I do not know if you are supporting Newt or not.   If you are, then please, we need your help.

Matt Drudge is working with the Romney campaign, at least that is the way it looks.  The headlines and links against Newt are becoming more and more outrageous.  If you will help, pass this on to everyone you know who is supporting Newt, we can create a little mischief over the weekend.

From Friday until Monday morning, please do not go to Drudge.  I’ve even removed his URL from my tabbed URLs.  I’ve unfollowed him in Twitter.

We need to stop the outright lies that are being told about Newt.



  1. Mitt Romney’s Flip-Flops in his own words. ALL Republican Voters in FLORIDA should see these VIDEOS BEFORE Voting. Pass Them On ASAP.

    Romney on Abortion – 2002

    Campaign 2012: A tale of two Mitts – Vote For Mitt Romney !

    The Real Romney?

    Mitt Romney is not a true Conservative

    Mitt RomneyFlip-Flop on Abortion – YouTube

    Health Care: Mitt Romney flip-flops on Health Care –

    Immigration: Mitt Romney Flip-Flops on Immigration –

  2. No he’s not. They’re already looking else where because Romney is unelectable. The problem is, even if you don’t like Newt, fact is, no one worth while wants to run…are you kidding? The way the conservative media treats their “friends”?????

    It is more than sickening, it’s sad, truly, stupid and beyond selfish.

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