PART I: Why Romney Is Unelectable


At one time or another, all of us have been faced with the disappointing fact that a movie we’ve been waiting ages to see, or a book we’ve waited for years to finally be published is terrible.  We are so willing to over-look the fact that it is terrible (any number of Kevin Costner movies) that we ignore reality.  We grasp at straws.  Our faith in books, movies, etc. is so threatened that we will simply fool ourselves into being quite thrilled with the end product.

Case in point:  Mitt Romney

The far right punditry is so anxious to defeat Barack Obama (I think) that they will do just about anything to promote someone they feel is “electable”.  That is a perfectly laudable hobby.  But, there are realities they absolutely refuse to face.  Instead, when faced with their one star candidate instead of the four star candidate they imagined, they are refusing to face reality.

He is NOT the most electable, simply because of his career path.  In previous years he would not have a problem.  We are not living in normal times.  We are living in a world where a certain group of rich are getting richer, while the rest of us are slowly slipping into not so gentile poverty. You don’t send a corporate raider in to do a cheerleader’s job.  We don’t need a corporate raider, we need a national cheerleader who is positive and believes in Morning in America, not the bottom line.

I think that’s why the right acted so irrationally when Newt pointed out the problems with Mitt and Bain Capital.  Instead of investigating Newt’s claims, he was decried as a socialist.  From that moment on, Mitt’s apologists on the right decided they would stop at nothing to destroy Newt Gingrich and prop up their straw man.

When you go to question them, to point out the problems inherent with Bain Capital and the life-styles of the rich white shark corporate raiders, you get a lecture about capitalism and how business works.  Look, I grew up around small business.  I had my own.  I know how business, large and small works. I know how corporate raiders work.  Contrary to popular opinion I know how leverages and capital finance works. Obviously those defending Mitt Romney do not.

No matter how much you dress it up, NORMAL business does not operate this way.  This is the stuff that managed to get us into this mess in the first place. So, you say, what about Newt and Fannie/Freddie?  Newt Gingrich had a large consulting firm that made a tremendous amount of money and had a very large Rolodex full of clients.  No matter how one tries to denigrate what he did, there is NOTHING wrong with being a consultant.  It is a far more honorable occupation than destroying thousands of jobs and thousands of lives as a shark.   Mitt Romney’s career at Bain Capital reminds me of the old SNL Land Shark skit.

The Pink Flamingo has repeatedly stated that conservatives are stupid.  Their obsession with Mitt Romney is the perfect illustration of their suicidal stupidity.  Somehow they need to get it through their Randian-perverted brains that there is more to life than business and making money.  They’ve cashed in on American values of honor, decency, and looking out for the other guy.  Once upon a time, we were our brother’s keeper.  Now, we just slit his throat and take what he has.

If you want to push Romney, fine.  BUT – vet him. Let all the dirty laundry come out now and allow the rank and file NORMAL Republican primary voter to make up his/her mind about Mitt.   There is only one reason the conservative talking elite will not do this is because they are afraid.  I suspect they are afraid that their man Mitt can’t hold up under Republican scrutiny, let alone Democrat.

The American people aren’t stupid.  Republicans have a tendency to come from the ranks of small business people – not the rich and powerful.  Small business people know a land shark when they see one.  I grew up, coming from a small business background.  My grandfather, father, my sister, and I have all had successful businesses.  We took great care with those who worked for us, always going to extra mile to be fair and not cause harm.

That is the American Way.  When Americans, liberal and conservative, begin to see the ads cut by Obama’s supporters, and read the stories of the thousands of men and women who lost their jobs, right or wrong will not matter, only their suffering.  It won’t matter than there was Union implication in the closing of factories – only the suffering of those who lost their jobs.

That is why conservatives are so darn stupid.  The Pink Flamingo defines a stupid person as someone who is incapable of learning from their mistakes, to repeat them, over and over again, year in and year out.  It isn’t that Mitt Romney is a bad candidate, it is that he is the wrong candidate for 2012.  His life-story, laudable that it is, will be shredded by the Democrat attack machine.

