Mitt’s Immigration Disaster


If you want one single reason why Mitt Romney is not electable and is going to destroy the GOP in the process of being hailed as the second coming of the second coming by the conservative punditry – well, this is it. I believe the organizations associated with Numbers USA have been designated as hate groups.

“…Jeb Bush and the Bush family should forget about the bad blood between Newt Gingrch and the Bush’s for the sake of the Republican Party.  If Jeb endorses Mitt Romney who recently stated he would veto the DREAM Act, he will be viewed as a hypocrite and as a man who is treating Latinos like a political football.

Mitt Romney has an anti-Latino history.  Romney was the one who stated that all undocumented immigrants should go back to where they came from….”

When  you hear Romney’s over the top supporters discuss electability, they are ignoring the fact that Newt Gingrich can carry enough of the Hispanic community to put a dent into their vote.  They have already sworn to boycott Romney and the GOP if he is the nominee.

So, why is a GOP candidate for POTUS taking huge bucks from them?

“…Last week Governor Mitt Romney chose to make friends with NumbersUSA, a hard line anti-immigrant group, which announced it will spend at least $100,000 to help him win the South Carolina primary. The announcement came on the heels of an endorsement offered by nativist lawyer and Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, the architect of Arizona’s “show me your papers law,” S.B. 1070.

NumbersUSA is no stranger to this year’s GOP primary. The group has run ads throughout the Republican debates designed to scare Americans into believing that immigration causes job loss–a tired and discredited argument pushed by those who offer no policy solutions. Of course the ads fail to mention the many credible studies which show that immigration reform, including a pathway to lawful compliance for the millions of undocumented foreign nationals in the U.S., will add nearly a million American jobs and boost the Gross Domestic Product by as much as $1.5 trillion over the next decade.

But NumbersUSA has no interest fixing America’s broken immigration system. That’s because its mission is to end all immigration–period. Protecting American families, promoting American business, and restoring due process are not part of its plan.

Will NumbersUSA ask their new friend Mitt Romney to disavow an ad now running in South Carolina which is sponsored by Partnership for a New American Economy, the immigration reform group started by Michael Bloomberg, Rupert Murdoch and other mayors and business leaders? Using clips from previous GOP presidential debates, it claims that all the GOP candidates, including Romney, support high-skilled immigration. That position couldn’t be more abhorrent to immigration restrictionists….”

Mitt Romney is aligning himself with some of the worst of the worst when it comes to anti-Hispanic bigots.

“…While it may help him in South Carolina, Romney’s lean to the extreme right on immigration may cost him dearly down the road should he ultimately become the Republican nominee. The obvious fallout with Latino voters aside, anti-immigration agendas have rarely served American politicians well; just ask former California Governor Pete Wilson, former Rep. JD Hayworth, and former Rep. Tom Tancredo. That’s because, as the polls show, Americans are a compassionate people. They want the broken immigration system fixed, and a humane solution, including a pathway to legal status, for the millions of undocumented immigrants in the country. The mass deportation “cattle car” approach espoused by the restrictionists is neither feasible nor humane….”

Somos Republican

Most GOP Hispanic groups have endorsed Newt Gingrich.

“...Phoenix, AZ –  The largest Hispanic Republican group in the Country is endorsing Newt Gingrich as the 2012 Republican Nominee. We believe Newt Gingrich knows the importance of the Latino community.  50 million Latinos comprise 16% of our country’s population today. Half of our country’s population growth in the next 20 years will be generated by the growth in the Latino population. Latinos have become a key driver of our nation’s future. While the other candidates seem oblivious to this fact, Newt Gingrich has been working hard for many years to include American Hispanics in the overall conversation for a better America.

We are also sad to see Jon Huntsman withdraw from the Republican primary election race because we believe he took a humanitarian approach in supporting children via the Federal DREAM Act.  We are disappointed in learning that Huntsman will support Mitt Romney which is unfortunate because Romney takes an non-humanitarian approach to the DREAM Act and legal immigration reform.  Recently 2012 Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney stated he will veto the DREAM Act, therefore, SOMOS REPUBLICANS will veto Romney at the polls….”

Somos Republicans

They are absolutely furious with Mitt Romney for casting his lot with the worst of the worst when it comes to immigration reform.  Case in point – Kris Kobach.  In a rather disturbing development that could be a game changer for the Romney campaign, he has allowed the endorsement not only of Kobach, but also Tom Tancredo and Bay Buchanan.


“…”Gingrich and Perry, with their pro-amnesty positions, are not acceptable on their issues to me or the vast majority of Republicans,” Kobach told The Hill on Friday. “All of the other candidates stand to the left of Romney on immigration.”

The issue could help Romney in South Carolina, a state with many blue-collar workers that passed a strong anti-immigration law similar to Arizona’s that the federal government has sought to block. But the topic could hurt Romney with Hispanic voters in the general election. Democrats have been hammering him for accepting Kobach’s endorsement, and Somos Republicans, a Hispanic Republican group that endorsed Gingrich Monday, also blasted him for the move….”

Somos Republicans
Somos Republicans

The damage is already beginning.

“...Arizona-based National Tequila Party Movement is issuing an action alert to encourage Independent and Democratic Latinos to vote in the numerous state open primary races  across the country.National Tequila Party urges Latina/os to vote for “anyone but Romney” as he embraces xenophobia more than any other Presidential candidate when he decided to align himself with Kris Kobach who works for the Immigration Reform Law Institute (IRLI). IRLI is the legal arm of the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), recently listed as a nativist hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.  FAIR is part of the John Tanton network.   A retired Michigan ophthalmologist, Tanton has white nationalist beliefs and has written that to maintain American culture, “a European-American majority” is required….”

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2 thoughts on “Mitt’s Immigration Disaster

  1. One of the things that “conservatives” fail to comprehend (and notice that I put quotation marks around the label conservative as I believe that term has been corrupted by Libertarians)is that the anti-Hispanic rhetoric didn’t turn off just Hispanics; it upset most minorities as many of us are a generation or two away from immigration and remember a time of not being quite equal to the Whites.

    Santorum was untouchable until he jumped on that wagon and every candidate that has run on that hate Hispanic ticket has also lost.

    Now you know I love GW but the one thing that frustrated me for 8 long years is his nice-Christian-turn-the-other-cheek…Newt tapped into that frustration, which is why he won in South Carolina.

    I’m waiting to see how he handles the race card. If he tells them to shelve that card, that its expiration date has come and gone…he’ll win not just the Whites who are tired of apologizing for something that happened before many of them were born but other races who would like to stop trying to convince people that they really were as good, that they got into a school or got hired because of what they’ve accomplished instead of the color of their skin.

  2. I hope he tells them to put it… I think because of his record with Hispanics, he may be able to do that. See what I have scheduled for tomorrow. Could solve our problem.


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