There’s Nothing Wrong With….


There are any number of things one might criticize Mitt Romney for, but being rich, successful and fairly decent looking is not one of them. More power to him! There is nothing wrong with inheriting a fortune and making another fortune. There is nothing wrong with enjoying it, having major real estate, and living well. That is what this country is all about. If you think I’m going to criticize him for being all of the above, forget it.  If you think I am going to criticize him for figuring out a way to pay just 15%, get a life.  That’s the American way!  Attacks on his wealth are simply class warfare.

The Pink Flamingo must make a quick editorial comment.  I see not one single conservative pundit coming out to defend Newt Gingrich, but there are some who are damning him because he forced Mitt Romney to go nasty on him. If one goes to mention that Romney has been poorly vetted, you are met with a barrage of tears, huge dripping crocodile tears.  That Shalt Not Upset Mitt.  Why the hell not?  If you mention he is unelectable, you are treated as though you have uttered profanity.

Instead, we get this crap.  Give me a break.  What we get is the conservative media on the take for Romney.  Drudge is, that’s for sure.

“…Not only did Bain Capital save America, but no matter what turn Mitt Romney’s political career takes, Bain Capital may stand as the best of Mr. Romney’s lifetime contributions to the nation’s economic well-being. If only he’d tell the story….”

We are told that Newt’s tawdry personal life is a sign of an unstable person. What about constantly changing one’s positions?  What about taking $100,000 in donations from one of the nastiest bigoted anti-Hispanic groups in the country/

“...Romney, true to form, may be playing all sides of the immigration issue. But by cozying up to anti-immigrant extremists he is doing more than just thumbing his nose at the Latino vote and underscoring his image as a flip-flopper who will do or say anything to get elected president. By welcoming extremists onto his team Romney is causing himself irreparable political damage which will cost him dearly should reach the general election.

What’s more, Romney’s short sighted campaign strategy raises serious questions about his character and fitness to be president. Romney’s new restrictionist friends endeavor to impose on all of America the same ugly climate of fear they have inflicted upon Arizona and Alabama, states which have enacted draconian immigration laws they helped write. They hide behind a cleverly concocted veneer of moderation, selling themselves to the public as a reasonable voice on immigration policy. But, when carefully examined, the hate and intolerance at the core of their message is crystal clear….’

Legal Insurrection

There is nothing wrong with being very wealthy.  I wish I were.  I don’t have a tawdry personal life.  Fact is, I really don’t have a life to be tawdry.  It might be fun.  I’ve seen my uncle deal with three wives and misc. girlfriends.  For the record, we prefer ex-wife #2, who is very good friends with my uncle, takes care of him.  She’s a Mormon, if that makes any difference.  Her family was legendary in the rodeo world back in the later 1950s and early 1960s, with a couple of her brothers being world champs in something.

Because of my uncle’s life, I know that there is nothing wrong with a man who has had three wives and misc. girlfriends.  His first wife was a pity marriage when he was quite young.  She did a tell-all that ended up on one of those trashy “true” magazines back in the 1960s.  It rocked non-flash and trash Palm Beach County society for awhile, but my grandmother held up admirably.

Let’s be honest, he never should have divorced #2.

We did not like #3, who set him up for the big kill.  She lost.   At the time my grandfather died, my uncle was dating a woman who was his daughter’s age.  He is 4 years younger than my mother.  During the funeral, the ushers sat her in the back with us grandchildren. We were all grown at the time, and behaving very badly.  After the service on the way to the cemetery my idiot cousin, Bobby, told me to put the top down on my LeBaron.  There were about five of us in the car.  When we turned into the cemetery, Bobby and one of the other cousins, maybe Terri, sat up on the boot.  I turned an oldies station on very loud.  The officials there at the cemetery rushed up to us in a golf cart and told us we were being disrespectful.  Like my aunt said, we needed to be holding an American flag.  My grandfather always behaved badly at funerals.

During the graveside service, I visited with #2, inviting she and #2 back to the house, along with the girlfriend.  We had a gallon of potato salad that needed to be eaten.

The moral of the story is, just because a man makes a mess out of his personal life is no sign he is not competent, capable, and quite remarkable.  My uncle is.  I dedicated my second book to him.  Aside from Wyatt Earp, I’ve never known anyone who has suffered so much heartache and triumphed.

Having gone through some very bad times in my life, I happen to know that when someone has gone through what Newt Gingrich has, it makes a person just a little bit quirky.  You hold on to the quirky, making yourself a strong person, who cannot accept the mundane of life – because you must force yourself to survive.

“…Newt was a molestation victim of the first wife. He was sixteen when she, his high school geometry teacher, started meeting him secretly. He was age 16, she seven (nine from some sources)years older when they s t a r t e d dating, which could mean she was flirting/preying on him even earlier. His sneaking around and then “coming out” upon graduation, alienated him from his family and many friends, which gave the “bride” a leadership role similiar to a cult leader or a — molester. Cheating and getting caught is a typical psychological response in an attempt to get kicked out of the relationship. I do not count Newt’s ending the first marriage as a broken promise or broken wedding vow. Today that biology teacher would have been arrested and on a sexual offenders list….”

People who don’t make horrible mistakes in life, and suffer heartache cannot triumph.  These things build character and test us, to see just who and what we are.  I don’t have much respect for people who do not understand that a man or woman’s personal life does not necessarily preclude them from being a leader.  In fact, I dislike people who say such things, demanding perfect families.  There is a word I would like to us to describe these people, but I’m not going to.  It is not lady-like.  Let’s just call ’em jerks and be done with it.   It takes a person of reason and compassion to understand that a messy personal life is not the sign of mental illness or instability.  It takes a bit of intellect to think through these things and put 1 + 1 together and come out with a big fat rat.

Big Journalism

I would like to see the people who condemn Newt Gingrich to be forced to walk a mile in his shoes, and deal with the problems he’s had to face in their lives.  I know what it is to overcome.

Mitt Romney has never had to overcome anything in his life.   The spoon he was born with is not sterling, but platinum.  Aside from his wife’s MS, he’s never really had to deal with all that much.  He  has never been tested in a serious life-changing emergency.  We do not know how he will react.

Romney is a numbers man, a pencil pusher, a glorified accountant.  Aside from scaling corporate ladders primarily due to to a heck of a lot of luck, just what do big-time corporate leaders ever really achieve, besides getting terribly rich?  Getting terribly rich is a laudable ambition.  I aspire to it, myself.  My problem with these laudable types is that they are terribly unimaginative  and very by the book.

Aside from the Hispanic issue that is going to destroy the GOP, my problem with Mitt Romney is that he had a tendency to apologize for his wealth.  So he pays a 15% tax rate.  We all should be doing that.  So he has offshore money.  We all should.  He gives a fortune to his church.  Good for him! Celebrate it.  But, when you demolish a multi-million dollar mansion to build another, don’t criticize a man’s charge at an expensive store.  One day, someone will make a comment about capitalism.

He is excellent at corporate cheer-leading.  His employees all wore similar suits and the same red tie.  He had a corporate song.  Good.  That rallies the troops.

He is a detail person.  Excellent.  He’s a control junkie.  The last control junkie we had in the White House was Jimmy Carter.  Control junkies to not make good presidents.  The get bogged down in every little thing.  I read that Romney’s not like this.  Good.  If he is, his alleged presidency is doomed from day one.

Great leaders  have a tendency to be quirky.  They have a tendency to be the men and woman who don’t blend in with a crowd, don’t wear their three piece suit well, and have a personality.  They are men and women some would say were not quite common place.

Case in point:  Winston Churchill.