Are the Attacks on Newt Personal? (Nah, Just Ron Paul Destroying the GOP)


Are the attacks on Newt that are coming from Mitt Romney are far from personal.  He simply believes in carpet bombing his opposition.  Case is point is how he is going after Rick Santorum.  With Ron Paul, on the other hand, I have reason to believe it is very personal.  Ron Paul is a very nasty little man. So is his son.  Granted, The Pink Flamingo thinks that Rick Santorum is an idiot, but when Rand Paul, who has taken his place as the dumbest man in DC, said that Santorum is moderate?

You see, Mitt is unelectable.

The Restore America’s Future PAC, which is primarily funded by Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital Cronies, has spent over FOUR MILLION DOLLARS campaigning against Newt Gingrich.   No, it’s not personal.  It is the fact that the far right is so in the tank for Romney that they absolutely refuse to admit to their failure.

“….In an interview with ABC News, Newt Gingrich accused his Republican opponents of lying in their negative ads and offering “no hope they will be any good as president.” “Politics has become a really nasty, vicious, negative business and I think it’s disgusting and I think it’s dishonest,” Gingrich told ABC News aboard his campaign bus in Iowa.

“And I think the people who are running the ads know they are dishonest and I think a person who will do that to try to get to be president offers you no hope that they will be any good as president,” he said. According to the Campaign Media Analysis Group, 45 percent of all campaign ads in Iowa this month have included attacks on Gingrich. Only 6 percent were pro-Gingrich. He acknowledges the ads have taken a real toll on his campaign.

“We’re gradually going to have to figure out how to essentially take apart the negative ads,” Gingrich, 68, said. “I mean I am committed to running a positive campaign and we have to find a way to communicate.”…”


Romney has come up with a sleazy way to outsource adds, and not be held responsible for them.

“...The result: Mr. Romney has effectively outsourced his negative advertising to a group that has raised millions of dollars from his donors to inundate his opponents with attacks — all without breaking the rules that forbid super PACs to explicitly coordinate with candidates. Polls showed Mr. Gingrich’s support in Iowa tumbling immediately after the Restore Our Future ads began running in early December. An NBC News/Marist poll released Friday showed a 19 percentage point increase over the last month, to 35 percent, in the number of likely Republican caucusgoers who said they judged Mr. Gingrich to be unacceptable as the party’s nominee.

“Restore Our Future has been very important,” said Mel Sembler, a top Republican donor and a member of Mr. Romney’s Florida finance team. “They’ve had an impact, there’s no question about it.”

The battle in Iowa has underscored what advocates for tighter campaign finance restraints have warned for months: that the new groups will be deployed to devastating effect, in the primary season and then in the general election.

“Iowa is ground zero of what we can expect in every competitive state for the rest of the presidential election,” said Ellen S. Miller, executive director of the Sunlight Foundation, which tracks outside money in politics.

Since they began advertising in earnest several weeks ago, groups like Restore Our Future have spent millions of dollars in the early primary states, rivaling and in some cases surpassing the spending of the candidates they support. While the candidates can raise just $2,500 from each individual donor for the primary, super PACs, thanks to the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision, face no such restrictions.

Speaking on Fox News last week, Mr. Romney played down the significance of Restore Our Future’s advertisements against Mr. Gingrich, arguing that Mr. Gingrich was falling in polls as voters focused on his record. Mr. Gingrich has also been under intense assault from other groups, including Ron Paul’s campaign; Mr. Romney’s campaign itself called attention to Mr. Gingrich’s tumultuous departure from Congress in a mailing it sent to Iowa voters.

But one thing is clear: Restore Our Future has spent more on advertisements in Iowa and elsewhere than any other super PAC, according to tracking by NBC and Smart Media Group Delta. The group has already begun buying television time in two other Republican primary states, Florida and South Carolina, running ads that hammer Mr. Gingrich and Gov. Rick Perry of Texas….”

