems within families, Utah being the state with the greatest number of people on anti-depressants. There are some interesting tales from ex-Mormons about the demands for perfection and the toll it takes on people and families. LDS women have a very serious problem with depression.

The Pattern of the Double Bind in Mormonism

The following is an excerpt about a friend visiting a LDS friend.

“… She once revealed to me that her greatest struggle was trying to get rid of her contempt for others who are not ‘perfect‘. Until I realized that the church is her and she is the church, that the church is a cult, and that if it is dangerous for me, an outsider, it is dangerous for her, I did not understand anything of my friend. I did not understand either the contempt she has for me because I am not ‘perfect’ according to her standards, and also, I am not saved, because I am not Mormon. Even before the end of out friendship I would often joke to people that my largest fear was that if I died first she would convert me after my death to her religion, because whether this was a real sentiment or not (I know now it was not) she has often told me I am like a member of her family. I was shocked when she told me that after death conversion was possible for people who weren’t Mormon in life….

Her oldest son is now in that same phase, with the life being sucked out of him. His contempt for adults is not hidden, like hers was, but he openly insults them. He openly insulted me for most of my stay until he saw that I was not trying to enforce rules on him and wanted to listen to him and hear what he had to say. He has been kept out of school for his ‘behavioral problems’ and she encourages him to be defiant, because she sees it as an extension of her Mormon ‘outsider’ status, and an extension of her ‘superior to the school system’ status. She does not see that his hostility to mindless rules comes from the robot life he lives. He is angry about it but cannot enunciate it. He is able to read at a high level and coordinate care for his siblings. His problems are not a ‘disorder’ but an honest reaction to his strange home life.

Only one of my friend’s seven children has NOT been diagnosed with a mental or physiological disorder. I see this, except for the two who have dyslexia, not as an actual reality, but a reflection of my friend’s need to pathologize everything that is not ‘perfect’. So she is the only ‘normal’, perfect person in her family, the only one who, even though it is still sucking the life out of her, will never give up on her religion. I think she is megalomaniac. But Mormonism encourages megalomania, I can see that much. Because she will be a goddess in her next life, and people will worship her. Or her husband, or her through her husband – except for the sexism of it, I really don’t get it.”…”

This  is NOT to be a condemnation of the Mormon religion, rather an attempt to understand why Mitt Romney must constantly stress the perfection of his family and and sneer with contempt because Newt Gingrich has the courage to admit to his failures. It is my personal observation that families who emphasize their perfection usually have the worst problems. You might want to read this article, written by a LDS member about the psychological problems Mormon women have.

This is one of the things that bothers me about Mitt Romney. Do not consider this an indictment or a slam on his religion. It is not. The Pink Flamingo is simply trying to understand him. If he considers his “prefect” family part of his religious experience, that is one thing. If it is being used to damn Newt Gingrich, that is another thing entirely. If he is using his religious upbringing to slam Newt, that’s also a problem.


5 thoughts on “He Who Must Not Be Criticized

  1. On the other hand, the reason Mitt Romney’s quip describing Gingrich’s failure to make the Commonwealth of Virgina primary ballot — like Lucy in the Chocolate Factory — was funny, was because it really was funny! I never expected that good a one-liner from Mitt, but I appreciated it. My gut sense is that Presidents have to have a sense of humor, and that serious, highly accomplished people sometimes are incapable of demonstrating real humor.

    Also, I must say that my opinion is your attempt to smear LDS family life is really not funny, though I am sure you did not intend it to be. To be honest, the attempted generalizations are pretty “off putting.” But, hey, maybe that’s just me.

    I’m not a Mormon, nor is anyone in my family. In fact, I’ve know comparatively few Mormons in my life, some from back during the time I was in the service. But I have pretty much liked the Mormons I have known, including a man who I worked very closely with for several months during the time I was in a war zone in Viet-Nam.

    The two of us could not have been more diverse. And yet I respected him, his values, and most of all his commitment to his job, and to the troops we both served with, regardless of who they were.

    So I don’t go out looking for ways to smear Mormons . . .

  2. It was not my attempt to smear Mormons. I am trying to figure out this perfect family thing. I know a few members of the LDS church and like them very much. If you will check my sources on the information I have, they come from within the LDS church. There is a very serious problem with Mormon women and depression brought about by this drive for perfection. I used a LDS source for my information. He’s working with the church to try and deal with the problem. When you have 15% of women in a church in a state on anti-dep. there is a problem, somewhere.

    His Lucy quip was childish. I have never met a man who refers to Lucy. It’s a chick thing.


    P. S. My uncle has been married 3 times. Our favorite of his 3 ex-wives is Mormon. She has raised my cousin to be Mormon, so I’ve been around people of the LDS faith all of my life. Romney is so contrary to any of members of the LDS faith I’ve known that I find it strange.

  3. It wasn’t funny. I thought it was arrogant and petty. It also showed me that Mitt’s never watched Lucy in his life. If he had brought up Vitametavengamine, I might have thought that was funny.


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