I’m Mad as Heck and Refuse to Be Manipulated


As a Republican, I am mad as heck and refuse to be manipulated.  I am sickened at the thought of what lies ahead for the GOP.  Currently, if we continue down the yellow brick road of doom, not only will we be handing Barack Obama four more years, but we are automatically dooming any possibility of regaining the Senate.  We may even lose the House.  If the likes of Eric Cantor continue with their arrogant little antics, that may be a given.

Pardon The Pink Flamingo if I have a very bad attitude about things, but this is the very first time since I have voted, and I’ve been voting in primaries since Gerald Ford in 1976, that I cannot stomach the alleged inevitable nominee.  As I write this, I currently have absolutely no desire to vote for Mr. Inevitability in November.  The worst of it is the fact that I am told I need to do so for the good of the GOP.

That’s the problem.  Mitt Romney is going to be an absolute disaster.  If I vote my conscience, by the time the primary system rolls around here in New Mexico, I have no voice and no say.  I either vote for Romney or I don’t vote. Especially in a primary season, I absolutely refuse to vote for someone who violates my conscience.

I don’t know about you, but I have standards.  A vote is a sacred trust not to be given lightly.  I cannot give it to this man.   I cannot vote for a person who stands for things I’ve stood against for years.  A vote for Mitt Romney is not good for the GOP.  If I vote for him, I am voting for a candidate who is supported by the John Tanton network of bigoted, anti-Hispanic lobby groups.  I vote for a man who is supported by a group of vile white supremacists who did everything possible, and continue to do everything possible to destroy Lindsey Graham.  Sorry, but I’m not that kind of person.  Maybe I’m the last idiot left in the country, but I have standards and Mitt Romney violates them.

Perhaps you don’t live in a state where we have a large Hispanic population.  I do.  I read what Hispanic Republicans write.  If Mitt Romney is the nominee, they are, as a block, not voting for him.  If he is elected, the GOP stands a very good chance of losing the Hispanic vote for a generation.  This automatically dooms the GOP to minority status.   As a life-long Republican I refuse to participate in that process.  I would rather stand and fight for the GOP, not roll over and play dead.

We are told that Mitt Romney is electable, which is intellectually dishonest.  In order to be elected, he must have a certain percentage of the Hispanic vote.  He is not going to get that percentage.  The only current GOP candidate who can is Newt Gingrich.  If you follow Hispanic GOP politics, you realize that they have already decided not to support Romney because of his connections with Tanton’s groups.

The voices behind the golden microphones, in front of TV cameras, and behind hidden keyboards keep telling us that we must vote for Mitt Romney because he is electable.  There is no logical explanation for this stand other than the fact that they live in an alternative universe.  I have watched as they grow more and more irrational, demanding one set of rules for one candidate and one set for their current love interest.

They are irrational, delusional, making pronouncements based not on reason and logic but vitriol and arrogance as they prop up their straw man.  I am constantly shocked that, in order to prop this person up, each and every person who is not supporting him has become terribly flawed.   We must be destroyed in order for Romney to survive. No other opinion matters.  They are shutting out information which will doom us in November.

What is wrong with with these people?

Sorry, but the Good Newt, Bad Newt line doesn’t work. The line is designed to destroy.  There is gossip circulating that he is mentally unstable.  There is nasty gossip circulating about Rick Perry.  It is just gossip, part of the big leagues.  But, until Mitt Romney came to town, the average pundit had the wisdom to know fact from fiction.  In order to prop up their choice they must delve in fiction and put their credibility on the line.

Not to worry.  When November 7 comes around, they will be the very first to critique Mitt Romney’s  doomed campaign.  They will then be able to ask for higher salaries so that they can spent the next four years battling for our future.

I am not voting for this man.

You may rightfully argue that, by my choice, I am dooming the country to four more years of Barack Obama.  Go ahead, and blame me.  I can take it.  I’m the intellectually honest one here.  Frankly, the more I see of Mitt Romney, the more I think we’re dealing with the GOP version of Barack Obama.  Aside for the obvious, I see very little difference between the two men.

When I bring up the point that Mitt Romney has a very real problem with factual accuracy.  He does not keep his word, even in business.  When I present proof, I’m told it’s coming from a liberal, so discount it.  I don’t vote for candidates who have no honor, no matter how perfect their families are.

I’m angry watching the way Romney has spun the media.  Then again, I may just sit back and laugh as conservative pundits make absolute fools of themselves as they violate all of their rules in order to promote this man.

Are they discussing the way the MSM is supporting him?  I don’t know because I no longer longer listen to their talk show or read their columns unless I do it the way I do those of liberals, for opposition research.  I remember how they denigrated John McCain because the MSM liked him.  I’m not seeing the same thing with Mitt Romney, but Romney does have a perfect family, even if NOT one of his sons served in the military.

Are any of the pundits discussing that a candidate like Romney must go right to win the nomination, then left to win the general election?  If they do, then they know they are lying about any possible conservative message.   They are making absolute fools of themselves.

There are some who think a VP choice can salvage Romney.  If the current list is any indication, he’s still dead candidate walking.  Susana Martinez is a joke, here in New Mexico.  In South Carolina, Nikki Haley is a walking tabloid scandal.  Only the choice of Condi Rice could possibly salvage Romney, but don’t expect it.

The Pink Flamingo gets the impression that Mitt Romney is extremely patronizing when it comes to women.  I have no doubt that he will talk a good game, but have absolutely no doubt that his administration, were he to even have one, would be lily white male.

Frankly, I find the “for the good of the country” argument hypocritical at best, hurled at me by those who are supporting a man who cannot win, and will destroy the party along with him.  Maybe it is time they reassess their position and behave in a way that is for the good of the country.

They way I see it, we are being bullied into accepting Mitt Romney.  There is something abjectly distasteful of being forced to accept something I know is wrong.  I feel almost like a battered voter, pushed and shoved into something that truly bothers me.   I wish the conservative media had the luxury of self reflection, and the curse of being forced to see themselves as many of us see them.

The only possible way my vote can be salvaged is by applying Reagan’s 80% solution.  The problem here is I don’t know what to believe, because Mitt Romney is constantly changing his spots.  We all know what the GOP platform will be.  Unfortunately, I suspect we are getting a candidate who would adopt the DNC platform it he thought it would help him become elected.



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  1. I don’t think Mitt did all that well in the SC debates last night. I thought he got rattled. You are not the only Republican who is not going to vote for Romney. Some of my friends are saying the same thing. They are saying he is not a real conservative.

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