What About the Rest of Us?


Obviously the conservative powers that be have a rather paternalistic view of we the little people!  They think we don’t have the brains to pick and choose for ourselves.  That is one explanation for what they are doing.  The other is that they are so in the tank to prevent a Republican from being re-elected that they would do anything and say anything – to pad their own bank accounts.

Perhaps they are doing what they think is honorable and decent, but their actions are increasingly showing that not to be the case.  What is fascinating is how the news is controlled by both conservative and liberal outlets.  There is currently almost a ban on allowing Newt Gingrich or Rick Perry to have any headlines.  They did the same thing to Gary Johnson.  They’ve been doing it to Jon Huntsman.  Shallow voters have a tendency to go with who is getting the headlines.  The liberal press is in love with Mitt Romney.  Conservatives appear to be hedging their bets and going with Santorum.

Maybe a few do think that Romney is the only candidate who is electable.  That’s a laudable reason for backing him.  It is not tough, a reason for blindness when other candidates are involved.   It is not laudable to constantly do Good Newt/Bad Newt as a patronizing way to denigrate a man who needs to stand up for himself.  But, no one does Good Mitt/Bad Mitt.  He has others do his dirty work for him.

It looks like three-quarters of the Republicans have decided they DO NOT want Mitt Romney.  The problem is the fact that we don’t count.  We are the unwashed masses. Nothing we do matters. The powers that be have spoken. It looks to any number of us that the conservative chattering elite are more interested in re-electing Barack Obama than anything else.  There is no way Mitt Romney can win.

What fascinates me is the same people who did not want Newt, are now starting to get behind Rick Santorum.  Would someone please explain this to me? They think Santorum can beat Romney – and get independent votes?  He’s not even capable of winning in his own state, let alone the country.   They are basing their ‘wisdom’ on the fact that Santorum won Iowa.  So did Huckabee.  Look where it got him – and he did far better than Santorum.

The fix is now in for Rick Santorum.  What this tells me is that the conservative punditry has absolutely no interest in beating Obama and every interest in seeing some idiot be nominated so that Obama is re-elected, and they make more money off opposing him.

Conservative Home

We are told that safe is electable.  What a crock there.

Our opinions do not matter.

The fix is in.  Not only is the status quo on FOX pushing O’Reilly, but most conservative talking heads are also in with the fix.  Then again there are the whispers of vote fraud in Iowa.  Those whispers could take on the tone of a full roar if there is no vote count in Iowa.  The Pink Flamingo has also been told that the fix is in for South Carolina.

American Thinker

Then there is the pandering to prop up Rick Santorum.  Two words:  Jack Abramhof.

“…“I was a Reagan Republican while he was an independent. I was trying to help reelect George H.W. Bush while he voted for [Democrat] Paul Tsongas. There are some very big gaps between where Romney is and where most Republicans are,” he said on CNBC.

Asked by conservative radio host Laura Ingraham whether Gingrich would “align together” with Santorum to defeat Romney, Gingrich responded affirmatively, citing their similarities.

“Absolutely, of course. Rick and I have a twenty year friendship. We’re both rebels. We both came into this business as reformers, we both dislike deeply the degree to which the establishment sells out the American people. We both think that Washington has to be changed in very fundamental ways,” Gingrich said.

“Newt’s a good friend, and someone who I have a tremendous amount of respect for. I can understand why he’s feeling the way he is, it was a pummeling that he took here at the hands of Mitt Romney. But Newt’s a fighter, he’s going to stand up and articulate his ideas, paint his vision for this country,” said Santorum.

Gingrich noted that the anti-Romney vote was significant when aggregated together, and that there might be some wisdom to working together.

“The thing that’s interesting is that when you take the vote, and you add to that Perry and Bachmann, you begin to see the size of the conservative vote compared to Romney,” said Gingrich. “If you take Santorum and Perry and Bachmann and Gingrich, you get a sense of what a small minority that Mitt Romney represents.”…”

We’re already seeing the Obama attack against Romney.  Obama is setting Romney up to be the fall guy (rightfully so) of the extreme wealth, against the middle class.  The GOP has traditionally been middle class and the Dems have been motivated by big-business banking.  Not any more.  Greed is good, and nothing’s wrong with squashing us little gnats under the powerful Randian stiletto heels of the corporate raiders.

The conservative chattering classes have decided that America is no longer the home of small business.  That the average man and woman have no power.  The big corporations do all the hiring and create all the jobs.


