Unelectable, That’s What Mitt is


Mitt Romney is unelectable.  Pardon the pun, but if he is nominated, he will be an unmitigated disaster for the GOP.  The Pink Flamingo has been saying that he is unelectable for weeks, just like any number of conservatives.  BUT – we are now to be marginalized and considered enemies of liberty?

I guess what truly angers The Pink Flamingo is that anyone who is against Romney is an “enemy” of capitalism, which is just a pure out and out LIE.  I resent it.  Like Dan Riehl says, it’s almost a scam.

“…People can judge it as they see fit. But that is, in essence, what Buffett is referring to when his says companies like Bain often left businesses unequpped to deal with the future because of the huge profit they took after taking them public. In extreme cases, it worked almost like a scam. In other cases, they would borrow against the company, then take that money and invest it somewhere else. That might be fine. But the company was also on the hook to re-pay what was borrowed, meaning their profitability had to remain high, or they couldn’t service the debt. Hit a rough patch, and you could easily end up without enough of a cushion to survive….”

The Daily Beast

Let’s leave Bain off the table.   Romney is completely unelectable because he has already lost the Hispanic vote.

Somos Republicans

“...It’s an approach that is wildly unpopular with Latinos and which has the blessing of most of the Republicans running for president, including Mitt Romney.

And that’s one reason why Romney, even if he is the GOP nominee for president, doesn’t have much of a chance with Latino voters. Political experts say that a Republican would have to earn at least 30% of the Latino vote to win the White House. Given how he behaved in the primaries, Romney will be lucky to get 20%.

Somos Republicans

In fact, a recent poll of Latino voters by the Pew Hispanic Center put the figure at 23%. While it found a high level of anger with President Barack Obama among Latinos over his aggressive deportation policies, the poll also found that — in a Obama-Romney matchup — the Democrat would easily beat the Republican, 68% to 23%. That’s saying something given that, according to the survey, Obama’s job approval rating with Latinos is just 49%. The takeaway: You want to make Obama more popular with Latinos? Easy. Pit him against Romney.

Listen to Lionel Sosa, a San Antonio-based advertising executive and Republican strategist who has advised George W. Bush and John McCain. A few months ago, Sosa told The New York Times that Romney had blown his chance with Latinos.

“(Romney) can make as many trips to Florida and New Mexico and Colorado and other swing states that have a large Latino population,” said Sosa, “but he can write off the Latino vote.”…”

Somos Republicans

For any other candidate, this would render him/her completely unelectable as a Republican.

Damn Dirty RINO

You want to know what happened to Rick Perry?  Romney’s people did a fine job of lying about him.  Is this what Mitt’s people have been spinning for the liberal press?  No wonder the MSM is all for him.  He’s one of them.

Damn Dirty RINO

“...Not long after that, Newt surged, and just a couple of weeks after that the Romney campaign, its supporters, and almost the entire establishment conservative punditry drove a dump truck up to the edge of the roof and dumped a ton of negative bricks on Newt’s head to block his path to the nomination.

I was right in November about the dangers Bain posed to Romney’s electability, and nothing has changed my view.

To the contrary, the secrecy which has accompanied Romney’s campaign on the Bain issue and tax returns has made me even more worried that there are Bain land mines set to explode, we just don’t know where or when.

Some of the rhetoric by Newt and Perry has been unfocused and overly broad, but the core issue of Romney’s business experience being subject to legitimate scrutiny and criticism is correct.

Unfortunately, the collective circling of the wagons around Romney through equating criticism of Bain with criticism of capitalism and free markets has done more damage to the Republican Party than anything AxelPlouffe could have concocted in their mad media lab.

If you have noticed, I have never attacked Romney in the highly personal and demeaning manner that Newt has been attacked.  I have not attacked his character or his intentions.  But I have been insistent that we not ignore the elephant in the room.

That elephant is Bain.  And it is not going to go away even if we close our eyes….”


We could try this one.


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  1. I don’t believe he is electable either. I may end up voting for him if he is nominated, but I am already bracing myself. Obama will be the next president of the USA.

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