Those Pesky Ethics Charges


Every once in awhile we discover that a politician is innocent of all charges.  This is one of those times, regardless of what Mitt Romney and his slobbering followers in the conservative press want us to believe.  Byron York seems to be one of the few conservative pundits who is maintaining some credibility.  Jennifer Rubin isn’t going to like this, at all.

When can we start asking Mitt Romney and his flunkies to stop lying about Newt?

“…Back in January 1997, the day after Cole presented his damning report to the Ethics Committee, the Washington Post’s front-page banner headline was “Gingrich Actions ‘Intentional’ or ‘Reckless’; Counsel Concludes That Speaker’s Course Funding Was ‘Clear Violation’ of Tax Laws.” That same day, the New York Times ran eleven stories on the Gingrich matter, four of them on the front page (one inside story was headlined, “Report Describes How Gingrich Used Taxpayers’ Money for Partisan Politics”). On television, Dan Rather began the CBS Evening News by telling viewers that “only now is the evidence of Newt Gingrich’s ethics violations and tax problems being disclosed in detail.”

The story was much different when Gingrich was exonerated. The Washington Post ran a brief story on page five. The Times ran an equally brief story on page 23. And the evening newscasts of CBS, NBC, and ABC — which together had devoted hours of coverage to the question of Gingrich’s ethics — did not report the story at all. Not a word.

Gingrich himself, not wanting to dredge up the whole ugly tale, said little about his exoneration. “I consider this a full and complete vindication,” he wrote in a brief statement. “I urge my colleagues to go back and read their statements and watch how they said them, with no facts, based on nothing more than a desire to politically destroy a colleague.”

Now, Gingrich is saying much the same thing in the face of Romney’s accusations.  And despite the prominence of the matter in the GOP race, few outsiders seem inclined to dive back into the ethics matter to determine whether Gingrich deserves the criticism or not.  But if Gingrich is to have any hope of climbing out from under the allegations, he’ll have to find some way of letting people know what really happened….”

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