When conservatives attempt to force Republicans, who know how business operates, to understand how Mitt Romney’s business operated, they are watching that turkey of a movie, trying to tell someone how good it was, even when they know it isn’t.  You can turn, at times, a bad movie into a good one by re-editing.  They’d better get to work fast, re-editing their story-line or we’re sunk.

“...I’ve argued many times that Team Obama will have a field day with Mitt Romney should Republicans be dumb enough to make him their nominee.  He’ll fit in perfectly with Obama’s “us versus them”, Occupy Wall Street campaign strategy.  Indeed Obama couldn’t ask for a better face of the opposition for his class warfare campaign if he called Hollywood central casting.  Our esteemed Republican Establishment, evidently, is more than willing to assist the Obama campaign by doing everything possible to smooth the way for the Mittens to win the nomination and give Obama the perfect foil.  Not that Obama’s campaign will need any help given the billion dollars they’ll have to spend on ads to paint Mitt Romney as, well, Mitt Romney. …”

In the fall, Obama is going to demolish Mitt Romney.  As Legal Insurrection writes:

“…Not illegal, part of that “creative destruction” thing.  I get it.  And I’m sure there is plenty of blame to go around.  My concern is we’re only hearing about it in drips.  You can be sure Team Obama is holding the good stuff back. When Newt raised the negatives of Bain deals, Charles Krauthammer claimed Newt was talking like a socialist, and that was one of the kindest things said by the conservative media….”

I reiterate, Mitt Romney is unelectable.  There are numerous reasons.  One is his Wall Street savvy and his connections there.  There is NOTHING wrong with this, but…. in a year of Occupy Wall Street, and people struggling to survive, Mitt Romney is the wrong man for the nomination.

If you don’t understand any of this, you don’t understand why there are a few rash few of us who know that Mitt Romney cannot be elected. It is not about being against him, but being wise about a choice, and using our heads for something other than parroting the pundits.


If you don’t understand why this is lethal, well, I just don’t know.  This is why Romney is going to lose. H/T Reihl World View.

Legal Insurrection


Rush is also taking up the fight.

Rush Limbaugh
Legal Insurrection

This is lethal.  It will absolutely ruin Romney in the fall.

Think Progress

“…As GS Industries sought to cut costs, it hired line managers with no experience in the steel industry, workers said. One had worked at Walmart; many others came straight out of the military.

“He would come up with some of the stupidest damn ideas that you ever seen,” the former steelworker Linson said of one supervisor, a retired Air Force colonel.

Paperwork proliferated. Cost-cutting efforts backfired. Managers skimped on purchases of everything from earplugs to spare motors and scaled back routine maintenance. Machines began to break down more often, and with parts no longer in stock a replacement could take days to arrive.

Labor costs spiked as managers revamped work schedules with little understanding of how the plant actually operated. Linson says he picked up an entire shift of overtime each week because his managers didn’t realize that a furnace needed a full eight hours to heat up to operating temperature.

“That didn’t work to their advantage,” he said. “I made a lot of money.”

Daily life at the plant was also growing more dangerous. Veteran crane operator Ed Mossman says he was ordered to pick up a load of steel that was 50 percent above the recommended weight limit – a prospect that could have toppled the crane and sent Mossman plunging to his death. When he refused, he says, he was fired after putting in 29 years at the mill.

“The first 15 years, I had the best job in the United States, as far as I was concerned,” Mossman said. “The last five years down there got to be pure hell.”

Meanwhile, a wave of cheap imports from Asia drove steel prices down sharply, while costs for natural gas and electricity rose. The Asian financial crisis lowered demand for mined metals, which hit the company’s grinding-ball business.

The company, along with other steelmakers, successfully petitioned the U.S. International Trade Commission for tariff rate quotas on imported wire rods and also entered the federal loan guarantee program for troubled steel companies — two remedies at odds with a free-market stance. Romney now says it was a mistake for the government to try to protect the steel industry.

Nevertheless, net losses at the company grew to $52.9 million in 1999 from $16.1 million in 1997, while operating income dropped to $9.6 million from $37.9 million over the same period — not enough to sustain the firm’s debt and obligations for long….”

