I Wish I Were Not “Conservative”


I am a Republican.  My values are conservative, in fact I even watch the right shows on television, but I am sick and tired of being a conservative.  Let me put that a different way.  I am sick and tired of conservatives. I am tired of being preached too about how bad the country is, and how bad I am because I a part of the country.  Then again, I don’t mind considering new ideas, or change.  Currently, The Pink Flamingo is so livid, I can’t even comment on the fiasco in Iowa.  Democrats for Sale does it best, so I will direct you there.

I suppose what has so angered me is that I refuse to follow the flock of conservative lemmings over a cliff, because they are in love with a corporate shark who thinks noting of going in and destroying lives and jobs – to make a profit for he and his associates.  Why would I vote for a candidate who embodies everything I find disgusting about the dark side of capitalism?

Sorry, but I don’t approve of taking over companies just to make a profit, not for the company but a handful of slimy investors and junior executives.  I find something rather smarmy about slithering into take over a company that needs an infusion of cash, milk it dry for bonuses of for cronies, and destroy the lives of a couple of hundred families.  That may be the Randian thing to do, but it is disgusting, distasteful, and just doesn’t seem quite ethical.  It’s perfectly legal.  So is a bank squeezing $50,000 in service fees out of a senior citizen with Alzheimer’s when they could have made suggestions to help save the cash.  It’s every person for themselves.  Nothing else matters but that blessed profit.

“… to absolve Americans of their greed, indolence, and cupidity in the great recent home price bubble is the biggest lie of all. Americans caught a ride on a $6 trillion wave of foreign capital inflows, and thought the free money would be there forever. The smartest kids got MBAs and law degrees instead of learning engineering….”

What started The Pink Flamingo’s current rant and rave is a column my friend and indicted co-conspirator Sally Vee forwarded.  It is by Louis René Beres.  Compare this to another excerpt from the above PJ Media piece by David P. Goldman.

“…For the moment at least, we Americans remain grinning but hapless captives in a deliriously noisy and suffocating crowd. Proudly disclaiming any interior life, we proceed very tentatively, and in almost every existential sphere, at the lowest possible intellectual level. Expressed in more palpable terms, our financial burdens are generally unfair and indecent in their distribution. Our air, rail and land travel is insufferable. Our universities are generally bereft of absolutely anything that might hint at serious learning.

The traditionally revered Western Canon of literature and art has been replaced by emphases on so-called “sports,” quantitative institutional “rankings,” and “Dancing with the Stars.” Apart from their pervasive drunkenness and generally tasteless entertainments, our once-sacred spaces of “higher education” have mainly become a pipeline for filling nonsensical and deeply unsatisfying jobs….”

To my way of thinking something that Goldman writes is at the very root of the problem.

“…There is no truth-telling here: to absolve Americans of their greed, indolence, and cupidity in the great recent home price bubble is the biggest lie of all. Americans caught a ride on a $6 trillion wave of foreign capital inflows, and thought the free money would be there forever. The smartest kids got MBAs and law degrees instead of learning engineering….”

This is where our problem is.  Conservatives think that simply learning math, science, and engineering will give us a better world.  It looks like they’ve really screwed that one up, a heck of a lot.  They began by removing the arts from schools.  Instead of keeping art and music appreciation, they augmented their high school football programs.  The local schools around here have no arts, but spend a heck of a lot on their expensive buses to transport the little felons around the state for what they hope will be a championship.

Susana Martinez spends some of the state’s little remaining funds to improve college prep courses in high schools, ignoring the fact that the average kid in this state WILL NOT go to college, let alone graduate from high school.

Perhaps it is about time that the conservative punditry and talking heads get their noses out of the air and come back to reality.  How are those new college jobs workin’ out for you?  Everyone can’t go to college.  We need a world where people need to know how to build houses, repair, plumbing, install new water heaters, fix air conditioning, unplug the sewer, and repair our torn garments. You don’t learn this at college.  You learn this at good trade schools.  But, now that we have a ruling class of conservative punditry who think the rest of us are just their little serfs to be told when, where, and how to vote, well…. they don’t like the working class, anymore.  The only people who count are the multi-billionaires.

