Lindsey Gets It When It Comes to Immigration


The GOP is in serious trouble with Hispanic Republicans, not to mention the fastest growing minority in the country.  It is bad enough to have Republicans with nativist tendencies insult Democrats, but when they start damaging our image with Hispanics who are Republicans, we are in deep you know what.

They speak out of both sides of their month.  First, our good conservative will tell how conservative Hispanics are a a group, they same way they patronize Blacks.  Oh, they are good conservative, church going, God fearing people who love their families and want to do what is right.  Then they turn around and act like anyone who isn’t lily white is sub-human.

This is a recipe for disaster.

If people don’t start listening to leaders like Lindsey, the GOP is sunk.

SENATOR LINDSEY GRAHAM: John McCain won, Bob Dole won. Not the most conservative people in the world but good– good Americans who impressed South Carolina in sobriety, Newt won. The debate Monday night in Myrtle Beach was probably the best explanation of conservatism in a bold fashion coming from Newt Gingrich I’ve heard in decades. And Newt not only won the debates. He convinced people that he could beat Barack Obama and electability was the issue before South Carolina primary, during the primary and on voting day. And Newt won. He’s the guy that we saw forty percent of us, the best to go into the arena and beat Barack Obama. Governor Romney did fine. Rick Perry did very well. He had some stumbles by Romney. We had six hundred thousand people vote. The largest Republican primary in history occurred yesterday. And people were energized. They were looking close and they picked Newt. This was Newt winning more than anybody else losing.

BOB SCHIEFFER: Are you ready to endorse him that sound, those were very complimentary words.

SENATOR LINDSEY GRAHAM: Well, here’s what I am willing to say. That Newt Gingrich has changed a lot in a positive way. This immigration issue is tough for our party, tough for our country. And Newt is putting on the table an idea that once you secure your borders and control who gets the job and you have to deal with the twelve million, we’re going to have a rational system, most of them will have to go back. But if you’ve had a lady who has been here twenty-five or thirty years and has done nothing but be part of the community, committed an immigration violation, we’re going to give her a second look. She’ll have to learn English, pay a fine. She can have legal status, not citizenship. That’s a– that’s a way of thinking that I think will help our party because she may have a young son or grandson who is in the Marines in Afghanistan. And I don’t want a party who says to Sergeant Gonzalez, congratulations, you just won the Purple Heart. Unfortunately, we’re going to have to deport your grandmother. I hope you get home before she leaves. Newt’s putting on the table real solutions in a way today that he wouldn’t have done in 1994. And that kind of maturing and thought I think is going to help the party and help him.


2 thoughts on “Lindsey Gets It When It Comes to Immigration

  1. I’m an evil, evil person…the talk show mafia: Ann Coultier, Medved, Hewitt,are all going balistic because the voters aren’t listening to how “Mitt is the only one that can beat Obama”.

    And I’m remembering how they used their microphone to bash everything Bush and grinning–payback is a b*tch ain’t it?

    THIS is what happens when they pretend to be the party of principles–but have no loyalty among those prinicples.

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