This is not the story of a bad man or a bad candidate.  Mitt Romney is neither.  If elected he will be a far superior POTUS than what is now in office, even if he is moderately liberal.  He is a moral and decent man.  He will bring dignity back into the office.  He won’t though, have the heart-warming compassion of George W. Bush, or the imagination of Newt Gingrich.  He’s a numbers guy.  There is nothing wrong with that.

What is wrong is a group of men and women who are so entrenched in their apparent hatred of the current office holder that they are willing to do anything, including destroy good men like Rick Perry, Tim Pawlenty, and Newt Gingrich in the process.  They have had their little huddle.  In their limited world view and their very pathetic little world, Mitt Romney has the business experience to win.  What I find fascinating, is those with real economic experience, like Steve Forbes and Ben Stein are the ones most vocal in speaking out against him.  Maybe they know more than you do.

This is the story of a small group of men and women who have become so powerful, they can now destroy people, careers, candidates, the presidency, and even the country.  Maybe they are the ones who should step back and view the world in which the rest of us life.  It’s the one without bodyguards, private jets, lucrative FOX contracts, and six figure contracts to produce books that are automatic best-sellers, even if they are crap.  They need to stop worshiping Walmart, and see how badly their employees are treated.  They need to go pump their own gas, try living on a couple hundred bucks a week, and start pulling items out of their grocery cart because inflation is making normal people poor.

We just don’t live in the same world.  That is why their hand-picked candidate, no matter how able he is, cannot connect with the American people.  Unlike those of us who were born with silver spoons in our mouths, his was platinum.  If you check the price of commodities today, you will see there is a big difference. The problem with his platinum spoon is the fact that he added another coat of platinum on it on the backs of those who were born with a stainless steel spoon in theirs.

It is very bad form.

I’ve had a few people mention Donald Trump as someone who isn’t appropriate to run for POTUS.  Granted his money came from gambling, and real estate (like my grandfather’s did), but he did not make it destroying the lives of others.  It is a narrative that plays entirely different in Blue Collar, fly-over country.  It is not about class warfare, just classless behavior of a very rich and powerful man.  There’s a difference.  Americans are not that stupid not to realize the difference.  I’ll take Trump any day of the week.  He started with nothing, made his money in real estate then hotels, and the casinos.  He created jobs, did not kill them.  Romney made his money by destroying lives, hopes and dreams.

If we cannot start thinking like Dems and going after our candidates in such a way as to vet them then we’ve lost already.  We always do.  The Dems constantly destroy us because of they way they attack us.  If Mitt Romney cannot stand the light of day during the GOP primaries, he is going to fold like a house of cards in November, taking the entire ticket with him.

As a Republican, I want Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Rick Perry, and Rick Santorum etc. completely vetted NOW.   I want Santorum’s Abramoff connections exposed, immediately.  I want Rick Perry’s health problems brought out into the open.  I want a full disclosure of all of Newt’s clients.  And – I want to see Mitt’s tax returns.  It is about winning – not pandering.

Daily Beast

I will reiterate my question.  Why is Mitt Romney so sacred that he cannot be vetted?  In this way he is no different from Barack Obama and the Dems. If this is the case, we’d better do something, fast.

“...Romney’s candidacy, and the sense of inevitability attending it, has rankled some conservatives within the Republican Party from the start of the presidential-candidates race. Those familiar with the film hope that it will strike at the heart of what they see as Romney’s chief vulnerability—the image of a privileged creature of capital, distanced from, and indifferent to, the travails of ordinary Americans.

A central theme of Romney’s campaign has been his ability to create jobs in the private sector, having done so by aiding the startup of such companies as Staples, the office-supply giant that Bain helped to bring into being….”

If Mitt Romney can survive these attacks and come out a stronger candidate, The Pink Flamingo will hold my nose and vote for him.  He’s a Republican.  I admit, I’m a Yellow Dog Republican who will vote for a yellow dog if they run one against Obama.  I don’t think he can withstand these attacks.

I don’t approve of Cato, but any port in a storm.