Conservative Pundits vs. the GOP


It all started Monday evening when Andrea Mitchell said that Romney campaign insiders had told her that, if he doesn’t improve and win Florida, they are going to start looking for another candidate.   Then when one of your  “advisers” Norm Coleman said that a GOP POTUS will not repeal health care, what is going on here?

It is doom and gloom.  We’re done.  Romney is not performing up to their expectation.  He was “robbed” in Iowa and skunked in South Carolina.  He is taking some blows over his taxes.  CNN is hammering him before the State of the Union, contrasting his money to Obama and taxes.

Maybe the conservative punditry will wake up and listen to what we’ve been saying for months – Romney is terribly vulnerable.  Sure, I’ve gone after him on Bain.  Everyone else needs to, if they want him as the nominee.  Right now, the Dems are slaughtering him over the 13.9% rate he paid.

Why do you think Occupy Wall Street was created?  Why the heck to you think George Soros is warning of armed insurrection? It is how the Obama campaign is going to attack Romney.   Why the heck do you think those of us not supporting him are frantic?  He is terribly vulnerable.  He’s not helping himself.  Conservatives are not helping him by attacking anyone who mentions the subject.  Instead, it appears as though a few of them are ready to dump him.

Legal Insurrection

They are now in a panic because they don’t want Newt.  They are giving him the same respect Clinton received in 1992 and Reagan did in 1980.

Don Surber

One of these days, the supporters of Mitt Romney are going to realize that we are fighting the same enemy. No, that enemy is not Barack Obama.  The real enemy is the manipulative conservative punditry.   Those who are behind Mitt, and can’t begin to understand how angry those of us who are not supporting Mitt are, had best take note.  They’re now coming after Mitt.

“...Armey then explained that it’s looking like no candidate will emerge with 51% of the delegates until the convention, suggesting that someone like Mitch Daniels could jump into the race. He said that it’s likely someone not in the field now could jump in and grab the nomination.

Banfield later asked Armey if it was true, as Mitt Romney has charged, that Newt Gingrich resigned from Congress in disgrace. Armey said it wasn’t true, and that he personally stepped in to prevent a coup against him….”

Regular Pink Flamingo readers need not worry that I am going all Mitt.  I’m not.  But, I think what is starting to happen to him is downright dirty.  Let’s start with what the Republican Governors Association is preparing to do to him? Now, you might want to remember that Bob McDonnell, the chairman, has endorsed Mitt Romney.   Chris Christie, Romney’s attack pug, is the vice chair.  Nikki Haley, who has endorsed Mitt, as well we know, is also on the Executive Committee of the RGA.

“…Via Daniel Halper at the Standard, where Bill Kristol’s umpteen-thousandth plea for Daniels to jump in and rescue the party was published this morning. This isn’t a campaign ad, just an (unusually long and polished) RGA promo keyed to Daniels’s SOTU rebuttal tonight. But let’s face it: If he does well, the “second look at Mitch?” murmurs will be deafening tomorrow and this video will operate effectively as a campaign ad, and the RGA surely knows it. Just as Daniels himself surely knew that his spotlight turn tonight, starring the great what-might-have-been of 2012 positioned opposite Obama on national TV in the thick of the early primaries, would get people talking — and yet he agreed to do it anyway. Intriguing. Romney, at least, must be shivering at the optics of GOP leaders inviting this guy to do battle with The One in primetime. It’s practically a vote of no confidence, a tacit reminder of who the establishment would be backing if Daniels’s decision not to run hadn’t stuck them with Mitt….”

Is there a move within the RGA to push out Mitt and promote Daniels?  What is going on here?

Weekly Standard

Dick Armey is in search of “another”.

Weekly Standard

The GOP deserves to win if we do not do what the Murdoch owned empire tells us to do.  And  – he apparently wants Obama to win, even if he has endorsed Rick Santorum.


In other words, Romney’s camp is disparate?   His ads are not holding up under fact checking.

This Week

One day people will realize the agenda of the conservative punditry is their own.  It is about their financial bottom line.  Any instance where their agenda is the same as ours is purely coincidental.

“...The main reason the Republican Establishment overwhelmingly favors Mitt Romney over Newt Gingrich is that Romney stands a better chance of beating Barack Obama. The catch is that, as the campaign goes on, this seems to be growing less true….Now, it’s not like it would be hard for Obama to switch gears and design a campaign contrasting himself with Gingrich. The Obama campaign would almost certainly still prefer to run against Gingrich. But the electability gap between the two leading contenders is dwindling. No wonder more and more conservatives are frantically casting about for a new candidate to jump in and save the day….”