It IS About the Money & Rupert Murdoch


I think the question of the day should be:  Will FOX News now turn on Mitt Romney who may be is maybe he isn’t against SOPA.  We aren’t quite sure how Mitt Romney feels about it.  The other day, he said he was against it. Rupert Murdoch is having spasms of anger over the blocking of the bill, and is furious with Barack Obama over it.  (Then again some of this ire may be about his My Space debacle). Yet, Bain does own Clear Channel, which owns Premier Radio, which syndicates FOX News Radio.  …. oh what a tangled web…

This is as much about the duplicity of FOX News as anything else.  You might find it interesting that there will be coverage on the alleged War on Christmas.  They will highlight Tebow’s profoundly public faith, and damn people like me who find him highly distasteful.  But – try finding coverage on SOPA.   Want to know why?  Murdoch is all for taking away our freedom of speech online.  That makes a heck of a lot of sense.

“...The legislation also has powerful supporters. As Carr laid out in his article, “Virtually every traditional media company in the United States loudly and enthusiastically supports SOPA.” This includes the parent companies of the TV news outlets now ignoring the fury over the bill during their primetime broadcasts, as well as two of the channels themselves.

ABC and CBS are listed as supporters of the bill on the House Judiciary Committee website, along with Comcast/NBCUniversal (which owns MSNBC and NBC News), Viacom (CBS), News Corporation (Fox News), and Time Warner (CNN). Disney Publishing Worldwide, a subsidiary of the Walt Disney Corporation, which owns ABC, is also listed as a supporter, as are other Disney properties such as ESPN and Hyperion publishing….”

You won’t hear breathless news bimbo readers on FOX and Friends reading about the evil of SOPA.  They will ignore it, or will begin to preach its virtues – protecting us from …. well, ourselves.  It’s for our own good.  Rupert Murdoch knows best.

It’s like this the Heritage Foundation and the Obama Administration agree on this one!  In doing so, they have offended Rupert Murdoch.  I gather he’s not all that sharp when it comes to want is going on as far as streaming off the Web, maybe he  is not familiar with Amazon, where movies are streamed free, if you have Amazon Prime.


I don’t know how much you are following the SOPA Saga, but it may be more important to freedom of speech than even the upcoming election.   Erick Erickson has one of the best takes on the subject.  The list of companies supporting it are a who’s who of money and power, such as Walmart.

Tech Crunch

Eric Cantor says he’s going to put a hold on the bill until a “consensus” can be reached.  Lamar Alexander, one of the bill’s co-sponsors has agreed to remove the kiss of death provision for blogs like The Pink Flamingo.

“…The announcement comes just hours after Judiciary Chairman Lamar Smith (R-Texas), SOPA’s sponsor, made a major concession to the bill’s critics by agreeing to drop a controversial provision that would have required Internet service providers to block infringing websites.

SOPA is designed to go after foreign websites that offer illegal copies of music, movies and TV shows with impunity. Even without the provision allowing sites to be blocked, the bill would empower the Justice Department and copyright holders to demand that search engines delete links to sites “dedicated” to copyright infringement. Ad networks and payment processors would be prohibited from doing business with the sites….”

PC World

This is going to be fun.  FOX may soon be attacked by the monster they created in liberating the alleged tea parties. The Pink Flamingo has stated, repeatedly, that the Tea Parties were for FOX and by FOX.

Once upon a time when we had a decent actor playing James Bond (I find Daniel Craig utterly repulsive and refuse to watch his films he is so creepy), there was an 007 movie called Tomorrow Never Dies.  The bad guy in it was  loosely based on Rupert Murdoch. (Who hates google).

“…Jonathan Pryce as Elliot Carver, a media mogul modelled on Robert Maxwell, but analysed as a satire on Rupert Murdoch. He is completely insane and possibly even psychopathic, with scant regard for any of the lives destroyed or simply taken as a result of his media ambition….”


Rupert Murdoch is NOT a nice person.  He nearly destroyed Charlotte Church and her family.

“...In an illustration of her childhood innocence – she was just 13 at the time – she said she had wanted to take the £100,000 and spend it on Tamagotchi toys, the digital pets which were a craze at the time. In her witness statement to the Leveson Inquiry into press standards, she said: ‘Despite my teenage business head screaming, ‘Think how many Tamagotchies you could buy!!’

 He reportedly offered Miss Church good coverage in his papers if she gave up a £100,000 charge to sing at the reception ‘I was pressured into taking the latter option.

‘This strategy failed… for me. In fact Mr Murdoch’s newspapers have since been some of the worst offenders, so much so that I have sometimes felt that there has actually been a deliberate agenda.’ The inquiry heard that Mr Murdoch’s company News International denied there had been any such deal, and that Miss Church was booked as a surprise performer, without the tycoon’s knowledge.

But she replied that Mr Murdoch had personally insisted she should sing Pie Jesu, despite her pointing out it was a funeral requiem – and said she flew to New York on his private jet for the wedding. Miss Church told the inquiry that her childhood fame made her a ‘bankable commodity’ and exposed her to appalling psychological pressures….. At 15, a tabloid newspaper ran a ‘predatory’ clock on its website, she said, counting down the days to her 16th birthday when she would reach the legal age for sex.

Miss Church told the inquiry her family had suffered because of her fame and suggested that press intrusion had contributed to her mother’s suicide attempt. Maria Church tried to kill herself in 2005 after she discovered the News of the World was about to publish a story that her husband was addicted to cocaine and having an affair. Miss Church said: ‘It was totally sensationalised. Whether partially or wholly true, I just really hated the fact that my parents, who had never been in this industry apart from in taking care of me, were being exposed and vilified in this fashion.’

Her career was damaged by some of the negative coverage, she said, including a Sunday Times article which claimed she had denigrated the work of New York firefighters after the September 11 atrocity. Miss Church insisted she was misquoted and that her record company was forced to hire guards to protect her in the U.S. as a result….”

Huffington Post

“…Of course, Twitter isn’t much of a forum to make a clear, cogent argument for or against a topic as far-reaching and broad as piracy, but there does seem to be a fundamental misunderstanding of what Google is surfacing based on Murdoch’s string of messages. For starters, the concept that providing access to information somehow adds up to collusion is wildly simplistic. As Forbes points out in its piece on the tweets, this isn’t the first time Murdoch has misrepresented what Google’s search results produce, conflating links back to content as the content itself.

The blame isn’t all centered on Google, however. The CEO followed up his piracy rant with a tweet on rising ticket prices (which he claims his company has no control over) and the “offensive” prices for popcorn and soda. Go get ’em, Rupert…”

Raw Story
Business Insider

It is such a tangled web of deception.  Clear Channel is owned by Bain Capital.  Premier Radio is one of their subsideries. Premier Radio is host to FOX News Radio.  They control Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, and Coast to Coast.  They also salt the audience with paid callers.

“...Clear Channel, through its subsidiary, Premiere Radio Networks, auditions and hires actors to call in to talk radio shows and pose as listeners in order to provide shows, carried by Clear Channel and other broadcasters, with planned content in the form of stories and opinions. The custom caller service provided by Premiere Radio ensures its clients they won’t hear the same actor’s voice for at least two months in order to appear authentic to listeners who might otherwise catch on…”

Let’s face it. For Rupert Murdoch, it is about the money and the power.  There is no other logical explanation why FOX News would so manipulate the Mitt Romney, other than to see the GOP go down big time in November.  There is NO other LOGICAL explanation.  You only back an unelectable candidate if you know you can make money on him.