The Hill

“…Newt Gingrich estimates that opponents have spent $68 million on negative advertising designed to bring down his poll numbers. It worked. One month ago, polls showed the former House Speaker running away with an Iowa victory. The latest numbers place him in fourth place.

“Iowa has a chance to send a signal that will change American politics,” Gingrich told a crowd of 80 in Denison on Thursday. “I don’t know anybody that’s been hit by $68 million in negative ads and is still standing. And so, you have a real chance to change history.”

He echoed those sentiments during a stop in Carroll, in front of a crowd of 150. “Iowa could Tuesday night to say no to people who run negative ads,” Gingrich said. “That would revolutionize presidential politics which has become increasingly sick and increasingly negative over the past 20 years.”…”

Forty-five percent of all the ads run in Iowa have been attacks on Newt, who has been rather hard on Ron Paul.

“…“Oh, I think in the long run that Ron Paul’s not a very serious potential to be president because the American people aren’t going to elect as a commander-in-chief somebody who does not believe that Iranian nuclear weapons are a direct threat to us,” Gingrich told CNBC’s Larry Kudlow in an interview to be aired 7 p.m. Eastern on Thursday.

As polls show Gingrich’s presidential bid continues to decline while Paul’s gains traction in Iowa, the former House speaker took aim at his rival’s libertarian views on social and foreign policy issues, arguing that voters are “not going to elect somebody who believes in legalizing drugs.”

“]Fox News contributor] Dick Morris said last night on a show that he thought, on five different major issues, he was more liberal than Barack Obama,” Gingrich said. “And I think you have to look at all this. Ron Paul is a protest candidate. He’s a serious protest candidate. I think he sincerely believes what he says. But if you look at his total program, I think it is virtually impossible for him to be nominated by the Republican Party.”…”

Riehl World View

Several weeks ago Dan Reihl suggested that one of the reasons Ron Paul is so viciously attacking Newt.

ABC News

Dan Riehl has a theory about Ron Paul. Riehl thinks one of the reason Ron Paul is in it is now to seriously damage Newt, out of revenge. He has destroyed the straw polls. Now he’s out to destroy the Iowa caucuses, which, in theory, is not a bad thing. The Pink Flamingo must be honest here, I think the Iowa caucuses are a crock. Iowa has nothing to do with the rest of the world. No single state should have so much power over life and death in the political universe as does Iowa. Nor should New Hampshire.

One of The Pink Flamingo’s favorite movies of all times is the Loretta Young – Joseph Cotten about a young woman who ends up running for Congress. Her opponent is a bit like some problem people we see today. A quote from the movie explains it all – and Ron Paul.


It is amazing how the MSM is just now “discovering” things about Ron Paul that many of us have reported for years. Case in point is his portfolio. It is revealing about the entire libertarian movement. There is NO morality here. None is needed. Libertarians do not have morality.


“…“The only person I know who is for a weaker military than Barack Obama is Ron Paul,” Mr. Gingrich said during his town hall-style meeting.

“His positions are fundamentally wrong on national security,” he added. “I do not agree with him that America is at fault for 9/11, I do not agree with him that we can ignore an Iranian nuclear weapon and I do not agree with him that it’s O.K. if Israel disappears.”

A top official with the Paul campaign, Jesse Benton, suggested that Mr. Gingrich’s comments were slanderous.

“Today was a bad day for Newt Gingrich,” Mr. Benton said in an e-mail. “First, he failed to get on the ballot in Virginia. Then, he jumped the shark trying to slander Dr. Paul.”

Mr. Benton added: “Dr. Paul supports the strongest national defense and most pro-American foreign policy of any candidate, and is a great friend to Israel. Newt needs to explain to voters why they should even consider supporting him when he can’t even get in the ballot in the 12th biggest state in the country, supported TARP and individual health care mandates and took millions advocating for Freddie Mac.”…”


Ron Paul’s snotty robotic supporters are NOT Republican. That’s the worst of it. They are perverting system. They move into precincts, go to the meetings, organize, and take over. You think Iowa is bad? If we have a brokered convention, the GOP is in very deep trouble.