The conservative “elite” is out of control.  They eschew the National Endowment for the Arts, opera, museums, science, and the theater.  “We” as a nation don’t need to be spending our money on such things, but they don’t mind propping up farmers, worshiping at the altar of mega corporations, and throwing away small town America.

It’s now about the bottom line, corporate sharks, and kill before being killed.  Nothing remains of Reagan’s folksy pragmatism, his live for people, and understanding of the American Experience.  The only American Experience that now counts is success and mega-billions.  It doesn’t even matter how one achieves their success, as long as it is achieved.

There is now something wrong with having a good middle class life, having a good middle class home, not living beyond your means, having a good middle class job, and just being happy.  You can’t do that any more.  And – that’s what made the whole mess in the country.  No one stopped to mention that people were fool for paying a half million bucks for a house worth half that.  No one dares tell them they are wrong for bailing, and leaving the bank on the hook for that money.  That’s fine.  It’s the American Way – screw or be screwed.

You hear very few conservatives bother to discuss Small Town America and what is good about this country.  When they do, they’re unelectable.  We must have extremists who no longer think a woman should be allowed to have an abortion when she is raped, and want to deprogram homosexuals.

Sorry, but I’m getting sick of it.  I don’t mind my tax money going to support the Smithsonian, Metropolitan Opera, or hundred of other smaller museums, opera companies, and symphonies.  Contrary to what conservative talking heads who think that Beverly Sills was a suburb of LA, governments have ALWAYS supported the arts.  An education in the arts is just as valuable as a math degree.  In fact, I would argue that an education in the arts is far more valuable than an education in math.

It’s nice to be able to figure out the square root of pi, but if we don’t know who we are, how we became who we are, and don’t understand our past, we’re not much better than a futuristic science fiction where the past has been destroyed to promote modern technology.  The far right worships math and technology, ignoring the fact that the prototype for such an individual – Mr. Spock, was as educated in the arts and humanities as he was the sciences.

One of the reasons the right is in such trouble is because that dear little Randian libertarian streak that goes down their backs, making them resemble another odoriferous creature with a wide streak of white down its back – Mephitis mephitis.  If you don’t know what that is, look it up, while you still possess the intellect to do a little research.

If The Pink Flamingo sounds disgusted with conservatives, you are right.  I am.  I am disgusted that they have lost the ability to think for themselves.  It is now about following the herd, no matter what.  I reserve the right to think that one of the worst things that ever happened to this country is Wal-Mart.  I reserve the right to use my head to comprehend that people need a living wage and to be treated decently by their employer.

To me, this is what being a Reagan conservative was once all about – Truth, Justice, and the American Way.  Today, though, it is watching Eric Cantor arrogantly Mephitis mephitis around Reagan’s true record for success and watch Paul Ryan assume godhood for trying to Mephitis mephitis his way through Randian ideals.

I’m not a bit ashamed of saying that I think conservatives have lost their way.  They have become arrogant and self-serving.  It is no longer about doing what is right for the country, but what is best for themselves.

Case in point:  Mitt Romney

I know very few Republicans who even think he is electable.  The chattering classes do, but the real people in real American know he is a disaster.  There are quite a few of us who resent being told who they think we should be voting for, because THEY know best.

It’s like this.  The way I see it, the chattering classes know they can make more money if Barack Obama is re-elected.  It is the only logical explanation for their increasingly irrational and self-defeating behavior.  I have a friend who is less cynical.  He thinks they are going to allow Obama to destroy the country so it can be rebuilt they way THEY think it should.  Either way, we lose, they make a pile of money, and Obama is re-elected.

There is no other logical explanation for why they are embracing a forked tongue liberal pretending to be moderately conservative.

Pardon me if I’m sick of being a “conservative”.  There’s more to life than success and money.  There’s more to life that Mitt Romney’s allegedly perfect family.  There’s more to life than a college degree, and arrogance.  There are such qualities as honor, decency, love, kindness, caring, and happiness.  Cheating a family out of a good job just to make yourself and your Mephitis mephitis associates a pile of money is not the American Way.  Oh, it’s good for the bottom line, but it’s not all that good for the soul.

