What The Pink Flamingo is seeing with Mitt Romney is making me heartsick.  Last week I had some hope.  I now have none.  I will never ever ever vote for Mitt Romney.  I don’t care who he blackmails into running for VP or what the pundits say.  I don’t like people like Romney. He is a lounge lizard.  He has no character.  He is a shallow entity.

The way the conservative pundits have all lined up like Oliver Twist, holding their empty little bowl, “Please Mitt, I want some more,” is repulsive.  I’ve avoided listening to Rush for nearly two years.  My brother was so insistent on me listening, that I turned him on for awhile.  I’m glad I did.  The Rush Limbaugh I heard today was the one I listened too, on an almost religious basis, years ago.  This was the man who refused to compromise, to sell out, and who had his intellectual honesty, unlike 90% of the conservative punditry today.

Unlike many of the other talking heads,  Rush has not endorsed any of the candidates.  It gives him more credibility than those who have endorsed in the primary and are playing for their audience (Romney).  They don’t care about factual accuracy, honor, decency, or doing what is right, let alone fair.  All they care about doing is prostituting themselves to Mitt Romney.

We are being subjected to an endless parade of Republicans who are endorsing Romney.  What no one bothers to tell you is that he has donated to their campaigns.  What no one also bothers to tell you is these are the men and women who have long term, seething grudges against Newt Gingrich.  We aren’t being told because the press is working for Romney.  `

I am physically ill over what I am seeing.  What I have seen is a man who is not fit to be POTUS, not fit to be considered a Republican.  Heck, he isn’t even fit to carry Bill Clinton’s Little Black Book.    We have a group of equally shallow individuals who are coordinating their factually inaccurate attacks and getting away with it.  After all, because Mitt Romney is a Mormon, he is a good person, with a good family.

The storyline is that because Mitt Romney is a Mormon, he is automatically good, because Mormons are good people.  I agree, almost all Mormons are good people, but heck, Ted Bundy was a Mormon.  So were serial killers Arthur Gary Bishop and Glenn Taylor Helzer.  Butch Cassidy was a Mormon.  Then again, one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met is LDS – Dale Murphy  As far as I’m concerned, Mitt Romney isn’t good enough to even carry Murph’s pine-tar rag, let alone touch his bat.

My point is, just because a person is a Mormon does not automatically make him a good person with a perfect family. A good person is a good person.   A good person does not campaign the way Mitt Romney does. Quit ramming it down my throat.

Just because a person has been married three times does not make that person bad or evil.  I don’t think so, but the conservative prostitutes of the press are now suggesting that Newt Gingrich is mentally ill, zany, or there is something wrong, emotionally.  They don’t mention the pathology that would demand a man follow in his father’s footsteps to the point where he had become Ahab to the Great White House.  There is something intrinsically wrong inside a person who will lie, cheat, and steal to reach their goal.  There is something equally repulsive about a pandering prostituting press who props him up.

I saw something different in Mitt Romney tonight.  He transformed from someone quasi-Presidential to a sarcastic, patronizing lout who resembles not a POTUS, but a Ken-doll lounge lizard.  What I saw in him was not good.  He does not give a rip if something is factually accurate or a lie.

Romney’s backers like to talk about Newt Gingrich and his character.  Well, we’re seeing a bit of Mitt Romney’s character.  Truth be told, I’m much rather vote for someone who has been married three times than a man who cowers behind others who are fighting for him.

Not only does he cower behind his surrogates, but he allows them to continue their lies.  When Newt makes a mistake, he admits it.  Romney allows the lies of his surrogates to continue the lies.  He just ignores them.

It takes an adult to admit a mistake.  Evidently Romney is far to interested in winning than being ethical. The man is completely lacking in principles and honor.  He has no ethics.  Even when broadsided with a lie he has told, he denies it.

The Pink Flamingo has no respect or regard for people who repeatedly lie, get caught, and refuse to admit their wrongdoing.  I refuse to vote for anyone I do not respect.  Consequently, the way it is now, I will not vote for Mitt Romney under any circumstances.  To do so compromises everything I believe.  To do so simply provides additional encouragement for the duplicitous conservatives who are obviously either on his payroll or are pandering for a position in his administration, not that he will ever have one.

Fortunately, he will never have one.  The American people aren’t stupid.  There is a very good reason he can’t crack a certain percentage point.  People see through him.  The see through the veneer.  He is a shallow, superficial individual who has no scruples, none.

What I have seen in the past twenty-four hours has shown me that this is no longer the party of Reagan or George W. Bush.  The GOP is morphing into the party of Romney.  Count me out, of this little party.  What I have seen is almost unrecognizable.

This is an utter disaster, brought to us, not by the candidate, who is known as a positively nasty campaigner, but by his pandering prostitutes of the conservative media.  They have reached the point where their megalomaniac power trip is allowing them to determine who is going to be our candidate.  If they cannot have their way, they will destroy the other.

They have reached the point where they do not realize they are the problem.  They are bringing about the destruction of the GOP as we know it, and insuring that Barack Obama is re-elected.  Their purchased hate of Newt Gingrich has turned them into a laughingstock.  They are ruining not just the GOP, but their own careers.  It is quite obvious they are interested only in money.  A conservative pundit can make more money with a Democrat in office than a Republican, especially a visionary.

These pandering pundit prostitutes of the conservative press do not realize they are ruining their own careers and their reputations.  They are literally murdering Newt Gingrich’s reputation with their ongoing lies.  We all know the man is far from perfect, but what they are doing to him is – for want of a better word – evil.

My only consolation is the fact that along with the country, they are ruining themselves and their careers.  There is something quite odd going on here.  Once a person has sipped of the Romney ambrosia of prevarication, good people have become blinded to what is going on around them.  They caution us to realize how almost evil Newt is, but are incapable of seeing what Mitt Romney is.

I have been waiting four years for this election cycle.  I cannot tell you how disappointed and heartsick I have become. The only time I’ve not really cared about a GOP election was 1976.  I suspect I will feel the same way this time.  The difference is the fact that I could proudly vote for Jerry Ford.  He was a good, decent and honorable man.

Mitt Romney is not.

The events of this week has proven it to me.  Like 1992, when the GOP Is left in shreds, and the conservative pundits are the ones who are being excommunicated, it will be up to people like The Pink Flamingo to help pick up the pieces and clean up their toxic mess.

I’m getting tired of cleaning up after them. And, trust me, this is going to be the worst of the messes. I don’t mind supporting a moderate.  I think a moderate can do quite well.  I absolutely refuse to vote for a man who pretends to be a Republican and is just as liberal as Barack Obama.

My eyes are wide open.

I loath what I see.