“…What especially worries Iowa Republican regulars is the possibility that Paul could win here on January 3rd with the help of Democrats and independents who change their registration to support the libertarian-leaning Texas congressman but then don’t support the GOP nominee next November.

“I don’t think any candidate perverting the process in that fashion helps [the caucuses] in any way,” said Iowa House Speaker Kraig Paulsen, adding that he didn’t know if that’s necessarily how Paul would win.

While there’s no evidence of an organized effort, public polling shows that Paul’s lead is built in large part with the support of non-Republicans – and few party veterans think such voters would stick with the GOP in November.

“They’ll all go back and vote for Obama,” predicted Beach….”


His increasingly annoying supporters don’t bother with his actual record. They share his racist view.

Frum Forum

We have been telling you about Ron Paul for years. While not all of his supporters are involved with Stormfront – not by half, most of those in the neo-Nazi leaning Stormfront support Ron Paul. This election cycle, they’ve been to told to be silent, separate, and not lead the press toward his racist lineage. Fat chance that.


Let’s be honest here. Normal Republicans are not the ones supporting Ron Paul. His supporters are drawn from the ranks of Dems, libertarians, white supremacists, and independents. You will find few real honest to goodness Republicans supporting him.

“…Bachmann, Romney, Rick Santorum, Rick Perry and Newt Gingrich have all admonished Paul for his isolationist views, calling them “dangerous” and “extreme” after Paul said in a recent debate that he doesn’t agree with sanctions on Iran and that bombing that nation if it attains nuclear capability would be the wrong course. Gingrich went so far as to tell CNN this week that he wouldn’t vote for Paul if he managed to become the GOP nominee.

Paul has not moderated his position, and in his lengthy remarks Wednesday at the state fairgrounds he said the United States should employ the “Golden Rule” in international relationships: “If we don’t want other countries to hit us, we shouldn’t do it to them either.” The crowd erupted with applause to this and to several similar statements.

According to Ash Ivers, a 31-year-old Iraq war veteran who brought his 5-year-old daughter to the veterans rally, Paul’s stance on national security is what has drawn him to the retiring congressman….”

Pat Dollard

“…Ron Paul was a hot topic this week on the talk radio show hosted by prominent white supremacist Don Black and his son Derek. Mr. Black said he received Mr. Paul’s controversial newsletters when they were first published about two decades ago and described how the publications were perceived by members of the white supremacist movement. Former KKK Grand Wizard and Louisiana Congressman David Duke also phoned in to explain why he’s voting for Mr. Paul.

“Everybody, all of us back in the 80′s and 90′s, felt Ron Paul was, you know, unusual in that he had actually been a Congressman, that he was one of us and now, of course, that he has this broad demographic–broad base of support,” Mr. Black said on his broadcast yesterday.

Mr. Black is a former Klansman and member of the American Nazi Party who founded the “white nationalist” website Stormfront in 1995. He donated to Mr. Paul in 2007 and has been photographed with the candidate. Mr. Paul has vocal supporters in Stormfront’s online forum. Mr. Black has repeatedly said he doesn’t currently think Mr. Paul is a “white nationalist.”…”



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  1. > It is amazing how the MSM is just now “discovering” things
    > about Ron Paul that many of us have reported for years.
    > Case in point is his portfolio.

    Well, he’s certainly got his money where his mouth is.

    > Libertarians do not have morality.

    Libertarianism hasn’t. Or maybe better said, it has an idiosyncratic morality: “greed is good”. Or to be a little fairer: “utility measured in ounces of gold is the highest good that is properly the object of politics”. Of course, the branding says “liberty is the highest good” which resonates with Americans, aka Philosophical Liberals. But Libertarianism, the purest political expression of Philosophical Liberalism, is inhuman — it is based on an entirely false understanding of the human person.

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