I am beginning to wonder if conservatives, like their liberal counterparts, have lost theirs.  I suspect, not only have they joined liberals in now being soulless, but they’ve sold their to the highest bidder.  If conservatives knew anything about the arts I could mention the tale of Faust, but they’re now so ignorant, they don’t even know the story.  I suggest they learn, quickly, or invest in some good air-conditioning.  I hear it gets very hot down there.

While we’re at it, I’m no longer going to trash talk George Soros.  I’ve been following his money ideas, the man is smart.  I think Rupert Murdoch is slime under pond scum, as is Roger Ailes, Karl Rove, O’Reilly, Hannity, Rasmussen and all the FOX News teleprompter readers.  I no longer listen to Rush Limbaugh or any other talking radio head.  I’m sick of their pandering to Romney.

Conservatives are vile and repulsive taking pot-shots at Michelle Obama and her family.  You were angry when Laura Bush, and the Palin family were denigrated.  Learn how to behave like an adult.

Not all Muslims are evil.  Not every incident involving a Muslim family is an honor killing, and there are people who are doing nasty things to them, because they are Muslims.

Yes, we are dealing with climate change – but not global warming.  The Earth is a hell of  lot older than 6,000 years, and we’ve fairly well proven that evolution is not just a ‘theory.  Deal with it. Embrace science and the future.  Remember, the religious right were the same ones who persecuted Galileo Galilei and that did not work out so well for them.  Man did not walk side by side with the dinosaurs.  I sure wish we could prove that they did, but it did not happen.  Religious conservatives once thought the world was flat.  That also did not work out too well. And – the conservative status quo in Italy would basically raid every new opera written by Verdi, because he embraced freedom.

Ronald Reagan did not have a perfect family.  Patti Davis was born less than nine months after he and Nancy were married. The Founding Fathers were not all Christian.  Ben Franklin was a dirty old man, Thomas Jefferson was an infamous womanizer, and John Adams was not a Christian.  Then again neither were Jefferson and Adams.

Maybe one day conservatives will grow up and learn how to think for themselves.  I’m not holding out much hope for them.  They’ve become no different that liberals who have sold their soul for political expediency, success, and the dollar.

I am a Republican, but I’m thinking about resigning from the “conservative” club.  They no longer represent much of anything I believe.



One thought on “I Wish I Were Not “Conservative”

  1. > I am a Republican, but I’m thinking about resigning from the
    > “conservative” club. They no longer represent much of
    > anything I believe.

    Good! I sincerely hope you will resign from the Neo-Con Club as well.

    My very favorite author in the whole world wrote this:

    “The whole modern world has divided itself into Conservatives and Progressives. The business of Progressives is to go on making mistakes. The business of Conservatives is to prevent the mistakes from being corrected. Even when the revolutionist might himself repent of his revolution, the traditionalist is already defending it as part of his tradition. Thus we have two great types — the advanced person who rushes us into ruin, and the retrospective person who admires the ruins. He admires them especially by moonlight, not to say moonshine. Each new blunder of the progressive or prig becomes instantly a legend of immemorial antiquity for the snob.” — The Blunders of Our Parties; Illustrated London News, 19-April-1924 (USA Edition)

    Read the whole essay: http://bit.ly/vmM0MR

    Chesterton’s point is the word “Conservative” all by itself tells us about a mindset only, not about what is being conserved. And Political Conservatives in America are conserving Philosophical Liberalism. America is the first political system founded upon Philosophical Liberalism — Republican France is second.

    American Political Conservatives mostly want to apply their Liberalism to commerce. American Progressives are more like the French: mostly they want to free themselves from personal duty. They recognize a general or social duty towards someone else but not a personal duty. This is why so many old folks are in nursing homes and not in their children’s homes.

    A Christian (especially a Catholic) must not be a Conservative — he must be what I’ve called a Cultural Traditionalist. Political Conservatism is easily confused with Cultural Traditionalism because there is some overlap in the two ideas. But they are not the same, not even close. When conditions change (despite the best efforts of Conservatives) Cultural Traditionalists look for a non-contradictory adaptation: we look within our own tradition to find a solution, we do not decide that there is something fundamentally wrong with our tradition and chuck it all; neither do we say there is no problem to solve or that there is no solution or that because it is such a longstanding problem the problem itself is a venerable part of the tradition.

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