“…Conservative commenters lambasted former House Speaker Newt Gingrich when he attacked Romney’s business record, which included laying off workers as part of restructuring companies. Columnist Charles Krauthammer went as far to call the attack “socialist” in nature. But Huntsman’s campaign has made similar attacks against Romney, which Huntsman refused to back away from.

“This is a time when we need business growth, when we need new business start-ups, when we need to support entrepreneurship,” he told TheDC. “We need to expand the economic base and private equity traditionally has not been famous for expanding the economic base. “

To the ire of many conservatives, Huntsman has made a point of noting that he believes in science, seemingly suggesting his Republican rivals and even many in the GOP base do not. Huntsman told TheDC, however, that it is “not necessarily” true that Republican voters are less appreciative of science than Democratic voters.

“I think sometimes you hear more about the anti-science wing during the early phases of the pre-primary season,” he said, “but I think most Republican voters, like most Americans, are grounded in reality and I think that they would be willing to put their faith in science.”…”

Part of the problem happens to be the power of the punditry like George Will, who currently has an inexplicable column praising Rick Santorum. (who is an idiot)  The right also appears to be increasingly under the power of the Koch Brothers, even though many think this is a crock.  Problem is, it is true.  And so, suddenly. like a lightbulb going off, The Pink Flamingo has realized that Rick Perry and Newt Gingrich are the ONLY anti-Koch candidates running for POTUS.  Now we know why the right punditry has been so vile to Newt.


I am furious with the way Newt has been hammered.  What I dislike even more is the fact that conservatives who once praised him, are doing everything possible to destroy him.  When he needed them to defend him against the lies and half-truths that both Ron Paul and Michele Bachmann told, they simply said he was a bad sport and turned their back on him.  These same people sat back while Bachmann literally destroyed Tim Pawlenty with her lies and did the same with Rick Perry.

“...Gingrich has complained about the negative advertising and promised to stay positive, but in recent days has been more and more vociferous in his criticism of Romney. The former House Speaker’s campaign is running a full-page ad of its own criticizing the former Massachusetts governor.

Restore Our Future’s news release flicked Gingrich for that approach.

“In the style of Speaker Gingrich’s positive ‘fact based’ newspaper advertisement, these ads will not be accompanied by mean or scary music,” the group said in its release.

The decision to attack Gingrich is a curious one, as Rick Santorum has emerged as Romney’s top rival for the GOP nomination after he virtually tied Romney on Tuesday in Iowa’s caucuses. Post-voting analysis shows much of Gingrich’s support in that state ended up going to Santorum….”

Conservative pundits have set back and allowed Ron Paul and Romney’s campaign to be absolutely vicious against anyone running against Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich.  I think Mark Levin may be the ONLY TALKING HEAD who has had the courage to take on Ann Coulter, Karl Rove, and the conservative taking heads who are falling for Karl Rove’s lies and the nastiness of Ann Coulter.  He also calls it like it is, about the underhanded methods of Mitt Romney’s people.

There are a few of us who think Michele Bachmann was in the race simply to destroy the opposition for Romney.

“...Though Bachmann wasn’t allied with Romney in any formal way, she assumed the position of his attack dog. As she aimed to consolidate support and emerge as the alternative to Romney, she attacked – from the right – any candidate that sought to claim that mantle. At first it was Tim Pawlenty, then Texas Gov. Rick Perry, then Herman Cain and finally Newt Gingrich. Through all of it, Bachmann went relatively easy on Romney and spared him the dirty work of attacking his rivals. Given his liberal record as governor of Massachusetts, he has less credibility that she does in criticizing anybody from the right, so Bachmann served an important role. Now that she’s out of the race, tonight’s debate at St. Anselm College in Manchester is the first one Romney will have to endure without Bachmann….”

I don’t know about you, but what this proves to me is that the conservative punditry is as dishonest as the liberal punditry.  They have played us for fools as we buy their books, watch their network, and listen to their radio shows.  We have allowed them to have far too much power over us.  They are in the business, and it is a business, to make money.   More power to them.   The fault is ours for thinking they were in “it” for reasons that were about patriotism and doing the right thing.  We are the fools for falling for their line for so very long.

We are fools for thinking they were all about getting a Republican nominated who could defeat Barack Obama.  If Obama loses, then they can’t sell as many of their books, promote their television shows, and get ratings for their radio shows.  That’s why the vast majority of these people turned on GWB when he was in office.  They couldn’t make any money any other way. They played the War on Terror game for as long as they could, but needed to move on.