Why We Need Newt – A Vision for the Future


The Chinese plan to go to the moon.  George W. Bush had a ambitious plan that would put us there in about 8 years.  Never mind JFK did it in 6.  Mitt Romney doesn’t give a damn about science or space – there’s no money in it for him.  Newt is the only one who has a vision for the future of this country.

If you are as interested in space exploration and our future as am I, the only logical candidate is Newt.  If we must rely on a President (gag) Romney, just forget going back to the moon.  There’s no money in it for he or his Bain Capital cronies.

“…When asked at a debate what separated the two candidates, Romney said: “We can start with his idea to have a lunar colony that would mine minerals from the moon. I’m not in favor of spending that kind of money to do that.”

The line played to laughs with the Iowa audience — but it’s a jab that might not sit well in Florida, home to Kennedy Space Center and a half-century of NASA tradition.

Even though a moon colony remains a far-off — and expensive — goal, this type of aspiration has nourished the KSC area for decades — financially and inspirationally. And it’s an issue for local officials that could play a role, albeit a minor one, in Florida’s Jan. 31 presidential primary.

“That one [Romney] comment, by itself, won’t help or hurt him. But if he goes on to say he doesn’t support [space] exploration, I think that would be a disaster,” said Marshall Heard, chairman of the Florida Aviation Aerospace Alliance.

He added that NASA exploration, coupled with new commercial-rocket launches, is critical to the Space Coast economy as it tries to recover from the space shuttle’s retirement, which cost the region thousands of well-paying jobs.

The combination of commercial and exploration efforts “will shape our economy for the next 15 to 25 years,” Heard said.

The Romney campaign did not respond to questions about his NASA stance, but in 2008 the former governor stood solidly behind Bush’s plan to return astronauts to the moon.

That program, dubbed Constellation, bogged down because of major technical and financial problems and was canceled by Obama, who early in the 2008 campaign had suggested delaying the moon project to help pay for education reforms.

Now, his new plan for NASA is to rely on commercial rockets to carry crew and cargo to the International Space Station while NASA builds a new spacecraft to explore asteroids or return to the moon — but not until the 2020s at the earliest….”

If Romney is POTUS, the Chinese will dominate space and the moon.

Space News

“….China’s earlier vows to build a space station and put an astronaut on the moon, the plan conjured up memories of the cold-war-era space race between the United States and the Soviet Union. The United States, which has de-emphasized manned spaceflight in recent years, is now dependent on Russia for transporting its astronauts to the International Space Station. Russia, for its part, has suffered an embarrassing string of failed satellite launchings.

China has been looking for ways to exert its growing economic strength and to demonstrate that its technological mastery and scientific achievements can approach those of any global power. The plan announced Thursday calls for launching a space lab and collecting samples from the moon, all by 2016, along with a more powerful manned spaceship and space freighters.

In recent years, China has also sought to build a military capacity in keeping with its economic might, expanding its submarine fleet and, this year, testing its first aircraft carrier, a refurbished Soviet model. Under the new space plan, it would vastly expand its version of a Global Positioning System, which would have military as well as civilian uses.

The plan shows how the government intends to draw on military and civilian resources to meet the goals, which the government is betting will also produce benefits for the Chinese economy. “This approach offers lessons for other advanced space powers, including the U.S., which needs to make sure it sustains its high-level investment in various aspects of space development across the board,” said Andrew S. Erickson, a professor at the United States Naval War College who has studied the Chinese space program….”


Zany?  That’s how Mitt Romney denigrated Newt’s vision for the future.  Too bad Mitt doesn’t have a vision.  If so, he would know that the best way to win the future is to do big things, now.