Take a Chill Pill


In about a month or so this will all be over, thank heavens.  I probably won’t like the results, but I have nearly a year to force myself to vote for Romney, if I indeed vote for him.  This afternoon I was not, this evening I am. What the heck, it’s the primaries.  It’s dirty, brutal, vicious, and I’m loving every minute of it.  I saw something, somewhere that the Miss America Pageant was in progress.  Does it still exist?  The beauty contest that is the GOP primary season is a heck of a lot more fun, and a lot bitchier.  (Oh wait, Michele Bachmann is gone).

I would really like to blame Mitt Romney for the evil in the world, but I am a rational person.  While I have excellent indications that he allows an extremely nasty campaign to exist, on the ground level, I have been assured he is a perfectly splendid individual.  That’s nice.  Like someone emailed me Wednesday evening, she could grow accustomed to seeing his face in the Oval Office.  I’m not there yet, but I do have a tremendous respect for Ann Romney.  I have a cousin dealing with MS.  The day in and day out of a campaign would be brutal for someone in my cousin’s condition.

I have rationally managed to comprehend that the nastiness on the trail isn’t his fault.  It is the people surrounding him.  I’m not even annoyed about that.  I am absolutely disgusted with the conservative punditry of the world and their bully tactics.  If I do not vote for Mitt Romney, it will be because of the conservative punditry.  They have gone to far in pushing a man who cannot possibly be elected.

I am sure they are perfectly charming individuals who are only trying to stay alive by pandering to the hand that feeds them.  I don’t want to imply that they are intellectually dishonest, but I think more than a few of them are, especially when their contracts are owned by a subsidiary of Bain Capital.  And, frankly, I don’t trust anything that comes out of the mouth of anyone who works for FOX News.

The people who read the news at FOX may be perfectly delightful individuals, but I somehow cannot warm up to individuals who make their living while being told what to do by Roger Ailes.  I am sure he is a very nice person, but I don’t like people who manipulate stories for their own personal gain and ratings.  Yes, that is the way of the world, but it is not my way.  For the record, I consider Rupert Murdoch utter scum.  That’s where the real problem is, the vile machine that is FOX.  Let’s face it.  This compulsive news junkie is being forced to go cold turkey during my favorite time of year.

While we’re at it, I feel the same way about Karl Rove, Crossroads, the Koch Brothers, Grover Norquist, Charles Krauthammer, Hugh Hewitt, Americans for Prosperity, the AEI, Heritage Foundation, FAIR, Numbers USA, Jim DeMint, Laura Ingraham, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, etc. etc. ad nauseum.  You see, they don’t speak for me.  I am perfectly capable of advanced thought and comprehension.  I a fully aware these people are doing what they are doing as a career and to put stiletto Jimmy Choo sandals in their closets.

I resent their intellectual dishonesty.  And don’t tell me we can’t discuss Bain.  I happen to know the difference between right and wrong. I have a right to think that what Mitt Romney did at Bain was morally reprehensible simply because they did not establish some sort of trust for those who had lost their jobs, and because the Feds were required to bail out at least one mistake.  It needs to be discussed.  I think it is a heck of a lot more important than breakfast at Tiffany’s.


It could be worse, much much worse.

Don’t let anyone kid you, Ron Paul is going to do very well in South Carolina and in Florida.   He is going to do extremely well in Texas.  Houston, we have a problem – a huge one.  Jim DeMint, the weasel that he is, now thinks that Ron Paul has some good ideas.

If Ron Paul becomes any stronger, all bets are off.   It really isn’t going to matter who is left, who is leading, and who is in the middle.  Everyone will need to make nice and run this evil troll off, sending him back to Bedlam, where he  belongs.

I am afraid this is going to happen.

Then it is the primaries. We need to sit, back, chill, pop some corn, shake a few filthy dirty martinis with extra olives, and enjoy the show.  It is only going to get crazier.  I told a friend I was beginning to fall for the Obi Wan there is another idea.  Unfortunately, that only get played once, in a galaxy far far away.  We do need to realize that the other was a woman.  I hear Condi is interested in getting back into the melee.  That could be half of the ticket right there, a winning half made out of dead man’s hands of aces and eights.

Seriously, unless the top half of the ticket does something terribly creative like Condi, I swear we’re screwed.  At least we still have Top Gear.

Remember the Glad Game from the classic, Pollyanna?  Well, there is one thing I am really really really really really glad about.  The Tea Parties are defunct.  FOX no longer needs them.  Let’s be honest here, the reason everyone is so nasty and ugly is not because of the tea parties, Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, Rick Perry, or the other Rick.  It’s all about those vile, creepy, kooky, freaky Ron Paul Bots, who have embraced the abject filth of the worst common denominator.

They bully.

They threaten.

They destroy.

They have a bad attitude.

And that’s on a good day.

If anyone is to blame for the abject ugliness of the season it is Ron Paul and his adorable little Stormfront, KKK, neo-Nazi, John Birch Bots.  Oh, wait, and Reince Priebus for allowing him to continue.  He is making a mockery out of the GOP.  Anyone who snuggles up to him, like Jim DeMint, is now better than Dr. Demento.

I forgot, I was going to chill.