How Do You Spell ‘Fiasco’? I – O – W -A


Barack Obama was the big winner of the 2012 GOP caucus in Iowa.  No matter how you spin this, Mitt Romney’s performance in Iowa was an abject disaster.  If it were not for the busing in of “independent” college kids to register as Republicans to help Ron Paul cheat, the Iowa vote would be a joke.  Newt would have that third ticket out – which for normal Republicans, we know he has that ticket, because we don’t count Ron Paul as “normal”.

No matter how Mitt Romney’s conservative apologist lap-dogs try to spin it, Iowa was a total fiasco.  The Pink Flamingo was on Twitter to the bitter end on Tuesday night Wednesday morning.  The three big ‘winners’ in Iowa were getting little if any respect.

Romney has a ceiling he cannot break.  He should be worried.  Someone twitted that the last person to win Iowa and New Hampshire was Gerald Ford.  That’s not a good sign.

My source tell me:

  • Numerous Republicans in Iowa refused to bother voting because they consider the IOWA GOP abjectly corrupt, bought and paid for by certain political operatives
  • Out of state residents were bused in by the Paul campaign and one other campaign
  • Newt’s internals had him finishing much better than he did
  • Ron Paul may yet win the whole 23 or so votes because his flunkies stayed behind to be appointed delegates
  • Bachmann will stay in long enough to destroy Santorum in the next debate, the way she did Pawlenty and tried to destroy Newt  or – The fix is in for Santorum to  be VP?
  • Newt has paid off his debts and has about $3 million on hand (Race 42012 says more)
  • There could be some intimidation to prevent large donors from assisting him
  • Do not expect NM, TX, LA, OK, or AZ to vote for Mitt in the general election
  • Santorum is being set up to hurt Newt and help Romney
  • There will be no recount
  • There will be no examination of same day out of state registrations
  • The conservative world has decided Romney is their man and NOTHING we can do will stop it   It’s a completely done deal
  • Various states are refusing to donate to the RNC
  • There is going to be a major split between the tea parties and the grass roots Republicans
  • VA’s vote is already being corrupted for Romney
  • Already some Republican office holders and states are already telling the GOP that they will not allow Romney to come in to campaign along with House/Senate candidates because he will cost us House and Senate seats.  Already certain candidates are making plans to move away from him, because he cannot possibly win
  • A major 3rd party candidate may soon emerge – someone determined to stop Romney
  • Confirmed that many of us are beginning to feel that the so called conservative talking heads/punditry are in the tank to see Obama re-elected

Unfortunately my source is right far more often than wrong.  Another source was telling me that Ron Paul had his little army of potheads put into a tent city so he could bus them in to the caucuses.

The bottom line was the Iowa vote was corrupt and corrupted.  When you have last minute ballots and boxes disappearing – it is fraud.  As a former GOP county chair, I’m furious about this one.  We did our very best to insure there was not even the remote image of vote fraud.  At the time they were picked up, ballot boxes were tagged, signed for, and sealed.  If a box came back to us, on election night, with a broken seal, even in a primary, it was a  violation of state law.  The boxes were counted at the courthouse with a large group of people present, usually including the county sheriff.   The seals were broken by someone from the county election commission, with a deputy present.  Each box, when returned, was signed for. The person delivering the box was required to be present when the box was accepted by the deputy and election commission.  Even during a primary.

What happened in Iowa was disgusting.  It should never have happened.  I’ve been assured the fix was in, and see little evidence to dispute the information considering how several groups of caucus ballots and tallies were handled. It is a recipe for corruption.  The GOP should not be applauding the night, but hanging their head in shame. Under Reince Priebus the GOP has begun to look like ACORN at its most corrupt.

From Democrats for Sale:

“…We have to give it to Dick Morris for saying the media was going to choose the Republican candidate.  With their flavor of the week, news blackouts on certain candidates, and a rush to believe lies told by the Romney camp about other candidates it turned out Morris knew what he was talking about.  Michelle Bachmann’s job is done as the Perry attack dog so she is pulling out of the race today on cue as Perry mulls pulling from the race after coming in 5th.  He won two counties which is more than Newt who came in a surprising 4th after internal polls showed him doing well.  Usually internal polling is accurate but not when independents vote in large numbers since they are not polled by internal pollsters.

The chaos of missing ballots, the close race, media hype was so far over the top it was laughable.  Makes a difference when you have already decided that no matter what, there is one candidate who you will never vote for and know you are joined by a lot of fellow conservatives.  We held our nose and voted for John McCain in 2008 but never again will I hold my hose to vote for a Republican candidate for President who will lie, cheat, and steal to win an election and who I have zero respect — Mitt Romney.  The establishment may have won this battle but they are going to lose the war because most conservatives will no longer be bullied into supporting a candidate of their choosing….”

There is a bottom line here. The conservative talking heads has best shut up about the organization formerly known as ACORN.  The cause they are supporting is just as corrupt.